How To Fix Bike Chain That Has Fallen Off

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How To Fix Bike Chain That Has Fallen Off – A dropped chain can cause inconvenience, damage your bike or even cause an accident – here’s how to avoid it.

Breaking your chain can be annoying at best, sometimes dangerous, especially if it happens when you’re in traffic, so you need to minimize the chances of this happening by packing your bike properly.

How To Fix Bike Chain That Has Fallen Off

How To Fix Bike Chain That Has Fallen Off

If your chain has started to come out frequently when it hasn’t in the past, something in your bike setup has changed. The first thing to do is check that all the driveshaft bolts are tight, nothing is loose or loose, and make sure your rear wheel is properly seated in the covers.

Bike Chain 44t Bcd 104mm Repair Parts Crankset For Mountain Bmx

If your chain is coming off the chainstay, make sure the two limit screws on the front derailleur are properly adjusted.

One of the screws—sometimes, but not always, marked H for “high”—restricts the front derailleur cage from moving outward.

The other bolt—sometimes, but not always, labeled L for “low”—restricts the front derailleur cage’s inward movement.

If your chain is regularly coming out of the inside of the chainring, screw L may need to be adjusted. Place the chain on the small chainring and the larger sprocket on the back. The inner plate of the front derailleur cage should almost, but not quite, touch the chain; We are talking about a gap of 1-2 mm. If the distance is greater than that, turn screw L clockwise to move the inner plate of the front derailleur cage closer to the chain.

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If your chain frequently comes off the outside of the chainring, the H-bolt on the front derailleur may need adjusting. Place the chain on the large chainring (front) and the smaller sprocket (back). The outer plate of the front derailleur cage must not touch the chain. If there is a gap greater than 1-2mm, turn screw H clockwise and you will see the cage move inwards.

You can still occasionally send your chain even if the limit bolts are set correctly, especially if you shift gears under load (while standing or pedaling hard). Try to increase your effort (but still pedal) when switching between crowns.

Another way to prevent the chain from coming off the inside of the kit is to use a chain holder.

How To Fix Bike Chain That Has Fallen Off

A chain catcher is essentially an arm that acts as a barrier to the chain being pulled inside. Some front derailleurs have an integrated chain catcher.

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If your bike doesn’t have one yet, you can upgrade the chain catcher. There are various designs out there and they are all fairly easy to install.

>> Read more: Mounting the chain catcher (no, really!)  If your chain is coming off at the back Adjusting the rear derailleur limit bolts

If your chain has reached the rear, it’s often a simple matter of adjusting the rear derailleur limit bolts.

If the chain is coming from inside the cassette, place the chain on the smaller chainring (front) and the larger sprocket (rear). Then turn the L screw clockwise until you see the rear derailleur cage (the hanging part) start to move away from the center of the bike. You need to move it to the point where the chain can sit freely in the largest sprocket, but it can’t go any further.

Rear Derailleur Hi Res Stock Photography And Images

If your chain is coming off the outside of the cassette, place the chain on the larger chainring and the smaller sprocket. Then turn screw H clockwise until you see the rear derailleur cage start to move toward the center of the bike. You need to move it to the point where the chain can move freely in the smallest cog, but can’t go any further.

Again, however, if the chain was not released before, but has recently developed the habit, the installation has changed in some way. Before doing anything, make sure the rear wheel is properly seated in the dropouts with the rim running centrally in the chainstays, and check that the rear derailleur and its belt (the part the rear derailleur is bolted to) are not bent. . In most cases, the rear derailleur pulleys should be lined up directly under each other.

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How To Fix Bike Chain That Has Fallen Off

Many derailleurs on mountain bikes and gravel bikes have stabilizer systems designed to hold the chain on rough terrain. Essentially, they minimize unnecessary derailleur arm movement and chain bounce.

Bicycles Have Evolved. Have We?

If you have a rear derailleur of this type and your chain often jumps, find the stabilizer system on/off switch and make sure it is in the “on” position to increase tension. The location varies between brands, but it’s always easy to find.

If you’ve done all of this and your chain is still coming, there are a few more things to look at:

• Your front derailleur may have moved. Make sure it’s set up correctly by checking out our article on how to index front gears.

• Is your drivetrain worn out and in need of replacement? Changing performance can begin to become less smooth and more unpredictable as components near the end of their useful life.

Bike Chain Won’t Go Backwards? Here’s Why

• It is possible that the chain is worn, has a stiff or bent link, or is closed with soil. A visual inspection while turning the handles should reveal if there is a problem here.

• The chain ring, or tooth that binds the chain, can bend. Again, visual inspection will tell you what you need to know.

• You may have the chain at too extreme an angle – in the largest chain and largest sprocket (as pictured above), or the smallest chain and smallest sprocket. Some systems can handle this (although it’s not a particularly efficient way to drive), some can’t.

How To Fix Bike Chain That Has Fallen Off

• Your chain may be too long or too short. Before putting on a chain, thread it onto the largest chainring and largest sprocket, but do not run it through the rear derailleur. Pull both ends and add a full link (inner link and outer half) to get the correct chain length.

Why Does My Bike Chain Keep Loosening Up?

• You are running a chain that is not compatible with the rest of your drivetrain, in which case you need to change it.

• Your drive is not clean. Mud and debris can affect your drivetrain’s performance more than you may realize. You need derailleurs and chain that travel freely and without interference.

There are many other reasons why your chain could go out, but we think these are the main ones. If you think there’s an important reason we’ve missed, let us know below.

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How To Fix Bike Chain That Has Fallen Off

Nothing will stop you from dying like a broken chain. The metal crack followed by the chain falling to the path below will send a sinking feeling to your stomach. If you know how to fix a broken chain and have the right tools, you can get back to riding relatively quickly.

Ways To Fix A Slipped Bike Chain

The most important tool for chain repair is a chain tool. Many brands make workshop-sized chain tools, which are good to have in your toolbox. However, you don’t want to carry a full-sized chain tool on your rides. Many of the best MTB multi-tools have a chain tool function, which is ideal for everyday riding.

If all you have is a chain tool, it is possible to remove the broken links and reconnect the chain by reusing the rivet or pin. This can be tricky, and it is

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