Best Way To Clean A Peed Mattress

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Cleaning pee (human or animal) from the mattress is not as difficult as you might think. Kittiphan Teeraawattanakul / EyeE/Getty Images/EyeEm

Best Way To Clean A Peed Mattress

Best Way To Clean A Peed Mattress

We spend several hours a day lying on our mattresses, whether sleeping, napping or relaxing, so a clean surface is essential. But when you have children or pets (or both), accidents can happen. Yes, we are talking about peeing. Sleep. While your first reaction may be panic, don’t—you’re not the first to deal with a soaking wet mattress and you won’t be the last, and your mattress can be saved.

How To Get Pee Stains And Smells Out Of Your Mattress

Previously, we asked Baily Carson, Home Care Expert at Angi, about how to properly remove pee stains and odors from mattresses (at least until the next accident).

It’s best to clean the soiled mattress immediately, but you probably won’t find pee until later, or until the next morning/day. Even if it’s a few hours, you don’t have the ability to get rid of a dirty mattress, says Carson. There are two steps to follow immediately:

Determine if it’s human or pet urine before you begin, then follow the steps below to clean the mattress of wet or dry urine.

You love your pets, and while you don’t mind sharing a bed with them, you don’t want them to share everything with you. “Pet urine tends to have a stronger odor than human urine, so while the process of cleaning it from mattresses is similar, there’s one extra step to prevent odors from sticking together,” Carson says.

How To Get Pee Out Of A Mattress W/ Free Printable Guide

“Animals tend to revisit crime scenes and they are usually attracted by the smell,” Carson said. She recommends using an enzymatic cleaner that will remove odors (except those we can smell) to prevent your pet from urinating on the mattress again. “Remember to clean a larger area than just the main area, as urine splashes and can leave stains and odors that will keep your pet coming back for more,” she adds.

Good news: You probably already have most of the products you need to clean your mattress. Household products such as detergent, white vinegar, hydrogen peroxide and baking soda, as well as vacuum cleaners are all useful for cleaning dirty mattresses. However, if these products don’t work, or if you notice stains or lingering odors, it may be time to call a professional mattress cleaner to make sure you get a really clean mattress. I learned the best way to get pee off the mattress. As a mother of 4, I have dealt with my fair share of bed-wetting accidents over the years. Luckily, urine odors and stains (for the most part) don’t have to ruin a mattress forever!

We had mattresses delivered straight to our door, and they were one of the best early Christmas gifts (for ourselves).

Best Way To Clean A Peed Mattress

Not only do we have great new mattresses, but we also avoid the dreaded mattress showroom experience and avoid all the shipping costs by ordering them online.

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It came all rolled up, and my husband and I unrolled it together. We then leave it for a few hours to rise a bit.

One of our kids got into bed with us the night before and peed on the bed – leaving a giant urine stain on our brand and hitting the new mattress!

While we had a mattress cover on the bed at the time, it didn’t appear to be waterproof anymore, so after some suggestions from readers, we decided to try these three mattress covers to protect our mattress from future urine stains:

I usually don’t mind having our kids get into bed with us at night. They are just so tiny, and we will miss their hugs one day.

How To Easily Remove Old Pee Stain And Smell From A Mattress

I’ll be honest: I’m angry. I was so angry that my husband had to remind me

The one who usually told him not to “cry over spilled milk.” However, it was an accident.

To my relief, it only took two ingredients to get the pee out of the bed, and I had both!

Best Way To Clean A Peed Mattress

You probably already have these ingredients, and if you don’t, you can easily buy them at any local grocery store! Our mattresses have been peed so many times now (again – we have four kids!) so we always keep them.

How To Clean Rabbit Urine (carpet, Hardwood, Plastic, Couch)

There are still some faint circles, especially around the edges where I don’t get the baking soda, but I’m glad that it’s mostly less noticeable.

Ironically, two nights before I wrote this post, another of our children wet the bed!

Lucky me: I had the opportunity to try this method of removing urine from the mattress

Here’s a big look at the stain after the second and second time wetting it went through the process…it’s barely noticeable!

How To Clean Urine Mattress

I used the exact same method to remove urine from my memory foam mattress, and this time I saw it worked even better – it removed even more of the original stain!

This confirms to me that repeating the process does produce the best results, if you have the patience for it. In the years since this happened, I have used this method again and again.

While it’s ideal to just use a good mattress cover and avoid these difficulties altogether, this method of getting urine out of the mattress is a lifesaver (and a mattress saver!).

Best Way To Clean A Peed Mattress

Have you ever let your child wet the bed? What are your tips for peeing out of bed?

How To Remove Cat Urine Odor From Clothes & Bedding

Goodbye Coffee Shops: 35+ Hot Drinks You Can Make at Home Practical Solutions for Email Floods Benefits of Meal Planning Have you ever wondered how to pee out of bed? We have too. Since we wanted a quality mattress, we wondered. What if you had a great mattress, but now you have pee stains on it? You can try cleaning it yourself, but it’s not easy.

This is a great method because it uses inexpensive items that you probably already have around the house. When we learn it, we have to test it. Does it really work??

You can pee in bed from a child who wets the bed, an accident, a parent who needs help, or even from your pet… we don’t really care how the pee gets there. It also doesn’t smell or look good. We want to get it out! Once out, we wanted to make sure we didn’t have to clean our mattresses again.

Our friend had a very old mattress which was full of pee stains. They are all dry. He lent it to us so we could see if this method actually worked. The mattress owner did everything he could to get the pee out. He tried to clean it himself but as you know it didn’t work. At all. There is also a terrible smell! It was so bad that Diana’s husband opened the mud room door, he didn’t know we had mattresses there. When he kissed her, he wanted to throw up.

How To Remove Pee, Urine Stains From Clothing And Furniture

To be honest, I have my doubts about this method and whether it will work. After all, this mattress has the number 1959 written on it so it’s over 50 years old! I think it also passes the 7 year warranty. Yep, time for a new mattress! However, we are up for the challenge.

Here’s the step-by-step method we use to remove pee stains and odors from mattresses. Here’s what you need to collect to get over that urine!

OPTIONAL but recommended: lavender essential oil. We use doTerra lavender essential oil. Lavender is what spas use to help you relax. It is known to soothe and help you fall asleep more easily. It has a pleasant smell which almost everyone likes.

Best Way To Clean A Peed Mattress

We wear gloves to protect ourselves from peeing when we move the mattress. Also if we mess up. You may or may not need it. We get most of our supplies from the Dollar Store.

How To Clean A Mattress: Urine Stains

Step 4: Mix the solution and pour it into your spray bottle. It’s easier to mix before adding, but if you have lumps, that’s okay. Spray on all urinals. Wet the area so that it is completely wet. Don’t forget to spray the sides or the top too!

Step 5: Let the mattress dry. Vacuum from residue. We love this cordless hand vacuum. If you don’t have a vacuum, that’s fine. Just use a broom to brush off the residue.

I have to say that Diana’s editing skills get better with each video! I love the part where he talks about the year written on the mattress. PLUS, there’s an error at the end! We are so luxurious now! Video shows mattress stain removal – not just urine.

IMPORTANT: Now that your mattress is clean, you must protect it!! Yes, get a “mattress pee protector”! If not, you will have to clean it again and again. After everything is clean, make sure you use a waterproof mat

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