How To Find Out If Someone Was Arrested

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How To Find Out If Someone Was Arrested – It’s a situation we don’t face, “What should I do? Someone I know has been arrested.” Phone calls at 2 am can be frustrating: calls from loud towers, drunken questions about lost keys, or even lost connections. But they didn’t take a candle to answer the unknown number only to hear, “You’re on hold.” you get a call to pick up at the Harris County Jail” followed by a desperate plea for help from a friend or loved one. .

If you haven’t, we’re sure some of the questions you’ll be asking are, “How long does it take for someone to go to jail?” and “What happens when signing up?” If someone you know is caught, you want to act quickly against a system that likes to take your time. Taking the right steps in the right way is the only way to ensure that your friend gets out of the lockup quickly and safely. Here’s what you need to know and do to bring them back home.

How To Find Out If Someone Was Arrested

How To Find Out If Someone Was Arrested

Rest. It’s not that obvious, but it’s definitely on the list of things to do after someone you know gets drunk. If you are under arrest, try these three steps:

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If the arrest takes place without you present, try to keep them calm over the phone. Spend more of your time on the phone to find out what they are charged with and where they are. If they complain about an unfamiliar police car, their charges, or other details of the arrest, try to stop them. You want to spend the limited time you have on the phone with them.

Whether your incarcerated friend has been weeded or needs a tough lawyer in Houston, extra communication can hurt their case. It is important to note that these calls are recorded and that undisclosed confessions can be used against them in court. Let them know you are working as quickly as possible to get them home and remind them to keep quiet and not talk about their case until they get a lawyer.

Sometimes we hear that “I think my friend is in prison, how can I find out?”. If you’ve only heard about a friend’s arrest and haven’t contacted them directly, there are websites you can use to find out where they are, what they’re accused of, and their bond or lack thereof. . A good place to start is the Houston Police Department website or the Harris County Jail website where you can look up an inmate and see if they have progressed, what their bond is, etc.

Second on the list is what to do if someone you know is in captivity: contact the assessor immediately. Unfortunately, the hard truth you won’t hear from other lawyers is that getting someone out of jail can take some time. Even if you follow a police cruiser to jail with a bag full of bail money, you still have to wait for your friend to be processed and charged before you bring them home. Unfortunately, depending on when and where you take your friend, this process can take hours or even days.

How To Find Out If Someone You Know Has Been Arrested Or Incarcerated

The best way to speed up the process? Even before you call a lawyer, call the tenant immediately. We recommend Burns Bail Bonds in downtown Houston.

Soldiers have access to information you don’t, and as long as they know who your friend is and where they are, they are your best bet for getting your friend out as quickly as possible. For about 10% of the full bail amount, your victim will contact the jail, post a bond, and get their friend out of jail immediately. Best of all, you can even pay an extra fee to speed up the process so a bail bondsman can wait in line and hand over the money needed to free your friend.

For more information on Harris County bail bond reform and personal bonds, please watch this quick video from DWI Specialist Mark Theisen:

How To Find Out If Someone Was Arrested

After calling 911, the best thing to do if someone you know is drunk is to call a lawyer. Essentially, provide your friend with Houston’s best legal defense: the attorneys at Thiessen Law Firm. Schedule a free consultation now, we’re available 24/7.

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We have helped our clients get rid of a wide range of charges ranging from DWI and assault to drunk driving. Our team is dedicated to protecting your freedom every step of the way and answering questions like, “What should you do if you have a warrant for your arrest?” to “How long does it take to go to court after you file a lawsuit?”

We understand how difficult it can be to face a criminal charge, and we make it our mission to make the process as easy as possible. Not only will your friend have Houston’s leading DWI specialist in their corner, they will have 24/7 access to their attorney, including our cell phone numbers, whenever we need them.

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We all want to do everything we can to help the people we care about. Here are some things you can do:

Your loved one needs someone to trust. Offer your emotional support and help them not lose hope.

Remind them that anything they say can be used against them and that they should not talk to the police without an attorney.

How To Find Out If Someone Was Arrested

There are many things to consider if your loved one is asking you to pay their bail. Don’t take it without serious thought and research.

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If your loved one has not been granted bail or has chosen not to pay, you can still help them by giving them money for the things they need while they are in jail.

If your loved one has been incarcerated for a while, see if they have things like pets or other responsibilities that you can help with.

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In limited circumstances, the law allows individuals who are not police officers to arrest a person who has committed a crime if certain conditions are met by law. This is known as “private detention” or sometimes called “public detention”. A common form of “citizen’s arrest” is when a person is authorized by law under certain conditions to arrest a person who commits a non-bailable offense.

Section 66(1) of the Criminal Procedure Code (“CPC”) provides that a natural person can arrest a person who commits an arrestable and non-bailable offence. The CPC should not be confused with the Criminal Code. The Criminal Code does not regulate individual prisons and only describes the types of crimes punishable by law and the appropriate punishments for each crime.

How To Find Out If Someone Was Arrested

What are the legal conditions for an individual to arrest a person who commits an arrest and non-bailable offense?

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Section 66(1) of the Criminal Code provides for two conditions that must be met before the law can authorize a person to arrest a person who has committed a crime and cannot be arrested:

According to section 66 (2) of the Criminal Law, a natural person must without delay hand over the arrested person to the police or take the arrested person to the police station.


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