How To Clean A Motorcycle Gas Tank That Has Been Sitting

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How To Clean A Motorcycle Gas Tank That Has Been Sitting – The POR-15 Motorcycle Fuel Tank Repair Kit is designed for the special needs of motorcycles and other small fuel tanks such as recreational vehicles, snowmobiles, outboards, generators, etc.

POR-15 Motorcycle Fuel Tank Repair Kit contains everything you need to repair and seal motorcycle fuel tanks. These motorcycle tank rebuild products will stop rust, corrosion and seal leaks. Your fuel tank will be impervious to all additives, fuels, including the newer Stage II fuel with a higher alcohol content. It has increased durability and resistance to fuel.

How To Clean A Motorcycle Gas Tank That Has Been Sitting

How To Clean A Motorcycle Gas Tank That Has Been Sitting

Before: This fuel tank had small holes at the end near the seam. If the tank had an old, broken competitive seal, it should be removed before starting the repair process. Por 15 Motorcycle Fuel Tank Repair Kit

Step 1: Mix 1 liter of cleaner/degreaser with 1 liter of hot water. This solution will be used to remove tar, varnish or sludge from the interior of the tank.

Step 2: Fill an entire bottle of Metal Prep to dissolve the rust, coat the tank with zinc phosphate and pickle the metal for better sealer adhesion.

Step 3: After cleaning the tank, empty it and rinse thoroughly with water. Let the container dry. When completely dry, fill the entire can with fuel tank sealant.

Step 4: After all surfaces are covered, drain the tank for about an hour to remove excess sealant from the tank.

White Vinegar Vs Rust

Step 5: After repairs, use a fuel preservative and stabilizer to keep the entire fuel system in working order and avoid future “stale gas” problems!

I spent five days on this process. The degreasing process went smoothly. The preparatory phase is also not a problem. However, the sealant did not stop the leak. Someone tried to repair this tank earlier using JB Weld or similar. I used a wire wheel to degrease the weld and get to the bare metal around it on the outside. But apparently the seam isn’t sticking to JB’s weld and I still have a leak in the exact same spot. So one day I will cut out that part of the tank and weld a new piece of steel in there. I hope the seal does not interfere with welding. Basically, the business was a failure. So far I’ve ended up using a used tank that doesn’t leak.

The kit was well thought out, had decent instructions and I’m sure it works great in ALL metal tanks.

How To Clean A Motorcycle Gas Tank That Has Been Sitting

As far as I can see, the renovation is good, but the work is too fast to give a final overview.

Cafe Racer Gas Tank

It is impossible to completely empty the product from the container, so care should be taken to introduce the repair solution in moderation.

This is no doubt the case with many motorcycle gas tanks, and the instructions should include this advice if they don’t.

It’s important to understand each product in your repair kit and how it works. The correct chemical interaction is essential to achieve the best adhesion of the sealant to the interior of the tank. Fuel tank sealant does not adhere well to plastic. If your fuel tank contains plastic parts, these must be removed before applying fuel tank sealant.

Please note that these instructions are general guidelines only and may not cover every application and environment. If you are not sure how to proceed, call the toll-free number for technical advice at 800-457-6715. Are you tired of changing the fuel filter, cleaning the carburetor or getting your abandoned bike back on the road. You are looking for a solution. I know this, of course, because I learned how to do it many moons ago, because I was in a bind, just like you. I had a fuel tank that broke from the inside and it was a problem for my tank, fuel filter, carburetor and engine. Your service manual probably won’t tell you much about how to deal with a rusted fuel tank (“Remove and replace” I’m sure if it mentions it at all), but given how expensive and/or unavailable tanks can be ( and how this colorful material usually expensive on the outside!), you are doing the right thing by rejuvenating yours.

How To Wash A Motorcycle

So, as a motorcyclist who has rescued a few tanks in his career, let me give you a few things to think about, the process, and some photos that you might find useful. You’ll probably want to read all of this before you start.

How to Clean a Fuel Tank Plan Your Job Evaluate Commercial Options Prepare Tank Add Chemical and Mechanical Descaling Agent Mix (Shake!) Rinse and Neutralize Seal (Optional) Evaluate Sample

Each container is different in terms of degradation. I’ve seen a few tanks with light surface rust and a concerned owner, and I’ve seen (and owned!) a few fuel trucks with more shells and shells than on the Queen Mary’s hull. The actions that could be taken could be very different in these scenarios – or they could be exactly the same.

How To Clean A Motorcycle Gas Tank That Has Been Sitting

The subject of my work was a 1964 Yamaha YG1 tank owned by Johnny Greaser, our New Guy’s brother. Chromium! carefully! Photo by Lemmy.

How To Protect Your Motorcycle Tank From Scratches

You have to think about removal and replacement first. I mention this because it is a very viable option right now, especially with so many online replacement options. Simply spending a hundred or two hundred dollars on a brand new spare tank that can simply be put in and function normally again may be the smartest course of action. Also consider used tanks, which may be in better condition than yours. And if your bike isn’t too old, heck, the dealer might have a new one on the shelf somewhere.

Old greases tend to stay in service for a while, simply because they are made to last. They are not light, but for them to rust, you would almost have to throw them in the ocean for decades. As a general rule, the newer the bike, the thinner the sheet metal in the interest of reducing weight and forming more complex tank shapes. Photo by Lemmy.

Also consider the design of the container. For example, old Harley-Davidson fatbob tanks have excellent survival rates simply because of the incredibly thick steel used in their construction. However, new motorcycles usually have tanks made of lighter metal. If your tank is made of thin steel, and the rust and scale inside are very pronounced, solving the problem will be more difficult and time-consuming. If your tank is rusted anywhere, it could also be a sign that the tank is not salvageable, depending on your time and budget allocated to the task.

Obviously, rarity comes into play; a tank in a certain condition, which may be considered junk for a high performance motorcycle, may be the holy grail for a lower performance motorcycle. The appearance of the tank is also taken into account: the original paint certainly helps the original bike retain its value. A motorcycle tank, still in original paint, could be worth the effort just for the value this component adds to the entire motorcycle. Similarly, even a repaint that is not easily replicated to match other parts of the motorcycle can be expensive to duplicate.

Owners, Pulled The Tank To Clean The Carbs. What Is This Little Plug For ? Doesn’t Seem To Go To The Gas Tank. Merci !

Once you’ve determined that a particular tank project is worth your time, money, and effort, it’s time to quantify the damage. At this time, a flashlight, a mirror, a mobile phone and a scope can come in handy. Problems with light rust or scale are usually not difficult to fix. Serious holes, gouges and/or missing metal will usually require repair of both the metalwork and bodywork. In this article, we assume that the structural integrity of your tank is not compromised, but if so, further surgery may be required, up to and including opening the tank for further inspection and repair.

Here’s where we’ll start. It’s definitely not the worst I’ve seen, but make no mistake, this tank has been in need of help for a long time. Photo by Lemmy.

The Johnny Greaser YG1 tank you see here had about 50 years of neglect and scale I had to contend with. It was bad. Very bad. Not completely broken, but definitely one of the most problematic tanks I’ve dealt with.

How To Clean A Motorcycle Gas Tank That Has Been Sitting

Most fuel tanks require a reversible fork for handling. The first step is to remove the heaviest deposits of rust, and the second step is to update the finish, preferably in preparation for installing a tank sealer. In my experience, removing heavy deposits is best done mechanically, and refinishing is usually done chemically, although this is not always the case. (If you have your own methods, please add them!)

How To Clean Rust Out Of A Motorcycle Gas Tank On Common Tread

I stuck a borescope in the tank to see how much rust there was. It was about average, although there were a few spots with a thick layer of scale and deposits. Photo by Lemmy.

For mechanical rust removal, I usually choose an abrasive pad, something that can be placed in the tank to remove the rust.

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