How To Get Rid Dark Circles Around Eyes

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How To Get Rid Dark Circles Around Eyes – Dark circles under the eyes are a common problem. It can develop due to genetic or environmental factors. Stress, aging, fatigue, insomnia, anemia, high salt intake, irregular lifestyle and alcohol-cigarette use are the main causes. Bruises under the eyes due to lifestyle will disappear in a few days with cold compress, relaxation and natural masks. However, chronic lesions may be a sign of eczema, allergies, iron deficiency anemia, and liver and kidney disorders. To remove the lesions under the eyes, which are common in women, many methods are used today.

Genetic Factors: Fair skin or protruding bone structure can cause prominent hollows under the eyes. At the same time, dark spots can occur as a result of genetically high accumulation of melanin pigment under the eyes.

How To Get Rid Dark Circles Around Eyes

How To Get Rid Dark Circles Around Eyes

Sun: Overexposure to UV rays leads to overproduction of melanin, which gives the skin its color. Darkness around the eyes increases as melanin condenses.

How To Easily Get Rid Of Dark Circles?

Hematoma: A hematoma is a collection of blood around the eye. The most common cause is blows to the eyes, nose and forehead. Broken nose, eye problems, clotting and bleeding disorders can cause injuries in both eyes. Pain and swelling are common symptoms after impact. Minor injuries can be treated with ice, rest and pain relievers. But nosebleeds, severe headache, drowsiness, vomiting and fever can be signs of a more serious condition, such as a skull fracture.

Fatigue: Staring at a television or computer screen for too long, straining your eyes and not getting enough sleep can cause edema under the eyes.

Aging: Skin thins over time, the tissue that supports blood vessels is damaged, and the amount of adipose tissue and collagen decreases. Blood vessels also become prominent.

Allergy: Allergic reactions such as conjunctivitis, rhinitis and hay fever cause itching, redness, swelling and dilation of the blood vessels in the eye. Rubbing around the eyes due to itching aggravates the lesions. In sinus congestion, the blood vessels between the eyes and nose become swollen and the veins become more prominent as blood collects.

How To Get Rid Of Pesky Eye Bags And Dark Circles

Malnutrition: Not eating enough vegetables and fruits, eating too much sugar, and lacking protein, iron, B, C, E, and K vitamins can cause lesions. People should be careful not to take too much salt and drink plenty of water to avoid drooping eyes.

Hormones: During sudden hormonal changes such as pregnancy or menstruation, the lesions become apparent due to skin discoloration and dilation of blood vessels.

Home Remedies and Practical Methods to Get Rid of Dark Circles Under Eye:

How To Get Rid Dark Circles Around Eyes

Applying a cold compress constricts blood vessels, reducing fluid build-up, swelling and bruising. But you should not apply ice directly and repeat it regularly by wrapping it in a cloth and holding it for 15-20 minutes at a time.

How To Get Rid Of Dark Circles Under Eyes: 4 Best Methods

To prevent bruises from becoming more obvious and to increase blood circulation, cool 2 metal tablespoons in the refrigerator and apply the back of them around the eyes. If bruising occurs as a result of impact, apply ice for 15 minutes per hour on the first day and 5 times per hour on the second day. On the third day, apply a warm compress. In the following days, carefully massaging the eye area activates the lymphatic system and speeds up the healing process.

Treatment depends on the underlying cause. In systemic diseases, the cause is eliminated. In genetic disorders, even if the underlying disease is corrected, the problem will not be resolved. Commonly used treatment options are:

Methods such as chemical peels, mesotherapy and laser applications can be used to lighten skin tone by reducing pigmentation.

For lesions caused by adipose tissue depletion, lightweight eye fillers containing hyaluronic acid, vitamins, minerals, and amino acids may be indicated.

Dark Circles Under Eye Treatment Options

You can take pain relievers such as acetaminophen (Tylenol) for mild pain from the impaction, but you should avoid ibuprofen and aspirin because they reduce the blood’s ability to clot.

Arnica is an herbal medicine in the form of a cream. It relieves bruises, bruises and swelling under the eyes due to stress and lack of sleep.

In case of vitamin deficiency, you can take supplements on doctor’s advice; Before going to bed, you can apply a night cream containing vitamins A, C and E around your eyes.

How To Get Rid Dark Circles Around Eyes

Vitamin K is one of the important factors in blood clotting. In case of deficiency, bleeding tendency increases and clotting time is prolonged. Because of this effect on capillaries, vitamin K is good for dark circles under the eyes. Some skin injuries from the slightest bump or shock can be attributed to it. Vitamin K penetrates skin pores into the lower layers of the skin and repairs damaged blood vessels, ensuring that leaks are sealed and helping tissue to repair itself. Other useful vitamins for eye injuries can be found in our 3 Vitamins for Healthy Skin blog post.

Simple Ways To Remove Dark Circles Completely

Bruises under the eyes are usually related to the skin type and texture, which is caused by a person’s genetic factors. For example, in people with white skin, the skin layer around the eye is thinner and whiter than the rest, and blood or vascular formation in the areas of the upper layer that comes to the surface of the skin is purple or black in color. Appearance under the eyes. Another problem is that a person’s bone condition is also considered in genetic factors and it is possible to treat these conditions, namely injuries caused by genetic factors, with many applications today. To do this, you need to consult an expert.

When the under-eye area is slightly thickened with the filler technique, the scars disappear and the appearance improves. In addition, mesotherapy under the eye with the superficial injection technique also gives successful results. In most cases, laser peeling can lighten dark circles under the eyes. However, it is a very demanding application. It is possible to increase collagen tissue with radio frequency. It is effortless and very effective. With some laser applications, good results are also obtained on dark circles under the eyes. With these methods, the healing process is faster, it is possible to get rid of most of the lesions under the eyes. In addition to these methods, some people use hyaluronic acid-based dermal fillers injected into the discolored area by a dermatologist or plastic surgeon to treat under-eye lesions.

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Under eye lesions are one of the most common reasons for applying to dermatology outpatient clinics. Some may want to remove this discoloration for cosmetic reasons. However, it should be noted that these dark circles under the eyes are rarely a symptom of a serious disease. Home applications and medical treatment interventions are beneficial in controlling dark circles under eyes. If you are complaining about under eye lesions, you can get support from our expert dermatologists.

How To Get Rid Of Dark Circle Under Your Eyes?

Visit to fill the contact form or chat with us via Whatsapp and get a free analysis from our doctors! Dark circles under the eyes (periorbital hyperpigmentation) are a common condition that affects people of all ages.

Defined as uniform, round, darkening (blue to dark brown or black) of the skin around or under both eyes

Dark spots under the eyes, swelling of the eyelids (eye bags), fatigue, weakness, purple or blue color under the eyes depending on the skin color.

How To Get Rid Dark Circles Around Eyes

You may need to see a doctor if the color persists for a long time or only appears under one eye.

Four Effective Treatments In Singapore To Remove Dark Under Eye Circles

Medical treatment to reduce dark circles depends on correcting the cause by a certified dermatologist.

Some of the natural ingredients that have been scientifically reported to reduce dark circles under the eyes are listed in the table below.

Dark circles usually disappear after making lifestyle changes. If this persists and becomes a problem, book an appointment

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