Forgot Gmail Password And Recovery Phone Number

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Forgot Gmail Password And Recovery Phone Number – How to protect against SIM theft, resist and survive the attack.

MyCrypto and CipherBlade have collaborated on this article to understand the dangers of SIM hacking and how to protect against, attack, and recover from such an event. The purpose of this article is to create a “one stop” article to read, reference and share with friends and colleagues. Not short, but detailed.

Forgot Gmail Password And Recovery Phone Number

Forgot Gmail Password And Recovery Phone Number

We encourage you to ask questions and leave comments as you read. Whether you’re new to the space or a seasoned security professional, your comments help make this guide more comprehensive and up-to-date. If you have a deep thought, start a conversation with us.

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Note. SIM removal is also commonly known as SIM swapping, SIM porting, port fraud, phone porting, and SIM theft. We use these terms interchangeably in this article.

Of course, SIM swapping isn’t the only risk that exists in this digital world. It’s a good idea to check your online security in general, and we recommend that you turn to MyCrypto

Sim-jacking is an attack where your phone number is copied from one SIM card/phone to another SIM card/phone controlled by an attacker. The attacker then accesses your phone number, usually via text message, to access your other online accounts. They do this by logging into your account (e.g. Google) or “recovering” it with other information or access (e.g. using a previously leaked password + SMS 2FA).

If you are reading this article, we guarantee that you will be a victim of this attack. It doesn’t matter how famous you are or how well known or unknown you are. While there are certain behaviors that can make you a bigger target, we’ve seen more low-profile people fall victim to these attacks lately.

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Why? The ROI for attackers to take your cryptocurrency is huge. Crypto is very unique – it is decentralized, easily anonymous and has a real monetary value. This attack is relatively simple, requires no code, and encourages more attackers to try it.

Nor is cryptocurrency the only thing that can be stolen. In 2019, it shifted from stealing cryptocurrencies to stealing sensitive data such as business documents, personal information or other information. SIM swappers no longer have to rely on outright theft – they can also succeed through theft.

As a result, all the information needed to socialize an abusive cell phone service provider’s support agent is readily available on social media or on sites like TruthFinder. As most people (maybe you included) don’t understand the consequences of unauthorized access to their phone number, it’s an unsecured area like anything else.

Forgot Gmail Password And Recovery Phone Number

For all of the above reasons, more people attempt multiple attacks with greater success. On the other hand, it’s not just celebrities, “top 100 influencers” or high-profile marketers who attack. This is anyone and everyone who has anything to do with cryptocurrency.

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One of the reasons SIM swapping attacks are so successful is that many cell phone operators are easy to social engineer. An attacker can call your phone provider’s support line, pretend to be you or another authorized party, and create a story to get a support agent to transfer your number to the attacker’s SIM card. If it experiences friction, the attacker hangs up and immediately tries again with the next support agent.

While this may not be possible, especially if a PIN or other protection is enabled, it still exists. Unfortunately, there is no way to prevent a phone number from being leaked.

Support agents are not trained in these types of attacks and can copy your phone number regardless of what information you provide or not. 99% of their calls are from people who have broken their phone or bought a new phone and need to do so. Support agents are usually paid next to nothing and their performance is evaluated by computers. There’s not much interest in protecting you from an attack that you know nothing about, and lots of interest in helping keep “you” happy and reducing your average call time. Even worse, if your account has an additional PIN/password, any notes on your account are not visible or accessible to support agents.

They collect your information, personal information, passwords, and a list of the products and services you use, and start “tracking” your account logins one by one. Let’s look at one

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Example Note that this is not a comprehensive idea of ​​what an attacker can do to you.

Note. Because an attacker has access to your email and text messages, they can intercept and intercept any emails or text messages related to your new password or withdrawal. This means you won’t be able to figure out which accounts have been logged in or released until much later.

Of course, if a bad actor can get hold of an important account like Google, Apple, or your password manager, which gives them access to other accounts, it’s very damaging.

Forgot Gmail Password And Recovery Phone Number

Chapter 1. What to do before inserting a SIM card There is no guarantee that SIM card replacement can be prevented. So you have to approach it from two sides.

How Do I Recover A Lost Password Or Pin For My Straight Talk Account?

It will take three to four hours to complete the following steps. Take the time to secure yourself and your cryptocurrency. If not, consider that perhaps decentralized, non-recourse funds are not right for you right now.

Congratulations on making it this far. You have spent more time teaching personal safety than most. This is important where there is no centralized party, government or bank to correct when things go wrong.

Depending on your phone carrier, you usually have the following options for transferring your phone number to a new device.

Obviously, #3 is the best solution. We’ve worked with dozens of SIM swappers, and we’ve yet to see an attacker successfully swap a SIM with an ID in a store (although we know of one tested case). This makes sense because it requires a lot of risk and effort on the part of the criminal.

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The downside is that carriers don’t have a great reputation for implementing any of these security measures, and even if they “flag your account,” that doesn’t mean the support desk that handles the call about your account does. the request will be heard.

However, these steps should still be taken because they reduce the likelihood of a successful attack, make it more difficult and time-consuming for an attacker, and give you the ability to prove that you can perform these steps. A civil lawsuit against your phone carrier, like Michael Terpin’s lawsuit against AT&T.

As a general rule, you should “take care” when it comes to your phone numbers. Even if you only have one number right now, it’s time to update your life.

Forgot Gmail Password And Recovery Phone Number

Don’t use your primary mobile phone number for work – everyone knows it and it’s easy to find through your social profiles, open source intelligence (OSINT) tools or free online services. Do not use your personal or business number to secure or access accounts.

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You can subscribe to Google Voice for free. You can use your Google Voice number for SMS verification for websites and services that require SMS 2FA or another phone number. If you have a secure Google Account linked to this Google Voice number, you’ll be more secure.

Ideally, you’ll have a unique Google Voice number that you use only to protect your Google Account. No one should know it and it should not be associated with the Google account you currently use/know. Do not share this number or email with others or enter a form when making random purchases online.

When an attacker accesses your phone number, they usually access your Google account directly. This is where the real damage begins.

Once an attacker is in your email account, they can reset the password for any account that uses that email address as a login or recovery method. This gives them an endless number of financial accounts and data, personal information, files, photos, messaging platforms and who knows what else. Think about everything related to your primary email. 😱

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While the above may go without saying, it’s important to note that email messages aren’t always the most valuable asset of your Google account.

It is very important that you carefully protect each and every one of Google

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