Can You Tell If Someone Is Depressed

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Can You Tell If Someone Is Depressed – If you think you may be suffering from depression, you first need to understand the signs and symptoms to look for.

The site was clinically reviewed in October 2021 by Dr Natasha Bajlani (FRCPsych, MBBS), psychiatrist at Priory Hospital Roehampton London.

Can You Tell If Someone Is Depressed

Can You Tell If Someone Is Depressed

Feelings of unhappiness and frustration are a normal part of life for everyone. It is natural to feel sad or helpless from time to time in response to life’s daily challenges. However, if these feelings become overwhelming, to the extent that they negatively affect your life over a sustained period of time, you may suffer from depression. It is estimated that more than 280 million people worldwide suffer from depression.

Signs And Symptoms Of Depression

Without proper treatment, depression symptoms can worsen and last for years. If you’re feeling depressed, it’s important to recognize the symptoms of depression so you can take appropriate action. If you feel that your symptoms are becoming overwhelming, know that depression treatment is available and an option for you.

If you are having suicidal thoughts, or know someone who is, you should seek help immediately. Contact a suicide helpline, such as Samaritans, ask for an urgent GP appointment, or go straight to the A&E department of your nearest hospital. For more information, visit our crisis support page.

Symptoms of depression can vary from person to person, as can the severity of those symptoms. For those with depression, your symptoms are likely to affect your daily activities, work, social and/or family life.

Depression can happen to anyone and the causes of depression can vary from person to person. However, your age, gender, and other circumstances in your life can affect your likelihood of developing a type of depression, whether it’s dysthymia, bipolar depression, or clinical depression. It can also affect the types of symptoms you experience.

What Is Depression?

According to statistics, depression is more common in women than men. A large-scale survey published in the journal Psychological Bulletin revealed that women and girls are twice as likely to suffer from depression as men.

Women are likely to experience many of the common symptoms of depression. However, some will occur more often in women than in men. This includes:

“People shouldn’t be afraid to talk about it. A lot of people stay at home and shut themselves up. I think it’s wrong to do that.”

Can You Tell If Someone Is Depressed

Although depression in men is less common than depression in women, it should also be noted that men are less likely to talk openly about their feelings, bottling up their emotions and possibly causing further problems. In fact, 77 percent of men admitted to experiencing depression, anxiety or stress in their lives, with 40 percent saying they had never shared their feelings with anyone.

Depression After Surgery: Symptoms, Causes, And Tips

At some point, men will usually experience many of the common symptoms of depression, but some are more likely to occur, such as:

Depression can be a reality regardless of your age, but statistics show that 7% of people over 60 suffer from it – more than those under 60. In general, the older you are, the more likely you are to physically to feel. Depression effects such as fatigue and unexplained pain.

Unfortunately, depression also affects all children and adolescents. If you are worried that your child or teenager is suffering from depression, look for changes in behavior at home or at school. Signs and symptoms may include:

Other circumstances in your life can make you more vulnerable to depression. It’s rarely the only cause, but life events like these can trigger depression along with other factors:

Detecting Depression In Men, Women, And Teens

To confirm a diagnosis of depression, a doctor will evaluate your mental state and look for specific symptoms. i

According to the fifth edition (DSM-5) criteria, which are used to diagnose depression, doctors should look for two ‘core’ symptoms:

Diagnosis doctors will look to see if one, or both, of these symptoms are present for at least two weeks.

Can You Tell If Someone Is Depressed

No matter your gender, age or life circumstances, know that depression is a treatable condition and that help is not only available, but you deserve to get your life back on track.

Can I Know If Someone Is Depressed Based On The Words They Use?

If you feel that the symptoms listed above are having a detrimental effect on your life, it may be time to seek professional help. The first place is your family doctor, who can offer you professional advice and diagnosis.

Alternatively, you can seek treatment for depression here at the Priory, where we can work with you to develop a recovery program tailored to your needs and circumstances. We offer intensive inpatient stays, weekly therapy sessions that fit around your life and work commitments, and online therapy that allows you to recover from the comfort of your own home.

Depression is a mental illness, not a sign of weakness. You can make a full and lasting recovery. Get the support you need today by contacting us and speaking with one of our highly trained mental health professionals about the challenges you are facing.

For details on how Priory can support you with mental health and wellbeing, please call or make an inquiry on 0800 840 3219. For professionals seeking referrals, please click here.Akua Mind Body > Resource > Blog > Mental Health > 5 things not to say to someone struggling with depression

How To Know If Someone Is Depressed

When we talk about depression, the language we use is business. Even with the best intentions, things that seem uplifting can be counterproductive for someone struggling with depression.

Depression comes in all shapes and sizes, in more formal terms, there is a spectrum of depressive disorders ranging from major depressive disorder, persistent depressive disorder, and postpartum depression to seasonal affective disorder.

One may struggle to get out of bed in the morning, no longer find joy in one’s career, and find spending time with loved ones exhausting.

Can You Tell If Someone Is Depressed

Even if you have the best intentions when talking to someone struggling with depression, saying the wrong things can be potentially hurtful and trigger deeper levels of grief.

What Kind Of Doctor Should You See For Your Depression?

That’s why learning what not to say to someone with depression is just as important as learning the right things to say.

Depression is not just a feeling that can pass in a short time. A person cannot wake up in the morning and choose not to feel sad anymore.

By telling someone to get over their depression or “be happy,” you trivialize their mental health disorder.

People with depression want to be happy and feel better. That is why they seek professional treatment.

How To Talk To Friends About Your Depression

However, treatment for depression can take weeks, and even months before a person begins to show signs of improvement.

Instead of telling someone to make their depression go away, try asking how they are feeling right now and if there is anything you can do.

Depression is one of the most common mental health disorders. Mental health disorders are diagnosable (and treatable) serious health conditions that affect multiple aspects of a person’s life.

Can You Tell If Someone Is Depressed

Telling someone that their depression is in their head assumes that they are creating their own symptoms, and that they can immediately change how they feel by becoming aware of their thinking.

Capturing The Sound Of Depression In The Human Voice

Depression is caused by a combination of genetic, social and environmental factors that are usually beyond the individual’s control.

Instead, ask if they have considered getting help and, if so, what treatment methods work best for them.

Depression, like many psychiatric disorders, is not visible on the outside. However, how a person physically looks on the outside does not reflect how they feel on the inside.

Unlike physical medical illnesses, mental health disorders can be deceiving, as a person may appear well together on the outside, but still have suicidal thoughts.

The Effects Of Depression In Your Body

It is not uncommon for people with depression to try to put on a “happy face” to hide their inner feelings.

Telling someone they don’t look depressed can trivialize their depression when, in fact, depression is an integral part of who they are.

Instead of telling someone they don’t look depressed, ask if they want to go for a walk and have a drink. Spending quality time with others can help boost energy levels.

Can You Tell If Someone Is Depressed

Instead of comparing someone’s feelings, tell them you’re sorry they feel so bad. Compassion and empathy go a long way.

Instagram Filters Could Indicate Depression, Mental Health

Maybe your loved one with depression needs to blow off some steam and relax. However, alcohol and drugs can worsen depression.

Many people will turn to alcohol or drugs to numb their emotions, which can lead to the development of a co-occurring disorder (an addiction in the presence of a mental disorder).

Instead, try asking if your loved one has learned helpful relaxation techniques in therapy (assuming they are in treatment) or if your loved one needs to seek professional help for their depression. What have you considered?

It is important to understand that depression is unique to each person. This is one of the many reasons why talking to a healthcare professional who specializes in depression is so important.

Depression Symptoms And Warning Signs

What works for one does not work for him

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