How Has My Email Been Hacked

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How Has My Email Been Hacked – Sex and compliance on the same site? Who thought that!?! In our section on popular examples of Internet exploitation and fraud, we show you the most recent examples of examples that try to use you and steal your hard-earned money, break down brands and show you how to avoid it. Today, we are looking at a Sextortion scam that is going around and wants to use your guilty conscience to part with your bitcoins. Here’s what you need to know and do.

The other day I got an email saying my account was hacked. The funny thing was from my own email address, that is, the sender and the recipient, which immediately struck me:

How Has My Email Been Hacked

How Has My Email Been Hacked

(I’ve changed my email profile since I’ve had enough spam – I’m sure you understand)

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Fortunately, this is the second time I’ve received this type of email (God knows who sells email addresses on the Internet), this time I wasn’t scared, but I have to admit that the first time I received such an email was a few weeks ago. because I was really surprised.

Don’t get me wrong. I didn’t care too much about the dirty secrets revealed about me – I’m sure I didn’t do anything I was accused of in the email. It actually came from my own email though I was a bit worried. Maybe they hacked my account? What else did they find on my computer?

As always, it helps to keep calm and do a little research. A simple Google search revealed that I was surprisingly not the only one receiving such threats. Here is an example of the first email I received courtesy of PCRisk:

And there are many of these issues that exist as shown in the research and since the number of data breaches has increased, it is not surprising that my email address also ended up in the hands of criminals. If you want to check your account status just go to the top to login. As you can see in my check below, my account may have been affected by a data breach where up to a billion emails were exposed to people who were not intended and because of the good person who sent them. I have this message.

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Unfortunately, it seems impossible for someone to steal your computer and record your activities. If you think and take two steps to protect the security of your (s), they can not find the password you use for this account. However, how did they make it look like it came from my address?

Well, as it turns out, most e-mail programs do not check who sent the e-mail address, but only send the information that was sent. So, even if I can send an email to someone and just add the person’s information to impersonate him, the recipient may choose to think that I am Bill Gates as detailed in How-to-Geek.

Yes, you can easily find more information about the true source of an email – just check the information in your email program, but in reality it is rarely done because we all have to rely on the power of spam filters to avoid drowning in it. a flood of bad mail.

How Has My Email Been Hacked

Although it is difficult to completely eliminate this problem, there are four steps that should provide relief.

I Think My Account Is Trying To Be Hacked…

Even if you did what these people are accusing you of, it’s still time to do some quick research and don’t just send Bitcoins to a specific address because there’s no guarantee that you’re from internet.

Do not open attachments or links in emails from strangers and look for suspicious links such as empty emails and downloadable zip files.

Yes, the “password” will no longer work, but other passwords will not take long to crack – check here to see how long the brute force attack takes.

Help your e-mail program block messages that may be sent as spam or malicious content. The system learns from behavior and you can use it by telling it. They also use public information, so if you receive a phishing email, you can report it to organizations like the FTC at or the Anti-Phishing Task Force at

Signs You’ve Been Hacked—and How To Fight Back

Since these emails came with clear information on where to pay the money in the form of Bitcoin addresses, the fact is that you can use this information to see how many people are falling for it.

Just using a service that provides information on the number of Bitcoin accounts I can tell in my opinion that these criminals cannot deceive anyone. A zero balance and no products, however, means that the address currently in use has not received a payment. Going through the many scams posted to show how much Bitcoin is being spent, it’s hard to measure the exact success rate. One can only hope that it is not too high.

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How Has My Email Been Hacked

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Planet Earth is a B2B advertising agency and a leading authority on business compliance and regulatory programs. Discover 500 opportunities, consultants, and small businesses based on Planet Compliance’s content, reports, and analytics as they explore different solutions to help their companies and people vendors comply with various business laws. Did you receive an email like the one below? Where does a crazy person say they put crap on your computer, tap your webcam and record you watching porn? This email is a terrible example of extortion, where the sender claims that they have proof that you did something wrong, and says that you have to pay them $1,000,000 in Bitcoin or they will share this funny video with everyone in your address book.

Content: This account has been hacked! Change your password now! Hi Ron Stauffer, You may not know and you may be wondering why you are getting this email, right? I am a hacker who hacked your device months ago. I have sent an email to your stolen account. I installed malware on adult sites (porn) and I guess, you visited this site for fun (you know what I mean). While you were watching the video, your RDP (Remote Control) web browser started working with a keylogger that gained access to your screen and camera. After that, the software has found all your data and files. You entered the website for the website you visited, I block. Yes, you can change it, or it’s already changed. But it didn’t matter, my malware was always updated. What did I do? I have made two pictures. Part 1 shows the video you were watching (you have good taste haha…), and part 2 shows the audio from your camera. Don’t try to find and destroy my virus! (All your information has already been sent to a remote server) – Do not try to contact me – Various security services will not help you; changing the drive or destroying the device won’t help either, since your data is already on the remote server. I promise I won’t bother you again after you pay, because you’re not my only problem. This is an honorable mention. Don’t be angry, everyone has their own work. what should you do? Well, in my opinion, $1000 (USD) is a good price for our little one. You pay with Bitcoin (if you don’t know, search “how to buy bitcoin” on Google). My Bitcoin wallet address: (It’s understandable, click and write) Important: You have 48 hours to pay. (I have a facebook link to this email, and now I know you have read this email). To check read messages and content, I use the facebook icon. Thank you. (Anything that can be used for management can help us.) If I don’t get BitCoins, I will definitely send your videos

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