How Many Times Has The Bible Been Written

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How Many Times Has The Bible Been Written – According to some sources, the entire Bible has been translated into 670 languages. The New Testament alone is available in approximately 1,500 languages, and at least one portion of Scripture (eg, a book, a psalm, or part of the Old or New Testament) has been translated into more than one. 3000 languages.

If you think that’s a lot of translations, consider this: there are actually 3,000, just under half of the languages ​​spoken in the world today. Now, of the 7,097 living languages, only about 4,000 have developed a writing system, which means there is still room for, say, 1,000 more translations of the Bible into other languages. This is good news for translators.

How Many Times Has The Bible Been Written

How Many Times Has The Bible Been Written

Translations of the Bible from the c. They were first needed around the year 3, when the Jews of Alexandria adopted Greek, the current lingua franca, as their first language, leaving Hebrew aside. Sometimes called the “Greek Old Testament,” this first translation is known as the Septuagint and is also mentioned in the New Testament (especially the Pauline Epistles, though not verbatim), the Apostolic Fathers, and even the Greek Church Fathers. St. Jerome makes it clear that the Septuagint was not the only source used by the apostles, but also explains that the writers of the New Testament, both when referring to the Hebrew Scriptures and when referring to Jesus doing it, used the Greek translation , saying that they considered it reliable.

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Its name, “Septuagint” (“70”), is the stuff of legend: tradition says that the Greek king of Egypt, Ptolemy II Philadelphus, asked 72 Jewish scholars (six of the 12 tribes of Israel) to translate the Torah from the Bible. Hebrew to Greek. According to the Megilah treatise of the Babylonian Talmud, the king “placed them in 72 rooms, each of them in a separate one, without explaining why they were called. He entered each room and said: ‘Write for me the Torah of Moshe, your teacher. “

This translation, written in Koiné Greek (i.e., the lingua franca of the Mediterranean in late antiquity, also known as the dialect of Alexandria), originally included only the Torah (i.e., the first five books of the Hebrew Bible, the Pentateuch) . . After that, other books were translated in the next two or three centuries, B.C. ending with 132 This first translation is the basis for the Old Latin (“Vetus Latina”), Slavic, Syriac, Old Armenian, Old Georgian, and Coptic Christian versions of the Old Testament.

But although the early Christians were fluent in Greek, as the faith spread throughout the Roman Empire, the need for a Latin version soon came. Already in the 2nd century there are many translations (with many additions and corruptions) in Italy and around North Africa. In fact, St. Jerome himself (the great translator of the Bible from Hebrew and Greek into Latin, responsible for the Vulgate) says IV. From the century “there are as many texts as there are manuscripts”.

In 382, ​​Pope Damasus asked Jerome to provide a definitive Latin version of the Gospels, based on the “Vetus Latina” already in use at the time. Jerome took the task further and translated as many books of the Bible as possible, using the original Hebrew and Greek texts, including the Septuagint, from his monastery in Bethlehem. This translation was so accepted that the Vetus Latina eventually fell into disuse. XIII. By the 20th century, Jerome’s translation was already called “versio vulgata”, Latin for “used version”. The Council of Trent (1545-1563) confirmed the Vulgate, as it is known in English, as the official Latin Bible of the Roman Catholic Church (until 1979, when the Nova Vulgata was promulgated).

How Many Times Has The Bible Been Translated?

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Help us continue to bring the Gospel to people everywhere through new Catholic news, stories, spirituality and more. says today, even if the Bible was once reliable. Well, although this belief is popular, it is a mistake. Let me tell you why the wise know this to be so. I will start with a simple illustration.

Let’s say I send you a Christmas card for Christmas and include a 3″ x 5″ handwritten card with my chocolate chip cookie recipe inside. We’ll call it Charlie’s Cookie Chip Cookie Concoction. Now, you have the original written by the author, right? Right.

How Many Times Has The Bible Been Written

Soon after, you make cookies for family and friends gathered at home for a Christmas party, and they love them. So you hand copy the recipe onto 3″ x 5″ cards for twenty of your guests. They love the cookies so much, right after they do the same. They handwrite a bunch of copies of the recipe and send them to all their friends. This has been repeated over and over for decades.

Large Format] The Forbidden Book

Five hundred years from now, Charlie’s Chocolate Cookie Concoction has spread to countries around the world. It is the year 2514 when someone first discovers the recipe. He is amazed at how delicious the cookies are, but begins to wonder if his original copy of the recipe is an accurate reflection of what he said hundreds of years ago. So what does he do? He grabs his Indiana Jones hat (yes, the movie is still beloved) and begins searching the world high and low for other copies of the recipe. He goes to libraries, museums and restaurants to collect old copies of the recipe. He spends hundreds of hours searching online databases. Eventually, he found and bought hundreds of handwritten copies of the recipe in different languages ​​around the world.

With expensive dating equipment, he found that many copies are hundreds of years old, some are much younger. Some are a little different than others. Most people say “beat”. Some say “confused”. Most people say, “Use a teaspoon of vanilla.” One couple says, “Use a teaspoon of vanilla.” Some change the order of a word or two. Many of them have a word or two misspelled. Most say it bakes at 300 degrees, but some say 30 degrees. Some are torn. Some of the older copies are quite worn, but many are in very good condition.

Now that the collector’s quest is over, he is determined to find out if the first copy of the recipe accurately reflects what the original said. He has placed hundreds of copies on desks before. Question for you: What do you think the chances are of doing this? Very good, isn’t it?

What if he had the help of hundreds of experts (chefs, historians, language specialists…)? If so, of course the chances of recognizing the handwriting of the original would increase even more. It would be easy for these experts to spot obvious slips of the pen in some copies. Experts have hundreds of copies to compare and refer to each other. And of course, who bakes cookies at 30 degrees? This would be easily recognized as an unwanted copy error.

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Now, why the story about a cookie recipe? Well, this helps illustrate what scholars called textual criticism have been able to do with the Bible. Textual critics are people who try to reconstruct the reading of ancient documents that no longer exist using manuscript copies.

For centuries, textual critics and Bible scholars have collected copies of Bible manuscripts and spent years studying them, comparing them to each other, in an effort to increase the certainty of what the original documents said. And these researchers don’t just have hundreds of manuscripts at their disposal, they have thousands upon thousands!

25,000 partial and complete handwritten copies of the New Testament survive today, many from the first century or two after the life of Jesus. [1] We also have thousands of manuscript copies of Old Testament books, many of which predate the time of Christ. Did you know there are handwritten copies of the Old Testament, copied by scribes before the birth of Jesus, that have survived to this day!

How Many Times Has The Bible Been Written

In 1947, a shepherd boy tending his father’s flock at Qumran, north and west of the Dead Sea in Israel, made a startling discovery while searching for a lost goat. There at Qumran, in a hillside cave that had remained untouched for nearly two thousand years, this twelve-year-old Muslim boy discovered a collection of large clay vessels containing carefully folded parchment manuscripts. What this guy came across was an ancient collection of handwritten copies

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