How To Check If Your Mail Has Been Delivered

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How To Check If Your Mail Has Been Delivered – Did you know that there are over 1.5 billion Gmail users worldwide? A large portion of your mailing list may consist of Gmail contacts. But are your emails reaching your main Gmail inbox?

In the past, Gmail was prone to errors and accidentally filtered legitimate emails as spam. That’s why Google developed Gmail labels to categorize incoming emails as primary, promotional, or social.

How To Check If Your Mail Has Been Delivered

How To Check If Your Mail Has Been Delivered

If your email marketing campaigns end up in Gmail’s Promotions tab, it’s not as bad as ending up in spam. However, people usually don’t check their promotions folder, so not all subscribers will see the messages you send.

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Follow this Gmail sending article to send emails to your Google contacts, train Gmail to send your messages to the Priority tab, and dramatically increase response rates.

Google makes no excuses for being aggressive with its filtering algorithm to protect anyone with a Gmail account.

If your emails contain a lot of images and fewer words, Google will assume your message is an ad and place it under the Promotions tab. Likewise, a text email without an image is more likely to be sent to the main inbox.

Certain niches such as weight loss, health, beauty, real estate, grants, payday loans, dating and business opportunities are prone to spam email practices and have a higher percentage of scammers.

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If you work for a legitimate company in one of these groups, you may need to work harder on your email content to prove that your messages aren’t spam and deserve to be delivered to your inbox.

Gmail calculates your reputation based on the recipient’s actions in the email. Every time an email receives a certain number of spam complaints, the sender’s reputation decreases.

On the same note, if an email is consistently marked as “Report Not Spam”, then the email will start going to the inbox instead of the spam folder and the sender’s reputation will increase.

How To Check If Your Mail Has Been Delivered

Engagement is calculated based on the sum of the actions taken in an email. Gmail tracks user engagement (opens a recipient, marks an email as spam, replies to the email, moves it to the spam folder, etc.) for all users who receive email from that sender to properly classify email.

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When subscribers open your emails frequently, it means they are engaged with your content, which improves the chances of your future email campaigns landing in their inboxes.

But if your subscribers leave your emails unread, delete them without opening them, or send them to spam, Gmail will penalize your reputation because your subscribers don’t seem to care about your emails.

Now that you know what factors Gmail takes into account when processing incoming emails, it’s time to put things into practice to maximize your inbox placement.

Avoid sending emails to Gmail users who have not given you permission. For example, if people give you their business cards at trade shows, exhibitions, etc., they will never subscribe to your list. It is better to have a list of double (confirmed) options.

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Be sure to add unsubscribed recipients to your “do not email” list or remove them from your list so you don’t accidentally send them emails in the future. Sending an email to an unsubscribed person can result in serious legal penalties.

Measure inactivity by the volume of emails sent, not the length of time. “Have they opened an email in the last 6 months?” instead of asking “Have they opened any of the last 10 emails I sent them?”

First, you need to increase your email frequency to consistently send weekly emails. Start by sending at least one email per week and increase to the recommended 2-3 emails per week. Once you find a workflow that suits your business, you can send 1-2 emails per day. However, you should avoid sending more than one email per day, as this can be overstimulating for your list and increase spam complaints.

How To Check If Your Mail Has Been Delivered

If your subscribers haven’t engaged after sending more frequently, use re-engagement automation to drive engagement. Depending on what your subscribers value to you, you can offer a discount, additional resources, or another engagement benefit. If your inactive subscribers continue to ignore your emails, send them one last goodbye email that will give them the opportunity to unsubscribe before adding their email to your “do not email” list. You want to maintain good list hygiene and only have engaged subscribers for maximum effectiveness.

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NEVER DELETE SUBSCRIBERS from your mailing list! You can always use these emails to redirect people to Facebook or Google Adwords.

Unfortunately, link shortening services like have been misused by scammers to hide malicious links. Gmail flags URL shortened emails as suspicious because they have the highest spam rate.

Make sure your ESP has a strict policy on user contact list quality. If your company shares your IP address with other users, this may affect your delivery.

If other users of your shared IP address send emails without contact list quality control or email verification, Gmail and other ISPs can penalize you for just sending from a “bad neighborhood”.

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If you are using a self-hosted mail system with a dedicated SMTP server. Check sender result using Inbox Inbox. This ensures that the ISP considers the IP address it is sending as trustworthy. If your sender score is low, email providers are more likely to flag all emails sent from your full IP address.

Use ‘Inbox Insight’ to track the health of your sending IP address. You can also create automated tests to continuously monitor your program’s email delivery.

This can be useful when working with a third-party email service provider. If your ESP is blacklisted, messages sent to Gmail contacts will be rejected.

How To Check If Your Mail Has Been Delivered

Learn how to find out if your sending IP address is blacklisted by Gmail and how to request removal: How to remove your IP address from Gmail’s blacklist

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Create a Gmail postmaster account to see how you’ve been rated. You just need to add your verified domain. You will then need to prove that you own the domain by entering the DNS TXT or DNS CNAME. Once you’re verified and sending emails, you’ll have access to several dashboards:

Other email providers are following Gmail’s approach in dealing with spammers. The time you spend optimizing your Gmail delivery should pay off later.

After Google introduced tabs and divided incoming emails into specific categories: Basic, Social and Promotional, it became difficult to distinguish where your emails were delivered. Many merchants have seen a significant drop in their open rates as a result of this change.

Consequently, your goal should not be to send an email to a Gmail user, but to place it in their First section, where they are more likely to see and read it.

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If you’re seeing a drop in Gmail open rates, follow this step-by-step guide to learn how to move Google emails from Promotions to the Basics tab.

To increase your chances of reaching the seed stage, try to keep design elements to a minimum. After you change the email format, your emails can be sent under the Basics tab.

As long as you write a compelling subject line with compelling pre-header text, your contacts will open your emails and show Gmail that your emails are engaging, relevant, and worthy of reaching their First Section. You’ll also see higher open rates.

How To Check If Your Mail Has Been Delivered

You must configure G Suite in the Google admin panel settings to request read documents from your team. Regular Gmail accounts cannot request read receipts.

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You’ll receive a “Read Receipt” email with the time and date recipients opened your message. However, the recipient may need to accept the feature by clicking “Send Receipts”.

Email tracking is difficult to manage when you send a large volume of emails. It would be very difficult to repeat the steps mentioned above for 14,000 emails. They show you the first two methods

The easiest way to check if an email has been sent is to use an email tracking tool like Inbox Insight.

Not only will you see which email folder (Inbox, Promotions, or Spam) your email was sent to in Gmail, you’ll also see the option to send your email to other ESPs, such as Outlook and Yahoo! mail

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Testing with an email tracking tool can help you identify filtering issues before sending.

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How To Check If Your Mail Has Been Delivered

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