Best Way To Get Tangles Out Of Curly Hair

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Best Way To Get Tangles Out Of Curly Hair – Most people find it very difficult and time-consuming to detangle thick, dry, dull natural hair! But it doesn’t have to be this way if you master the art of detangling your hair properly.

I struggled with detangling my natural 4C hair for a long time until I put together a systematic, simple step-by-step process for detangling my hair.

Best Way To Get Tangles Out Of Curly Hair

Best Way To Get Tangles Out Of Curly Hair

In this article, I will share all the tips and tricks that will make the extraction process easier. While I’m focusing on 4C hair, these tips apply to natural hair in general.

How To Care For Thin, Curly Hair: My Products And Rituals

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To properly detangle 4C hair, you need to start with wet hair, then section the hair and apply a product that makes detangling easier. Continue to remove fingers, then gently using a reception brush for best results.

Moisture is essential for detangling because it improves the elasticity of the hair and makes it easier to manage. Bone dry hair can give you a tough time to survive, if left in this condition it can lead to excessive hair breakage.

Use a spray bottle and lightly mist your hair with warm water. This helps the hair glide more smoothly.

The Best Brush For Curly Hair

Do not detangle when your hair is wet, as your strands are weak and more prone to breakage.

Working in sections is the best and most effective way to develop natural hair. Pruning makes the unfolding process less stressful than doing the whole head at once.

It is more efficient in the sense that it can focus on one section at a time and give each part the attention it needs. It also ensures that even the hardest-to-reach parts of your hair are missing.

Best Way To Get Tangles Out Of Curly Hair

Sections don’t have to be straight, but make sure each section has hairs that belong to that section, this will help prevent additional tangles that result from intersecting hairs that don’t slip into sections where they don’t belong.

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While working in small sections may seem time-consuming, smaller sections yield better results. If your hair is not too tangled, you can get away with working in larger sections.

Relaxing your hair without cutting it is an easy way to skip a bunch of knots that lead to breakage.

There is a lot of tension and friction between the fibers of 4C hair. Hair products that add slip during the detangling process, lubricate the hair and separate strands easily.

Adequate amount of slip reduces mating, resulting in fewer breaks and injuries. Slipping is very important in detangling natural 4C hair.

How To Make Your Curly Hair Smoother, Healthier And Frizz Free

The straightener changes the surface of the hair to make it easier to detangle. It coats the hair strands with oil or polymer and acidifies them, making the surface of the hair taut and smoothing the scales on the hair cuticle. It also provides a positive electrical charge to prevent static electricity that can aggravate tangles.

Here are some of the top rated hair growth products that are good for type 4 hair: (i) Shea Moisture Extra Moisture Detangler, (ii) Alikay Naturals Knots Be Gone Hair Detangler, (ii) Aunt Jackie Knot Up my watch – Instant Detangling therapy

Hair conditioners improve manageability by reducing friction between hair strands, making hair smooth and strong. This allows for easier brushing or combing, which can otherwise damage the scalp if the hair is not conditioned.

Best Way To Get Tangles Out Of Curly Hair

One simple trick that I found worked well to prevent tangles when detangling my child’s hair was to wet the styled hair and apply a generous amount of conditioner. This makes the hair soft and easier to untangle during hairstyles such as braiding.

How To Avoid Tangles

Fenugreek water hydrates the strands and makes them soft and smooth. The slime lends smoothness to the hair strands, making it easier to comb the hair with small breaks.

Rice water has conditioning properties. Rice water applied to the hair immediately conditions the hair, making it soft and easy to detangle. Rice water smoothes the cuticle and reduces surface friction, which prevents the fibers from fraying.

Note: Read this article to know more about the benefits of rice water and how to use it for hair growth.

Aloe Vera smoothes your hair, making it easy to detangle. It helps to seal the cuticle after washing, thus retaining moisture.

Ways To Detangle Curly Hair

Note: Read this article to know more about the benefits of Aloe Vera for hair and how to use it to promote hair growth.

Finger detangling is the act of using your fingers to separate tangled strands of hair. Helps ease the detangling process Although it takes a lot of time, it’s gentle enough to prevent excessive shedding.

With your fingers, you can feel the instant tension in your hair’s resistance as you approach a knot, signaling that you need to stop pulling unnecessarily. Then, one by one, remove the racks from the bundle and open them up. Leaves less breakage than combing hair, resulting in longer hair length.

Best Way To Get Tangles Out Of Curly Hair

Spreading the fingers protects the scalp from excessive stress and tension, which can lead to thinning hair and the formation of wounds. Finger detangling is best for textured hair types as they are fragile and prone to breakage.

Ways To Untangle Hair

Combs are great for detangling, although some work better than others. A wide tooth comb is best for detangling 4C hair. Her breasts are far enough apart to fit through the tangles and long enough to go through the thick hair.

A comb with a thin space between the teeth will do more harm than good if it is missing. This is because they can lead to excessive hair breakage. Therefore, their use should be avoided.

Here are some links to the most recommended detangling brushes designed for type 4 hair. (i) Tangle Teezer The Original Hair Removal Brush, (ii) Wet Brush Pro Flex Dry, (iii) BESTOOL Hair Removal Brush for Black Natural Hair

Combing the hair from the root is a common mistake people make when experiencing hair loss. This is because the tangles at the roots move towards the ends, causing more pain, injury or even breakage. It is recommended to start combing from the ends of the hair while gradually working your way down the shaft to the roots. This would have created a smooth base on which to slide.

How To Brush Curly Hair Without Losing Curls

This step helps to separate the hair that has already been detangled from the hair that needs to be detangled. It also helps to keep your hair in good condition and prevent tangling.

If you untangle your hair and notice that your hair has started to dry, spray some more water to moisturize your hair. As mentioned earlier, detangling dry hair results in more breakage, so it’s important to always make sure your hair is damp when detangling. Moisture improves slip and makes the fiber flexible, allowing for easy separation.

Let’s face it, untangling thick, tangled, matte hair is not a 5-minute job! You have to be patient and take your time.

Best Way To Get Tangles Out Of Curly Hair

If you decide in a hurry, your tresses will suffer from impatient and hasty pulling, resulting in tighter curls that are more likely to damage the hair and cuticles. It takes me five hours to completely detangle my hair from the ends to the roots.

How To Brush Curly Hair The Right Way

Your hair will thank you if you treat it gently and lovingly. Rough unwrapping always causes pain, breakage and injury. Untangle slowly and carefully, especially on the ends where the hair is weak and old.

Knots and tangles are usually difficult to remove and can lead to excessive breakage if done incorrectly.

Knots and tangles form when individual strands twist around each other. Type 4 hair is generally more prone to tangles due to tight coils and curls. When the hair comes out, with straight hair, the lost hairs can easily fall out, but with 4c hair, due to the tight curling pattern, these loose strands tend to wrap around other strands, causing knots and tangles.

If unattended knots and tangles can lead to excessive hair breakage. That is why the 4C hair extension is an important procedure in the hair care routine.

Video: Causes Of Tangles/frizz In Curly Hair & How To Prevent Tangles

I hope you found this article useful. I’d love to hear your feedback, share your unwrapping tips and tricks in the comments section below!

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Best Way To Get Tangles Out Of Curly Hair

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