How Do I Know If My Record Is Expunged

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How Do I Know If My Record Is Expunged – An extended play recording, often called an EP, is a music recording that has more than one song but fewer than an album or LP recording.

Contemporary EPs often contain four or five tracks and are considered “less demanding and time-consuming” for an artist to produce than an album.

How Do I Know If My Record Is Expunged

How Do I Know If My Record Is Expunged

An EP originally referred to special types of recordings other than standard 78 rpm (SP) and LP playback,

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Ricardo Baca of The Door Post said: “EPs – originally single releases that are shorter than traditional albums – have long been popular with punk and indie bands.”

In the UK, the Official Chart Company sets a limit between EP and album classification of 25 minutes maximum length and no more than four songs (not counting alternate versions of songs featured, if first).

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EPs were released in different sizes at different times. The earliest multi-track records, released around 1919 by Gray Gull Records, were cut vertically on 78 rpm discs known as “2-in-1” records. It has better grooves than usual, like Edison Disc Records. By 1949, while the 45 rpm single and 331 ⁄3 rpm LP were the competing formats, 7-inch 45 rpm singles had a maximum playing time of only about four minutes per side.

Partly as an attempt to compete with the LP introduced in 1948 by rival Columbia, RCA Victor introduced the “Extded Play” 45s during 1952. Their tighter grooves, achieved through lower cut levels and optional sound compression enabled them to hold 7.5 minutes. per side—but still playable on a standard 45 rpm turntable. In the early days, record companies released reel quantities of LPs as 45 rpm EPs.

How Do I Know If My Record Is Expunged

These were usually 10-inch LPs (released until the mid-1950s) split into two 7-inch EPs, or 12-inch LPs split into three 7-inch EPs, could be sold separately or together with port covers. This practice became less common with the advent of triple-speed turntables available.

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Introduced by RCA in the US in 1952, EMI released the first EPs in Britain in April 1954.

EPs are usually compilations of singles or album samples and are usually played at 45 rpm on 7-inch (18 cm) discs, with two tracks on each side.

RCA saw success in the format with its biggest money-maker, Elvis Presley, who released 28 Elvis EPs between 1956 and 1967, most of which topped the separate Billboard EP chart during their brief existence.

Apart from those released by RCA, EPs were relatively rare in the United States and Canada, but they were widely sold in the United Kingdom and other European countries during the 1950s and 1960s. In Sweden, the EP has long been the most popular recording format, with up to 85% of the market in the late 1950s being EPs.

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Billboard introduced a weekly EP chart in October 1957, noting that “the teen market apparently dominates the EP business, with seven of the top 10 selling EPs featuring artists with strong appeal in age – four sets by Elvis Presley, two by Pat Boone and one by Little Richard”.

New Musical Express (NME), Melody Maker, Disc and Music Echo and Record Mirror continued to list the EPs in their respective charts. When the BBC and Record Retailer commissioned the British Market Research Bureau (BMRB) (now: Kantar Group) to compile a chart, it was limited to singles and EPs disappeared from the charts.

The popularity of EPs in the US declined in the early 1960s in favor of LPs. In the UK, Cliff Richard and The Shadows, individually and collectively, and The Beatles were the most artists to release EPs in the 1960s, most of them very successful releases. The Beatles’ Twist and Shout outsold most singles for several weeks in 1963. The EP’s success in Britain lasted until 1967, but later saw a strong punk rock revival in the late 1970s and adaptation of the format for 12″ tracks and CDs.

How Do I Know If My Record Is Expunged

Several classical music albums released at the beginning of the LP era were also distributed as EP albums—notably, the seven operas that Arturo Toscanini performed on the radio between 1944 and 1954. These EP operas, originally broadcast on the NBC Radio network and produced by RCA, which owns th NBC network, was made available in 45 rpm and 33

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During the 1950s, RCA released several EP albums of Walt Disney films, containing stories and songs. It usually features the original cast of actors and actresses. Each album contains two seven-inch discs, plus a fully illustrated booklet containing the lyrics to the record so your child can follow along as they read. Some of the titles include Snow White and the Dwarfs (1937), Pinocchio (1940), and what was a live release, the film version of 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea appeared in 1954. The recording and release of 20,000 Amazing : did not use the cast of the film, and years later, a 12 of

The 33+ 1 ⁄3 rpm album, with an almost identical script but a different cast, was sold by Disneyland Records in conjunction with the film’s 1963 re-release.

Due to the popularity of 7″ and other formats, SP (78 rpm, 10″) recordings became less popular and production of SPs in Japan was suspended in 1963.

In the Philippines, seven-inch EPs marketed as “mini-LPs” (but very different from the mini-LPs of the 1980s) were introduced in the 1970s, featuring album tracks and album-like packaging from which were taken. .

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This mini-LP format also became popular in America in the early 1970s for promotional releases as well as for jukebox use.

Stevie Wonder included a four-song bonus EP with his double LP Key Songs of Life in 1976. During the 1970s and 1980s, there was less standardization and EPs were produced on 7-inch (18 cm), 10 inches (25). cm) or 12-inch (30 cm) discs running at 33

1⁄3 or 45 rpm. Some new EPs used strange shapes and colors, and some of them were photo discs.

How Do I Know If My Record Is Expunged

Alice in Chains was the first group to have a number one EP on the Billboard album chart. His EP, Jar of Flies, was released on January 25, 1994. In 2004, Linkin Park and Jay-Z’s collaboration EP, Collision Course, was the next to reach number one after Alice in Chains. In 2010, the cast of the television series Glee became the first artist to have two EPs reach number one, with Glee: The Music, The Power of Madonna the week of May 8, 2010 and Glee: The Music, Journey to Regionals the week of June 26, 2010.

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In 2010, Warner Bros. revived him. Records in their “Six-Pak” format offering six tracks on one compact disc.

Due to the growing popularity of music downloads and music streaming starting in the late 2000s, EPs have become a common marketing strategy for pop musicians who want to stay relevant and deliver music on more consistent timeframes. leading up to or following full studio albums. In the late 2000s to early 2010s, reissues of studio albums with expanded tracklists were common, with new music often released as standalone EPs. In October 2010, a Vanity Fair article for trd stated that post-album EPs “are the next step in expanding album shelves, after the ‘deluxe’ editions that fill stores during recent holiday seasons—add a few tracks back to a album and play one of them on the radio, throw on a fresh slap of paint and—voila!—a sock is born.”

Examples of such releases include Lady Gaga’s The Fame Monster (2009) following her debut album The Fame (2008) and Kesha’s Cannibal (2010) following her debut album Animal (2010).

A 2019 Forbes article discussing Miley Cyrus’ decision to release her sixth studio album, Plastic Hearts as a three-EP trilogy, stated, “Delivering a trio of EPs in one period for many month, Miley gave her fans a lot of what they wanted. in small doses. When an artist releases an album, there is a risk that it will be forgotten within weeks, where they have to start working on the follow-up while promoting and making tour in their rec. Miley did her best to game the system by recording an album and delivering it to fans in pieces.”

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Popular pop musicians who have previously used such release strategies include Colbie Caillat with his fifth album Gypsy Heart (2014) which was released after an EP of the first five albums.

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