How To Find Out If Someone Filed For Bankruptcy

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How To Find Out If Someone Filed For Bankruptcy – According to a representative, the problem has become so prevalent that the Labor Department has teamed up with state and federal agencies to track down fraudsters. Unemployment fraud can mean jail time and hefty fines, but Tara Hutchinson with ADOL said those consequences won’t deter fraudsters from trying to cash checks with stolen IDs.

“There’s got to be a lot of money and a lot of people out there to get you money, even if it’s not theirs,” Hutchinson said.

How To Find Out If Someone Filed For Bankruptcy

How To Find Out If Someone Filed For Bankruptcy

Hutchinson said you’ll likely get a letter from the department notifying you that a claim for unemployment benefits has been filed, and if you haven’t filed a claim, it’s important to take steps to protect yourself.

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“They should report it to us. They can report it online at Labor Alabama Government Fraud,” he advised.

Hutchinson said the issue is being investigated and the victim will not be held responsible if the money is paid.

“[The victim] is not liable until we can prove they didn’t file a claim,” Hutchinson explained.

He said it is very important that you keep your personal information private and that ADOL will never ask you for your Social Security number.

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“It is important that you never pay anyone. We’ve seen a lot of people, fake pages–especially on social media–offering quick access to benefits, saying, ‘Hey I know someone at [ADOL] if you pay me $100, $200. So I can get your claim. They are total scams,” he warned.

Hutchinson also said to be wary of verified social media pages as they have seen scammers duplicate ADOL’s official social media pages and try to contact people. Tax season can be one of the most stressful times of the year. But a new wave of scams focused on stealing your identity is making it even harder.

During the 6th Annual National Tax Security Awareness Week, the Internal Revenue Service is warning taxpayers that tax-related identity theft occurs when someone fraudulently steals your Social Security Number to file a tax return to claim a refund. Uses personal information collected.

How To Find Out If Someone Filed For Bankruptcy

“Recent fraud trends indicate that virtually all identified fraud vectors are increasing,” said Jeff Taylor, Zone Bank’s head of commercial fraud forensics. “Tax fraud and related identity theft are at the top of the list. Protecting your personal information is important to avoid becoming a victim.”

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Unfortunately, you may not know you are a victim of identity theft until the IRS notifies you of a problem with your return.

From the IRS: Tax-Related Identity Theft If you suspect you are a potential victim of identity theft, the IRS recommends that you continue to file and pay your taxes. File a paper return if you can.

And, depending on the type of fraud, according to the IRS, there are other steps you can take:

If your Social Security number has been compromised and you know or suspect you are a victim of tax-related identity theft, the IRS recommends these actions:

Unemployment $10,200 Tax Credit: Irs Begins Refund In May If You Filed

If you have previously contacted the IRS and have not received a discharge, call the IRS at 800-908-4490 for special assistance. We have teams to help you.

Fake returns If you believe someone has filed a fake return in your name, you can get a copy of the report. See instructions for requesting a copy of fictitious returns.

Dependent If you e-file your tax return and receive a message that a dependent on your return has filed another tax return or their own tax return, or you receive an IRS Notice CP87A, You will need to find out why. Others claimed to be your dependents. Learn more about what to do when someone fraudulently claims your dependent.

How To Find Out If Someone Filed For Bankruptcy

The information presented is general in nature and should not be considered legal, accounting or tax advice. The Region reminds its customers to be aware of fraud and security and to take steps to protect their computer systems. As the threat increases daily, fraud prevention requires constant review of your policies and practices. There is no guarantee that all fraudulent transactions will be prevented or that there will not be associated financial losses. For more information on how you can help stop fraud, visit or talk to your banker. In 2020, authorities began investigating a high-profile crime ring and multimillion-dollar fraud scheme with an unusual strategy – filing false unemployment claims using the names of high-profile and high-net-worth individuals.

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Throughout the year, media reports periodically warn viewers and readers about tax fraud schemes, real estate scams and various cyber crimes committed by hackers and fraudsters. But unemployment fraud isn’t necessarily a new type of fraud, and it’s certainly a growing beast, fueled by the influx of Americans filing for unemployment during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Compounding the problem is that unemployment fraud can go undetected for very long—in fact, many of those targeted receive 1099 forms for unemployment benefits and when this year’s tax season rolls around. If they walk around, they first detect identity theft. Federal officials say millions have already been stolen from unsuspecting victims, with cases being reported in the United States.

If you are asking yourself this question, you are not alone. Thousands of high-profile individuals who thought they would never be targeted are, in fact, already going through the long, exhausting and frustrating process of trying to reverse the damage caused by identity theft. The list includes politicians, celebrities, C-suite executives, philanthropists and others at high risk for security breaches.

Using modern hacking methods along with old-school tactics like phishing emails, cybercriminals and identity thieves are ramping up their efforts to obtain sensitive information and identify information needed to make fraudulent unemployment claims.

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Once they have the information they need, fraudsters can set up an unemployment account and begin filing claims. Funds and contacts are diverted to the scammer or criminal ring, and the victim never knows what’s going on.

The U.S. Department of Labor is increasing its efforts to detect cases of unemployment fraud, but you don’t have to rely on them until tax time to find out if you’ve been a victim of identity theft and unemployment fraud. No need to wait. If you’ve already been the victim of a data breach or had your SSN disclosed, or if you’ve paid a fee for someone to file an unemployment claim for you, you may already be at risk. There is never a fee to file for unemployment, so anyone who claims to provide a service for a fee is likely a scammer.

If none of the above has happened but you still want to find out if someone has filed for unemployment under your name, you can:

How To Find Out If Someone Filed For Bankruptcy

The first thing you should do is contact your state’s labor department immediately. The Department of Labor maintains a list of phone numbers and websites for all 50 agencies you can use to report unemployment insurance fraud.

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You will also need to contact your employer. Then, as mentioned above, place a security freeze on your credit file because unemployment fraud may not be the only fraudulent activity being committed in your name, as you may be a victim of identity theft.

Visiting will help you report fraud to the FTC and place a one-year fraud alert on your credit, get copies of your credit reports, add a credit freeze to your report, and close. Any fraudulent account has already been opened in your name.

To reduce your risk of falling victim to unemployment fraud as well as all other forms of identity theft, always be sure to engage in proper cybersecurity protocols. Use strong passwords (a different one for each account), learn how to spot phishing emails, and use two-factor authentication (2FA) for all accounts that offer it.

Never use public Wi-Fi to log into personal accounts, and never leave your mobile devices unattended. Also, make sure all your software is up to date, especially your system software and any virus or malware detection applications.

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Apart from practicing the above cyber security measures to ensure safe and secure data, securing your digital footprint should also be a top priority. From preventing identity theft to finding hacker access points, your concierge acts as a cybersecurity defense team. Learn more about using proprietary cybersecurity software and tools to protect high net worth individuals and their families from financial and reputational harm.

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How To Find Out If Someone Filed For Bankruptcy

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