How To Deal With Someone Who Is Manic Depressive

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How To Deal With Someone Who Is Manic Depressive – Bipolar disorder is a significant mental illness affecting around 1.3 million people in the UK alone. 1 in 5 people diagnosed with the condition take their own life. One of the most famous and globally recognized artists, Vincent Van Gogh also suffered from bipolar disorder and committed suicide at the age of 37. His birthday, March 30, has been designated as World Bipolar Day. With its mission, we want to raise awareness of bipolar disorder and hopefully contribute to ending the social stigma associated with it.

The condition, which can be managed through treatment for bipolar disorder, is primarily characterized by severe mood swings, which involve extreme emotional ups and downs. Alternating between episodes of mania or hypomania and depression can take a toll on individuals’ entire existence, affecting, when left untreated, performance in their daily roles as family members, friends, co-workers or romantic partners, their ability to do so diminishes. If you’ve watched the series “Succession” (no spoilers!), you may have noticed some of these signs in Kendall’s ups and downs during the third season.

How To Deal With Someone Who Is Manic Depressive

How To Deal With Someone Who Is Manic Depressive

Being romantically involved and striving to maintain a healthy relationship is a beautiful journey, including challenges. When you add in bipolar and relationships, this somewhat rocky ride can quickly escalate out of proportion and turn into an emotional roller coaster. It is notoriously difficult to navigate, but still not impossible. The key to success lies in continued commitment to bipolar disorder treatment, bipolar disorder awareness, open communication, and mutual support. Relationship counseling can also be helpful for the person with bipolar disorder or their partner.

The Challenges Of Bipolar Disorder In Young People

The main characteristic of bipolar disorder is violent shifts in mood between mania, hypomania and depression, which naturally alter a person’s behavior.

During manic episodes, people with bipolar disorder are impulsive, overly energetic, enthusiastic, and reckless. You can tell if your bipolar partner is experiencing a manic episode if they talk faster than usual, pause for too long, and have an increased sex drive.

A manic episode can take a toll on a relationship and should not be taken lightly. The consequences of poor judgment, especially the overzealous pursuit of pleasurable activities, are by far the most problematic. examples include:

Every high of mania is followed by a low of depression. This is the cyclical nature of bipolar. If your partner has bipolar, it is possible that they may limit contact with you for a while because they are struggling with:

Types Of Bipolar Disorder

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Sometimes your bipolar partner may want all of your attention and then it may feel like they are turning on you, not wanting to go out, pick up your phone, or answer your messages. It may feel like they are completely ignoring you. But while it can be confusing to recognize the bipolar pattern and find your own way to navigate it, it’s worth doing.

When your bipolar partner cuts off all contact, try not to blame yourself because it’s not personal. They are probably dealing with an acute period of the disease, and distancing themselves from their life can make the symptoms easier to manage.

How To Deal With Someone Who Is Manic Depressive

What they need right now is your unconditional love and compassion. Give them time and space to work through their problems. They might feel too sad to talk right now, but they might read your messages. Let them know they can trust you and that you are thinking of them. Ease their mind with some useful lessons like:

What Does A Manic Episode Look Like?

During these more intense periods, distance yourself from worry. Instead, create positivity in your life: Spend time with loved ones or take up a hobby.

Finally, reach out to your bipolar partner when the time is right, and they seem more emotionally stable, to discuss how their behavior affected your feelings.

In any couple there are obstacles to overcome. But severe mood swings present another challenge for bipolar and relationships. As the partner of a bipolar person, you may not know what to expect. Hanging in such limbo can lead to stress, anxiety and emotional tension.

There is no way to sugarcoat it. According to WebMD, “90% of marriages involving someone with bipolar disorder fail,” which can be due to:

What Are The Differences Between Bipolar I And Bipolar Ii?

There are many things that both the bipolar person and their partner can do to maintain their relationship. Let’s break it down for each page:

As a partner to the bipolar person, engage in treatment and show support. Buy their medication at the pharmacy, take them to therapy sessions, or offer to join them. It may help if your attendance at therapy sessions is appropriate:

The key to any successful relationship is honest and respectful communication from the start. As a person with bipolar disorder, try to disclose your diagnosis to your partner before committing. Being so vulnerable can be a nerve-wracking experience. Try to make sure you feel safe and comfortable with the other person. later, address some of the problems and explain how you

How To Deal With Someone Who Is Manic Depressive

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