How Many Times Has The Earth Been Destroyed

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On March 29, a Reddit user posted an animation of what they claim is a recreation of what would happen if a black hole the size of a dime were to hit Earth.

How Many Times Has The Earth Been Destroyed

How Many Times Has The Earth Been Destroyed

It was later revealed to be fake, as the animation was actually CGI footage of Earth being destroyed without any black hole model, but not until the post had over 5,000 comments and over 60,000 upvotes. Images can be viewed below.

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If a dime-sized black hole were to form on Earth, the planet would be destroyed and kill everyone on it, but the process would be different than in the video above.

Frank Heile, a particle physicist at Stanford University, previously reported what would happen if a dime-sized black hole were to form in the Earth’s core. He said that the Earth would not simply collapse due to external pressure and the rotation of the planet.

He noted that black holes are destructive not only because of their mass, but also because of the intense heat and radiation they emit, which could cause part of the Earth to be ejected into space instead of being absorbed into the black hole.

He wrote on Quora: “When matter near a black hole begins to fall into the black hole, it will be compressed to a very high density, causing it to heat up to very high temperatures. These high temperatures are released into gamma rays, X-rays to heat other matter falling into the black hole, and other radiation.

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“The net effect will be that there will be a strong outward pressure on the Earth’s outer layers, which will slow its fall in the first place and eventually ionize and pull the outer layers away from the black hole.”

Second, he says, the mass falling toward the black hole will begin to spin faster and faster around the black hole, much like an ice skater spins faster when he pulls his arms. This would essentially cause what is left of Earth to orbit the black hole.

“This angular velocity would tend to slow down the infall to the black hole, resulting in something like an accretion disk around the black hole,” Heile wrote.

How Many Times Has The Earth Been Destroyed

In theory, if spin or external pressure didn’t need to be accounted for, Heile said, it would take the Earth 10 to 15 minutes to fall into the black hole. In fact, everything will be more complicated.

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Also, since the dime-sized black hole on our planet would be effectively twice the mass of Earth, the orbits of all the planets throughout the Solar System would be somewhat affected.

In theory yes, but in practice it would be impossible to create a black hole the size of a dime on Earth. Creating a black hole the size of a dime on Earth would require a large amount of mass and a way to condense that mass into a small area. Also, the closest known black hole to Earth is 1,000 light years away.

Black holes are believed to be incredibly destructive, packing vast amounts of mass into an infinitesimal point in space. This point in space is within a sphere known as the event horizon, and anything that crosses this sphere, including light, can never escape.

The size of a black hole can be considered in terms of the radius of its event horizon. Astrophysicists call it the Schwarzschild radius, named for the German astronomer Carl Schwarzschild, who developed the modern idea of ​​a black hole a century ago using Einstein’s theories.

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Schwarzschild radii are not limited to black holes. Any object with mass, such as a planet, moon, or human, has a Schwarzschild radius.

If the physical radius of an object is smaller than its Schwarzschild radius, this object will become a black hole. The Schwarzschild radius of the Earth is thought to be about 8.7 mm, or about 17.5 mm in diameter.

A dime is about 19 mm in diameter, so if one shrunk the Earth down to the size of a dime, it would become a black hole. This means that a theoretical black hole penny would have a mass slightly greater than Earth.

How Many Times Has The Earth Been Destroyed

At the other end of the scale, some black holes are so massive that they are called “supermassive black holes” or Slabs. One, TON 618, has 66 billion solar masses.

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File photo shows a black hole in space against a background of stars. Black holes are black because their gravity is so strong that light cannot escape them. We may earn an affiliate commission when you purchase through links on our Cappan/iStockSite. This is how it works.

Sun-like stars eventually collapse into compact bodies called white dwarfs, destroying their planets in the process. (Image credit: Carl Tate, infographic artist)

When sun-like stars run out of fuel, they explode in a series of pulses, shedding most of their mass in a giant shell of gas called a planetary nebula. The star’s remnant is a very dense white dwarf star at its center. The star’s planets, if any, are destroyed by the explosion. This could be Earth’s fate.

Stars begin their life cycle as nebulae. For more than 50 million years, gas and dust have been collapsing under their own gravity and heated by friction.

Plastic With Planet Earth Inside And Some Garbage Like Paper And Banana Leftovers On Top Of The Earth. Earth Is Being Destroyed Stock Image

Once the temperature and pressure are suitable for nuclear fusion, the star ignites. Hydrogen fuses into helium.

The star has been shining for about 10 billion years. Eventually, all the hydrogen is converted into helium, so the heavier elements start fusing. The pressure increases and the star expands.

Eventually, the star swells to a gigantic size, its radius twice the distance between the Earth and the Sun. This phase is called the red giant phase.

How Many Times Has The Earth Been Destroyed

As the star dies, most of the matter is formed by an expanding shell of gas. What is left of the star is a white dwarf.

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A sun-like star destroys its planets in its death throes. In 2013, the fragmented remains of a small water-rich planet orbiting the white dwarf star GD 61 were discovered about 170 light-years from Earth.

The body of a Sun-like star has half the mass of the Sun in an Earth-sized body. White dwarf matter consists of carbon atoms crushed by gravity. White dwarfs, 1.4 times the mass of the Sun, are compressed further and all subatomic particles are crushed into neutrons. Even larger stars become black holes.

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Most planets can exist for a long, long time, but they cannot last forever. Hungry stars and violent planetary neighbors can destroy the world completely, while impacts and extreme volcanism can drain a planet of its water and sterilize a habitable world. As far as we know, there are many theoretical ways it could have spelled the end of the planet, but it didn’t.

“Planets die all the time in our galactic neighborhood,” Sean Raymond, a planetary modeler at the Laboratoire d’Astrophysique de Bordeaux in Bordeaux, France, wrote in a blog series on how planets die. Raymond explored countless ways for planets to end. While not all planets die, most eventually find their way to the planetary morgue.

Earth’s climate cycle plays an important role in ensuring that the planet is neither too hot nor too cold to support life. But on a rocky world like Earth, it doesn’t take much for the weather to get out of control, causing events that lead to an incredibly hot planet or a snowball world.

How Many Times Has The Earth Been Destroyed

The temperature on Earth is regulated by the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. Carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases (such as water, methane, and nitrous oxide) in the atmosphere act as blankets, keeping the planet warm by reducing the amount of solar radiation that escapes. As carbon dioxide accumulates in the atmosphere, it warms the planet’s surface and causes more rain. Rain then removes and deposits some of the carbon dioxide from the atmosphere

Earth Inside A Plastic And Some Garbage Like Paper And Banana Leftovers. Earth Is Being Destroyed Because Of Too Much Plastic Stock Photo

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