How To Find Out If You Are Being Served

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How To Find Out If You Are Being Served – There is nothing worse than starting a new job only to find out that the organization’s personality and behavior don’t match your values ​​and expectations. If your company’s workplace culture doesn’t suit you, you’ll be quick to react to poor performance, or even struggle to perform. But if you are a good match, you can enjoy job satisfaction, and you can also develop yourself professionally and personally.

Blocking workplace culture in a relatively short recruitment process is no easy task. In fact, in the annual Singapore Top 100 Graduate Employers Survey 2021 conducted by GTI Media Singapore (S100 Survey), even 39% of respondents said that understanding workplace culture is the most difficult thing to understand about a company. So, to get around it, you have to be intentional about what works for you during and before the interview.

How To Find Out If You Are Being Served

How To Find Out If You Are Being Served

Follow these tips to help you understand your prospective company’s culture before you step on the dotted line!

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The best place to start your research is to check the company’s website. Take a good look at the language used in the mission and vision and see what you get from it. For example, the use of the word “innovative” refers to a culture that is open to creative ideas and forward thinking. Even the photos on the company website give you a glimpse of the culture there! Team photos are a good indicator of a culture of diversity and inclusion, and if the management team photos are the same, even better.

Job descriptions and other external sites that provide reviews and opinions about your company’s candidates are another way to research. But when you do your research, you will definitely find positive and negative aspects of the organization. The phrase “ability to meet deadlines” in a job description, for example, can refer to work-life balance. But don’t let that bother you! Everyone has different values ​​and expectations of their company and role, so you shouldn’t base your expectations solely on the last source you saw.

Although companies still conduct video interviews, most require you to come to the office in person for at least one interview. It’s time to take a chance and strive for a distraction-free office life!

While this isn’t an easy way to check your own workplace culture (especially since not all employees will be there), you can see how happy (or unhappy) those are. If the office is too quiet, because everyone is too busy to meet tight deadlines, it may indicate an overworked culture. Similarly, if an employee walks past without greeting, it may be because the work environment is not suitable. Your observations alone won’t make or break your decision, but at least you’ll have something to refer to later!

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Near the end of your interview, ask, “Do you have any questions for me?” You can ask questions. This is your chance to ask questions about our company’s workplace culture! But remember that the key to asking about workplace culture is to ask indirectly.

In other words, don’t ask questions that will give you a “yes” or “no” answer, and ask after the day’s activities. How the group communicates with each other is another point of discussion, as well as the work of housing policy, especially if the initiative continues after Covid-19. The answers you get here may be on the open side, but you can see how healthy (or unhealthy) workplace culture can be!

How you answer your question is just as important as the question you ask. Pay attention to the employer’s body language when answering. Are their arms crossed to show that they are defensive? Or does it appear that he was dragged along without being happy with the answer? Are those answers rehearsed, like your recruiter is trying to hide?

How To Find Out If You Are Being Served

Pay attention to attention span, too. For example, if the answer is, “We allow our employees to wear jeans and t-shirts to the office on weekends,” then you’re looking at a bad joke or an overworked work culture.

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Although these tips can help you figure out what your company’s workplace culture will look like in the future, they won’t do much. Don’t be too serious if you miss the location of the company. There are other factors to job satisfaction, and you can still enjoy working for a company.

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Step 1 is deciding who to talk to. Find out who is best to give advice – be it a parent or guardian, a teacher, mentor, friend or professional, such as a counselor or therapist.

Step 2 is working out what to say. Think about what worries you and you can choose to write it down so that it is clear in your mind when you have a conversation.

How To Find Out If You Are Being Served

Step 3 is to give it the right time. Try to find a time when you can get your undivided attention – AKA don’t do it while you’re trying to cook dinner or run a marathon. It doesn’t have to be face to face; It can be a phone call, a text chat or a video chat – whichever way is convenient for you.

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Step 4 is to talk. Focus on using ‘I’ statements and being specific. If you need advice, support, or someone to listen, let them know.

Step 5 is to not give up. If you don’t get the support you need, keep going until you find someone who can. How do you differentiate between fact and opinion? What is the author’s purpose? How to find information effectively

Hello everyone, this is me, Sarah, the interviewer! I hope you tried the previous question about the data source. Today, we will learn how to check the reliability of these sources!

When doing research for a homework or project project, you can find many sources of primary and secondary information. How can you be if the source you find is trustworthy and reliable (or trusting)?

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For research, you can refer to official books or journals (such as those published by well-known and renowned scientific institutions). These publications often include sources in the “References” section for further reading.

Some of these materials are available online at the National Library Board’s eResources website! All you need to access these eResources is your MyLibrary username. Here are some resources to help you get started exploring:

Newspapers are a good source of information. Reputable newspapers check their reports and correct any mistakes made by their reporters. Here’s how to find newspapers in our collection:

How To Find Out If You Are Being Served

Thanks to the Internet, the information is at your fingertips! Often, when we look for information, we go to a location. However, with so much information available online, you should be extra careful that the website is authorized or affiliated with a reputable organization.

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One way to determine whether an online source of information is trustworthy or reliable is to examine the website more closely.

Now that you have a better idea of ​​how to make sure your sources are credible, take this quiz to test your knowledge!

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