How To Find Out Where Your Car Has Been Towed

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How To Find Out Where Your Car Has Been Towed

How To Find Out Where Your Car Has Been Towed

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My Car Has Been Towed

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How To Find Out Where Your Car Has Been Towed

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Once you’ve made your final car loan payment, you’ll need to get a title deed from your lender to prove you legally own the car. This title is also a critical document if you end up selling your car.

A lien is a note that shows that your vehicle is legally owned by another party, in many cases your lender. In many ways, a lien on your car is like a lien on your home. With a lien, the lender has rights to the vehicle until you pay what you owe, including interest and fees.

How To Find Out Where Your Car Has Been Towed

Once your loan is paid off in full, the lien on your car title is removed and your title can be released. At this point, legal ownership of the car passes from your lender to you.

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When you pay off your auto loan, the lien holder should notify your state’s Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV). They can do this electronically or by submitting special documentation required by the state. Either way, they will tell your state that you are no longer carrying the balance of your loan and that you are the sole owner of the vehicle.

“Once you pay off your auto loan, you’ll have ‘free and clear’ title to the vehicle, meaning you now own your car outright,” says Julie Shannon, VP of Lender Management at RateGenius. “Whenever there is a change in ownership, you need to update the title.”

The process involved in obtaining title to your paid-off car depends on the laws of your state. Some states take care of it completely, while others require you to do some work.

According to Shane, your lender will send you a state lien release that needs to be filed in order to get your title. This includes formal documentation that the loan has been paid in full. From there, you’ll take these documents to your state DMV to get an updated title in your name only.

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In other states, once the DMV is notified, they will automatically send you a title to your car, without you having to.

Shannon says that in states where you have to file paperwork to get a new car title in your name, you can expect to receive your new title anywhere from two to six weeks after filing the paperwork. But since processing times in each state are different, the process may be longer or shorter.

Nishik Khanna, CFO of Clarifi Capital, says states with DMVs that can automatically send titles can take less time, typically around 15 to 30 days. However, processing and shipping times can drag things out, so be sure to follow up with a call, email, or in-person visit if you feel it’s taking too long.

How To Find Out Where Your Car Has Been Towed

Although it is common to have a strip on your vehicle, there are some important details to remember. For example, a lien on your vehicle can prevent you from selling it—or at least make it difficult to sell, says Brian Deshazier of M&A.

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This is based on the fact that you need to pay off the car loan and gain access to ownership before you can sell your car and transfer ownership to someone else. You may not have the money to pay off your car before you sell it, and if you owe more than your car is actually worth, you’ll have to pay the difference.

DeChesare also says the opposite is true: You can’t get title to a car when you buy from someone with a lien until they pay off the car. It is a difficult test to buy a car with a lien. However, some DMVs have an online search feature where you can find out who owns the vehicle and contact them directly.

As a result of these challenges, many drivers trade in cars only when they are upgraded to lie at their dealership. When you sell your car at a dealership, you will receive a trade-in for your car that is hopefully greater than what you owe. The dealership will consider transferring the title to their name in order to sell your car to someone else, taking you out of the equation entirely.

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