Can You Donate Your Hair If You Dyed It

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Can You Donate Your Hair If You Dyed It – I still can’t believe my eyes after seeing these pictures. This is the longest hair I’ve ever had and it really didn’t feel that long. As soon as I saw the photos that my expert Nicole had posted on her Instagram (before I even looked at my camera roll) I was in awe. It just seemed crazy that it got to this point. If you’ve been a long-time reader of My Style Vita, you know that I used to be obsessed with short hair. I want to say, this blog post is my most popular. So they always remind me of my short hair since I see it pop up every now and then.

Last year around this time my hair started to grow quite long. This is a good post to see the length. Honestly it was a really long length and I loved it. But I really wanted it to be extended so I could do it

Can You Donate Your Hair If You Dyed It

Can You Donate Your Hair If You Dyed It

Fun peaks. And every time I tried, it didn’t work. Too many layers, too soon. I bought the Barefoot Blonde UP, never used it. It works, it’s not really a facial type hair extension. So I said, forget it, I’ll make it bigger.

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Before I knew it my hair was long and I knew I eventually wanted a bob again. I felt like everyone was cutting their hair and rocking the new lob and all I could think was “Dude that’s my hairstyle! I gotta show them how it’s done!’ As all my friends and family will tell you, the bob is my cut. So I thought I’d donate it, but I didn’t know where to start. Years ago, I was asked about donating my hair. I remember reading Aubrey’s post.

I assumed you had to extend it to cut at least 12 inches, but after reading her post, I realized it wasn’t necessary!

I was excited to do something cool with all that hair. There are many children who are undergoing treatment for diseases or cancer and they don’t feel any better than dealing with hair loss. It’s crazy how a great wig, oh my god even a synthetic wig, can make you feel a little normal. I wanted to give this gift to a child and so did mine

Finally, I sat down with my hairstylist and talked about how my hair would be cut, how long it should be, and what style we would achieve next. Once we located a hair donation organization that I could donate to with dyed hair and only 8 inches, I was set with my plan.

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Well, to be honest, I swore I had steak on not one but two different dates. I got cold feet and honestly, I’m glad I did. We spaced the cuttings about 9 inches apart.

And also the cleaning of heads. If we cut my hair first, it would be too short for my taste.

There are several major hair organizations that accept hair donations. Many you’ve probably heard of, like Locks of Love and Pantene Beautiful Lengths. But there are many small organizations that, frankly, have a much better purpose behind them and easy-to-follow guidelines. Plus, it’s all free! Almost all of them require hair to be clean, dry and in a ponytail or braid. Curly hair can be pulled to measure length.

Can You Donate Your Hair If You Dyed It

Many of these wigs go to children with alopecia, cancer and other diseases that can cause hair loss. Let’s talk about charities and which one might be best for you.

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This outfit requires hair to be at least 12 inches long and cannot be chemically processed. No highlights, no colors, no permissions. Wigs for Kids definitely has the longest and strictest hair donation policy.

This is the donation I gave because they only needed 8 inches and they accepted dyed hair. They state on their site that untreated hair is preferred, but dyed hair in good condition will be accepted. They also accept gray hair. Since my hair had almost no color, I hope it all went into a perfect wig for a child. My guess is that they are not super bleached, over processed and damaged hair.

As of December 31, 2018, Pantene Beautiful Lengths no longer accepts hair. Their website says they are “pleased to announce that we are able and committed to meeting the future real hair wig needs of the American and Canadian Cancer Societies for the next four years.”

I think it’s the most common and, personally, the one I’ve heard the most. Locks Of Love accepts a minimum of 10 inches of hair and can be colored or treated but not bleached. gave

Places To Donate Hair To

*I recently read an article about earning Locks of Love and honestly, I feel a little weird about them. I think they’re doing great, but I’m skeptical about what’s really going on with the finances.

Now that we’ve decided where and how to donate your hair, let’s talk about how it all happens.

First and foremost, you need to decide how many inches you want to donate and to whom. For me, I wanted to do the bare minimum because I couldn’t stand long hair for too long. And, I knew I didn’t want my hair to be too short. So 8 inches was where I wanted to drop so I started to cut it down.

Can You Donate Your Hair If You Dyed It

Obviously, your hair should be as long as possible before you cut it. This way you can donate more. But you also leave yourself some wiggle room for great style. Some ways to boost your hair growth are regular trims (just a dusting and do it every 12-16 weeks, not 8-10) minimal heat and lots of hair masks. You can take Biotin which can help promote hair growth. But be careful, it also makes all your hair grow, no matter where it is.

How To Donate Your Hair To Charity

Be sure to tell your specialist that you plan to do this. After such a drastic change it can take a little extra time to measure, cut and create a new hairstyle. My hairdresser booked a 2 hour appointment and we used an hour and a half of it.

Your stylist may have it available (most salons do), but be sure to bring a printed hair donation form and a plastic bag to put it in.

Hair inside. You may also want to read the form to see what the ball requires. Some ask for a braid, some may just ask for it to be tied at both ends, etc. Weaving can be easier, it stays in place better.

Be sure to talk to your stylist about the hairstyle you want to achieve before you chop it all off. Depending on your preference, your stylist may keep the front layers away from the braids. This we did because I needed this length to make my bob. Communication is key! Come up with pictures and discuss your goals thoroughly. I recommend talking about this in advance at your grooming appointment so you’re prepared the day you get your haircut.

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Measure (twice) and cut! I have to be completely honest. I cringed a little when I realized she had cut the braids. But honestly, after seeing these gross pictures of my long hair in weird braids, I’m glad it’s gone and serving a better purpose for a toddler with alopecia areata. Is.

If you are growing your hair and thinking about cutting it, I urge you to consider donating it. Many people think that they cannot donate their hair because they need an unreasonable amount of money or virgin hair. And you just don’t. I hope this post helps give you an idea of ​​what is possible and that you are considering making a donation that provides wigs for children with hair loss. If you’ve followed our blog for a while, you know that each of my girls has long hair and has chosen to cut it to donate it. My oldest has done it twice now, and my two youngest have done it once so far.

I’ve been wanting to write this post for a long time, but since Bee has just cut her hair, I thought it was time to talk about it. We often wonder at their decision to cut their long hair and even criticize us for cutting it and donning it. And while I understand that technically it’s nobody’s business what we do with their hair and why, I still want to write this post. I hope we can shed some light on things and what options are available if you want to donate your hair.

Can You Donate Your Hair If You Dyed It

If you have long hair and are considering cutting it for donation – or in the future

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