How Many Years Has Game Of Thrones Been On

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George R.R. Martin and HBO have novels and prequels on the way, but a terrible season 8 finale may have killed the saga.

How Many Years Has Game Of Thrones Been On

How Many Years Has Game Of Thrones Been On

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George R. R. Martin

Do you remember Game of Thrones? That little show that reached 44 million people over eight seasons? It started exactly 10 years ago last Saturday, but HBO and writer George RR Martin are hoping future prequels and novels will reclaim GoT’s pop culture throne.

Based on Martin’s best-selling fantasy novel A Song of Ice and Fire, the Game of Thrones TV show premiered on HBO on April 17, 2011. No one could have predicted the show’s utterly seismic cultural impact. Even if you don’t watch the show, you know winter is coming and weddings are red.

Importantly, Game of Thrones proved that even in the age of streaming and the constant disruption of YouTube and social media, TV can still attract a large audience. The last episode was watched by 13 million viewers on HBO, and more than 44 million people in 173 countries in each episode of the end of season 8. In eight days of glory, GoT shows that appointment viewing is still available. The show won 59 Emmys among hundreds of award nominations, and came to define this divisive era in television and media.

The collapse of the Thrones legacy is summed up in the second most popular Thrones-related post on Reddit, a discussion fueled by a (now-deleted) tweet about the show’s end. Twitter user MusketAnna said, “GoT has been on TV for ten years and has been a staple of popular culture,” and it ended up being so bad that it literally faded away when it ended its cultural influence.

Every ‘game Of Thrones’ Season Recapped And Explained

Eight years of memes, references, an existence you can’t overcome even if you try and ignore it and all of it, ALL OF IT, has been removed to the point where I can’t even remember the last time I saw GoT. referenced or discussed. — Windlass🔞 (@MusketAnna) January 18, 2020

Reddit, of course, hardly reflects broad public opinion. Obviously, the series finale caused some backlash, but that doesn’t mean the show is doomed for all viewers. Thrones has inspired endless memes and marketing, tattoos and Twitter handles—certainly the cultural impact doesn’t just burn like an iron chair transformed by an angry dragon.

Let’s see how many people are searching for news or information about the series on the Web, a rough but reliable indicator of its popularity.

How Many Years Has Game Of Thrones Been On

According to Google Trends, between 2012 and 2017 “Game of Thrones” dropped “Harry Potter” as a search term every time the show aired. But in 2020, almost a year after the end of GoT, 13 years since the last proper Harry Potter novel, Potter is again a very popular search term. In terms of people Googling the show, Thrones is almost synonymous with Friends, a sitcom that ended 17 years ago.

Game Of Thrones’ Season 6, Episode 4: An Hour Of Ice And Fire

We won’t repeat the furore about the ending, except to say that many fans were shocked and disappointed to see their favorite characters end their journey in less than satisfying ways. More than 1.7 million disgruntled fans signed a petition to have the final season rerun, and HBO’s 10th anniversary was overshadowed by the bitterness of season 8.

They paid Zack Snyder $70 million to “fix” Justice League. Adjust the season 8. You can do it in three parts. — John Hornor Jacobs (@johnhornor) April 14, 2021

In defense of showrunners David Benioff and D. B. Weiss — who certainly didn’t help their cause with voice-over commentary after the finale — there’s always been pressure to tie up multiple storylines in satisfying and believable ways in the final episode. The Sopranos cynically abdicates this responsibility with its abrupt ending (which in itself angered many viewers). The ending of Lost was very disappointing to everyone who still watched it. Dexter and The X-Files are a bit boring. Roseanne and St. Another place was crazy.

Finally, Supernatural ended after 15 years and fans enjoyed a favorite romantic couple – only to quickly kill off one of the characters and sour the experience for many super-fans. You can’t please everyone on Twitter all the time.

Bbc Radio 4

HBO has to fervently hope that the finale doesn’t completely burn down the golden crown. The network still wants to sell GoT DVDs and Blu-rays and T-shirts, in addition to subscriptions to the HBO Max streaming service. But disappointed fans are unlikely to recommend the series to newcomers or find themselves rewatching it again only to be disappointed.

And HBO is betting real money on the call for a Thrones sequel. Reports reveal that at least five “replacement shows” are in development, not to mention a Broadway show (hey, it worked for Harry Potter). House of the Dragon is currently filming with Olivia Cooke, Paddy Considine and Matt Smith as the old school Targaryens. An animated show is ahead. Deadline reports several other Game of Thrones spinoff projects: 10,000 Ships, about warrior queen Princess Nymeria; 9 Voyages, on the voyages of the sea-serpent Corlys Velaryon; and a story in Flea Bottom, the poorest area of ​​King’s Landing. There is also a series possibly based on Martin’s novels Tales of Dunk and Egg. (“Flea Bottom”? “Dunk and Egg”? After creating the masterful “Game of Thrones,” did George Martin forget how to create titles?) Although not all of them make it to the screens, it’s not. it’s cheap to make a TV show – let alone one set in an exotic location like Westeros.

Then there are the last glorious novels. Martin was working on The Winds of Winter (so he said) and had not yet started the planned final volume, A Dream of Spring. If the film’s ending faces a lot of pressure, the audience’s reaction will raise hopes that Martin will not only finish his epic story but also shake off the small screen mishaps. Fortunately for Martin and his publishers, the books were already bestsellers before HBO got involved. The question is whether the new books and TV shows will rekindle Thrones fever or disappear out the window like Bran Stark.

How Many Years Has Game Of Thrones Been On

On the plus side, networks would kill for another Game of Thrones, so the last few years have been good for sexy, violent, adult fantasy movies. The Witcher on Netflix, Watch on Apple TV Plus and HBO’s own Raised by Wolves all show a clear Westerosian influence. That being said, some post-Thrones adult fantasy shows like Carnival Row and The Nevers are heavily infused with Penny Dreadful’s steampunk DNA. At the height of Thrones’ global popularity, who would have thought that Penny Dreadful would have the same long-lasting impact?

We Now Know Why Game Of Thrones Spinoff Bloodmoon Was Canceled

It’s still early days, but I wonder if in 10 years people will still be talking about Thrones like they do about The Sopranos, or if it will join the ranks of beloved but rarely talked about series like Carnivale or Boardwalk Empire.

There is a whole generation of kids named “Arya” and one day we will explain to them what Game of Thrones is.

However, no matter how you feel about the ending or how the show is viewed, the 10th anniversary is a chance to remember how much Game of Thrones means to so many people. Remember the twists and turns and shocks, the friends you’ve made among friends, the truly swimming moments in a world without swimming.

Shop your favorite products and we’ll find the best deals in one click. Designed to make shopping easy. It’s been three years since we last saw Jon Snow kill Daenerys Targaryen, and now HBO is returning to Westeros with a new look.

Game Of Thrones: How Much Time Passes From Seasons 1 8

, the show will center on the once-powerful Targaryen dynasty leading up to the “Dance of the Dragons,” a bloody civil war between siblings over the Iron Throne. A few years later, the conflict tore the Targaryen family and the Seven Kingdoms apart, leading to the extinction of dragons – at least, until Daenerys arrived.

It takes place about 200 years before the events of the last show, when the Targaryens were at the height of their power. Here’s everything there is to know about that season ahead of the HBO Max premiere on August 21st.

With such a gritty and heavy fantasy series, it’s important to know if author George R.R. Martin dates

How Many Years Has Game Of Thrones Been On

What happened. He uses the terms “Before Conquest” (BC) and “After Conquest” (AC). The Conquest is when Daenerys’ ancestor, Aegon, flew across the sea with his wives – which, in fact

How Much It Costs To Produce An Episode Of ‘game Of Thrones’

Fashion, gave his sisters – and conquered Westeros with dragons. Seven Kingdoms of

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