How Long Has The Drought In California Been Going On

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How Long Has The Drought In California Been Going On – Houseboats on a narrow stretch of dry Lake Oroville last month. Photo by… Josh Edelson/Agence France-Presse – Getty Images

The last 12 months have been the driest in a century. Lake Mead, one of our most important sources of water, has fallen to its lowest level ever. And Californians aren’t saving even close to the 15 percent reduction in water use that officials are asking for.

How Long Has The Drought In California Been Going On

How Long Has The Drought In California Been Going On

With these terrible fates in mind, Governor. Gavin Newsom declared a statewide drought emergency this week and urged Californians to “double our efforts to conserve water in every way possible.”

Is California Headed Back Into Drought, Or Did We Never Really Leave One?

You might be wondering why this is so important, since periods of low rainfall are already common in California.

Temperatures have risen in California due to human-induced climate change, and this summer has been the hottest on record. This unusually mild weather exacerbated dry conditions and turned what could have been a normal rainfall fluctuation into a full blown crisis.

Here’s how it works: California uses its snowpack to store water, but during warm winters, that snow mostly falls as rain. And what little snow was collected melted earlier this year.

“By the time summer comes to an end – August, September, October – and its scorching temperatures, there is not a cloud in the sky, and California is forced to rely on the water that fell on the snow cover last winter,” Julien Emile-Gay said me a climate scientist from the University of Southern California. “Increasingly, that water was long gone by then.”

California Drought Tests History Of Endless Growth

There is another, slightly more complex part of this “heat and drought” equation, sometimes described as atmospheric thirst.

When the air is warmer, it holds more moisture—about 7 percent more for every degree Celsius of warming. The wind absorbs water from nearby lakes, vegetation, and soil, further drying out the already dry land and depleting water supplies.

(In wetter climates, warmer air still holds more water but also releases it, so east coast storms get stronger.)

How Long Has The Drought In California Been Going On

The California “drought” has created dry conditions similar to those we normally experience after four or five years of drought. We are in our second year of drought, but Lake Oroville, a large reservoir, has less water than before.

Amid Punishing Drought, California Is Set To Adopt Rules To Reduce Water Leaks. The Process Has Lagged

And despite rains covering much of the state this week, officials predict this winter will bring La Niña, a weather event that usually makes California drier.

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Megadrought Could Become The New Normal In The Southwestern Us

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A small plant is struggling to get out of a cracked dry lakebed in California. Some researchers believe that a “mega-drought” has been developing in the region for decades.

Some researchers believe that the region has been experiencing a “mega-drought” for more than two decades, a hydrological phenomenon similar to the worst summer of the last millennium. But this time, they say, human-induced climate change is exacerbating the situation and making retreat even more difficult.

How Long Has The Drought In California Been Going On

“If this drought is entirely due to natural variability, then we at least have the comfort of knowing that at some point, luck will likely reappear and it will run out,” said Park Williams, bioclimatologist and research assistant. professor at the University of California, Los Angeles.

Here’s A Look At California’s Drought Map — And How It Compares To This Time Last Year

“But knowing that much of the current drought is due to human-induced climate trends tells us that we may not have seen the worst yet.”

Record water supplies in the region will protect urban Southern California from the effects of this year’s drought.

Williams was the lead author of a study published last year in the journal Science, which analyzed tree-ring records from thousands of trees in western North America to reconstruct soil moisture over the past 1,200 years. Their research shows that the period from 2000 to 2018 was the second driest period, eclipsed only by a megadrought in the late 1500s.

“This drought that we are experiencing now over the past 22 years is as severe as the worst 22-year periods of the worst megadroughts that have occurred in the past millennium,” Williams said.

What To Know About The Drought In California And Western Half Of U.s.

The team estimates that human-induced climate trends accounted for about 40% of the average soil moisture deficit in the 2000s.

“In simple terms, this means that without anthropogenic climate change, there would have been severe drought in the West in the last few decades,” Williams said. “But it’s not as bad as the drought that actually happened.”

Some experts are more skeptical, saying that while the Colorado Basin could face a mega-drought, the same cannot be said for California. But they agree that the warming has exacerbated the drought and forced the state to reckon with how it manages water.

How Long Has The Drought In California Been Going On

Seasonal droughts are common in California, which has a Mediterranean climate. Summers are usually dry, but in winter and spring water supplies are replenished by rain and snow.

Why California Needs More Water Than Ever To End Its Drought

Annual droughts are also not new. “You have dry years and you have really wet years in between,” said Safeik Khan, Assistant Specialist for Enhanced Collaboration in Water and Watershed Sciences at the University of California, Department of Agriculture and Natural Resources. “They may be what we call drought fighters.”

But research shows that rainy seasons are becoming more frequent and intense, with dry periods in between becoming longer and drier.

In 2017, for example, surface reservoirs filled with record rainfall shrank significantly after five years of extremely dry conditions.

“In terms of water supply, this will end the drought,” said Doug Parker, director of the California Institute of Water Resources at the University of California for Agriculture and Natural Resources. “From an ecosystem standpoint, I don’t think our forests and our rain dependent natural lands haven’t fully recovered from the drought and now we’re next.”

How Severe Is The Megadrought In The West?

According to Nate Stephenson, the ponderosa pine took root decades before the Revolutionary War, towering majestically on this western slope of the Sierra Nevada for about 300 years.

Plants take more than a year or two of rainy days to recover from famine years, Parker said, noting that the drought has also left some trees with beetle-vulnerable skins from which they cannot recover.

It also takes years to restore groundwater supplies, says Khouri Ajami, an assistant professor of groundwater hydrology at the University of California, Riverside, who was part of the research team that analyzed data from climate-exposed wells for the paper, which is currently under review.

How Long Has The Drought In California Been Going On

“When your rains are back, it doesn’t mean your flow is back or your groundwater is back,” he said. “We estimate that groundwater recovery could take an average of three to ten years.”

Drought To Deluge? El Nino’s Impact On California

When rain eventually falls, over time it is absorbed by floodplains and aquifers and fills surface reservoirs that act as a buffer against future scarcity.

“But if all the water comes in within three, four or five big storms, then you’re going to run into situations like flood control where you’re trying to push seawater out as quickly as possible to protect communities and property,” Khan said. . “Therefore, our ability to absorb and store this rain is reduced when it rains heavily.”

On top of that, wet years splattering throughout the 2000s, such as 2005 and 2019, weren’t wet enough to offset the long-term average moisture deficit that had accumulated over decades, Williams said. This confirms the idea that we are in the initial chapter of a mega-drought that could become a full season, he said.

Not all experts agree that California is experiencing a megadrought. Jay Lund, co-director of the UC Davis Center for Watershed Research, said 2017 ended the drought for most people in most places, and now we’re seeing another separate event, albeit one that began when the region was still suffering from. last. He wouldn’t call it a megadrought.

How Much Rain Does California Need To Get Out Of The Drought? A Lot Still

“I think there is some truth in that for Colorado.

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