Can You Get Back Emails That Have Been Deleted

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Can You Get Back Emails That Have Been Deleted – Losing an engaged customer can feel like going through a breakup. After all the time and effort it takes to build a customer relationship, seeing a person disconnect from your business, perhaps never to return, can create a sense of dissatisfaction in even the best of entrepreneurs and marketers.

The good news is that sometimes all it takes to bring that customer back is a little tweak, a discount code, or a little extra attention. Better yet, you don’t even need to customize your approach to each individual customer to make your recovery email campaign effective.

Can You Get Back Emails That Have Been Deleted

Can You Get Back Emails That Have Been Deleted

This article will share some powerful examples of recovery emails along with what these brands did right and how you can use these strategies to attract customers and grow your business.

Emails Marketing Examples For Your Online Store

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Before creating your recovery email sequence, you must first decide how you want to contact your inactive customers and encourage them to reconnect with you. In this section, we’ll look at some of the most effective types of follow-up emails to reconnect with customers, including some real-life examples of brands that have made their campaigns successful.

We also provide a template for getting started with each strategy we share below. Whether you want your customers to revisit your digital store, re-subscribe to your email list, or provide valuable feedback, these templates make it easy to create your perfect email to win over customers.

The “We miss you” email touches your reader’s heart. Even though it may come from a generic model, it never fails to feel personal. Tell your reader that their presence is important and that you’ve noticed that they’re inactive.

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This example of a heartfelt “We miss you” email from bareMinerals goes a step further to make your reader feel valued by adding the phrase “Can you blame us?” To maximize the potential of this remarketing campaign, bareMinerals also includes a gift card with the discount code “MISSYOU”. There is no room for ambiguity with this recovery email.

This makeup brand with a predominantly female clientele uses romantic and current language to win back customers, reminding them of items that are already back in stock. This works well for customers who may not be active for a while but may come back with an extra incentive.

This recovery email from Teespring takes a slightly more dynamic approach, asking its readers to come back while adding a photo of a sad-looking dog. Personalization is taken a step further by including account-specific statistics to remind the reader of the results achieved with the Teespring product.

Can You Get Back Emails That Have Been Deleted

While you were here, this is what we achieved together. [Add data about the customer’s sales through your platform, money saved on product purchases, or exclusive offers they received.]

Stay In Touch 👋

Discounts are an old tactic to increase sales and they still work today because people like to use them; nearly 90% of US respondents said they used coupons to shop in 2020.

This email from Chhapai is clear in their offer: we want you to come back and to make that happen we offer a discount.

Body: We would love to have you back in our lives and on our website. So we decided to do something we don’t usually do: add a discount voucher to our already fantastic offer 🤑

Who can resist a gift? Hardly anyone, especially when it’s a free sample of something they really want. Example: Marsh’s customers loved the gifts they received so much that the brand’s sales skyrocketed by 2,000%.

Win Back Customer Email Templates And Examples

The human aversion to losing something, however insignificant, is a determining factor in our decision-making process. Take advantage of this psychological gap in your marketing strategy to remind customers of your brand and bring them back.

This sample retrieval email from Wisp, a pharmaceutical brand, offers customers a free medical consultation with every order.

There are many different gifts you can give. For example, customers often do not complete a purchase due to shipping costs. Offering free shipping can work really well to win back customers, especially those with abandoned carts.

Can You Get Back Emails That Have Been Deleted

FarFetch is offering free shipping for a limited 24-hour period to entice your customers to make a purchase. This works especially well for FarFetch because their shipping costs can sometimes be very high.

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While this isn’t specifically a recovery email, its approach works very well for bringing back inactive subscribers who may have been lost for reasons like shipping costs.

People hate being left out. Seeing an Instagram story of all our friends partying while we’re sick in bed or seeing our best friend wearing that sweater we’ve had our eyes on for years just doesn’t feel right.

You can build on that feeling when creating your next recovery email sequence. Add a list of best sellers, sold out items, or sales samples to your remarketing email campaign to show lost customers that they need to come back ASAP.

This email from ATG Stores invites readers to check out the new brands and services added to their site.

What Is A Winback Email Examples & Automation (2022)

You can appeal to a fear of missing out, including social proof of your sales, presenting a limited-time deal, appealing to a sense of exclusivity, etc. Just make sure your reader actively senses the need to be part of your crowd.

Sometimes, just a simple touch is enough to win back your customer. Asking them how they are doing and gently reminding them of your presence is a powerful method of interacting with customers and waking up inactive customers.

With this “sign-up only” recovery email, Saks aims to reconnect with its customers through a simple “long time no see”.

Can You Get Back Emails That Have Been Deleted

It’s been a while since we last saw each other. Just checking to see if we can help you with anything?

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Special occasions like birthdays, anniversaries, and festivals are great times to rekindle the bond with inactive subscribers. People are actively looking for gifts for their loved ones and may also have more time to browse selections, search their inboxes for discount codes, and shop.

Targeting the holiday season to launch a catch-up email campaign can result in a nice increase in your open rates.

This email example from Rent The Runway is one way to solve that by giving your customers $25 off their birthday.

We know you must have a thousand things to do on your birthday – monotonous shopping shouldn’t be one of them.

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You don’t have to look far to find some inspiring email examples for February’s most important date! Fortunately, we have already covered this topic in excess. Keep reading:

Asking people for their opinion makes them feel valued and heard. Asking your customers to say what they think using a survey, feedback scale, or even a questionnaire is an effective way to engage them and build metrics on what might have gone wrong. You might not get the customer back, but at least you’ll gain valuable insights into what you can do better next time!

This recovery email from MindValley is a perfect example of the “feedback” email that aims to learn the reason for inactivity, remind brand subscribers and build engagement.

Can You Get Back Emails That Have Been Deleted

You haven’t interacted with our emails lately and we’d like to know how we can fix it.

How To Design An Effective Welcome Email

This email is a last-ditch effort to try to re-engage an inactive user. You can use this as an opportunity to ask your customers why they stopped opening your emails, visiting your website, or buying from your online store.

This email from John Paul Mitchell Systems lets your customers decide for the last time whether they want to stay or not. Your body text does a great job of inducing emotion in the reader, adding the phrase “sniffle sniffle” to bring the personalized message to life.

We understand that life happens and things get in the way, so if you want to move forward, we won’t stop you. (Let’s cry under a table)

If you’re busy and ready to come back and receive future emails, let us know that you still want to hear from us. Otherwise, this will be our last email.

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According to Hugo Mercier, cognitive scientist and psychology author, there are three ways to change someone’s mind:

These guidelines for an effective recovery strategy will help you make sure you’re targeting at least one of these three tactics in every email you send.

A University College Roosevelt study of emails sent to over 1,400,000 customers shows that people are more or less likely to open your emails based on the subject line alone. So when you’re trying to win back inactive customers, getting that part right is essential.

Can You Get Back Emails That Have Been Deleted

A HubSpot study shows that people who follow instructions with text and illustrations do 323% better than people who follow instructions with text only. Keep this in mind when composing your

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