How To Get Rid Of Lice Eggs Home Remedy

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How To Get Rid Of Lice Eggs Home Remedy – Have you ever noticed that being a mom has a way of making you feel guilty for random things, like going to the bathroom alone? Well, here’s one thing you shouldn’t add to your list: lice.

If your little one gets it, it’s not because they were dirty. . . although it’s probably good sometimes. Lice grow on dirty hair, dark hair, blue hair and even the odd beard hair.

How To Get Rid Of Lice Eggs Home Remedy

How To Get Rid Of Lice Eggs Home Remedy

If you’re anything like me, you remember getting nasty, tar-like whiplash after lice hit your elementary school. Even for the real mamas among us, it’s easy to think this might be the time to break out the big guns. Who wants to fight these things for weeks, right?

Finding Nits But No Lice In Your Hair: What To Do Next

Over-the-counter options like Nix, Rid, A-200, and Pronto and over-the-counter medications like Ovide or Kwell contain neurotoxins that kill lice by attacking the central nervous system.

Permethrin and pyrethrum, which are available in commercial alternatives, are urotoxins associated with “adverse effects such as headache, ringing in the ears, nausea, ringing in fingers and toes, respiratory problems, and other nervous system problems. .” (1) The Asthma Society of Canada adds that “Children are the most susceptible to pesticides, especially those with a history of allergies or asthma.” (2)

Command alternatives use strong pesticides. For example, lindane, found in Kwell, is associated with seizures, slurred speech, mental confusion, and tremors. In fact, “the use of lindane drugs has already been banned in approximately 52 countries around the world.” The American Academy of Pediatrics advises against the use of lindane, citing central nervous system toxicity and cases of seizures in children, as well as impaired performance. (3)

“Increased exposure to pesticides such as lindane, even at a young age, is associated with a wide range of adverse effects on children’s health,” said Mark Miller, MD, MPH, director of the UCSF Pediatric Environmental Health Specialty Unit. “Lice and scabies control options should not include this neurotoxic drug.” (4)

Home Remedies To Help You Get Rid Of Lice

You see, lice are very common these days. And by high I don’t mean shocking, I mean resistant to products that contain pesticides. According to a study published in the Journal of Medical Entomology, 99.6% of lice found in the U.S. Like most bacteria, they cannot be treated with conventional medical methods.

Last week I found out that one of my boys had leprosy. Since it spreads easily among family members, I decided to treat everyone, including myself. My hair is long and thick, so dividing it into sections to go through with a nit comb (more than that is a second) is not an easy task. Because I love my husband and want to keep loving him, I decided to turn to a professional nitpicker for help with that step.

While working with me, he shared information about his process, which he says works 99.99% of the time. Here are his three steps:

How To Get Rid Of Lice Eggs Home Remedy

Using a device similar to an air dryer, he heated each part of my head in 30 seconds. Lice and their eggs (called nits) need moisture to grow, so this step helps to dry out the body and kill many.

In Home Head Lice Removal Kit

Earlier that day, I had used a hair dryer on my daughter, who has waist-length hair, to achieve the same goal. I asked him if it would work and he said yes. Since hair dryers don’t dry like a professional unit, I used it for a long time – about 20 minutes on medium heat. I also used a curling iron to “flat iron” the hair neatly from her head, because I hate lice. It’s been a week now and we seem to have had success with one treatment.

Next, the hair is combed to remove dead lice and eggs, as well as any that were not killed by the first step. Professional “nitpickers” often use the Nit Free Terminator Lice Comb to remove lice and eggs.

After comparing the metal comb I could find in our store with the Terminator comb, I ordered the Terminator. Missing an egg or two can cause a repeat, so I wanted that in case the comb I was using didn’t do the job perfectly. It’s also good to be there for other questions going forward, although I hope we don’t have any.

In the video below, a professional “nitpicker” walks you through the art of nitpicking.

How To Get Rid Of Head Lice: 7 Natural Home Remedies To Treat Head Lice

Quick note: My nitpicker used a comb on dry hair. After trying both methods on my daughter, I choose the harder method – it seems to hold the eggs better.

One study found that coating the hair/head with a mixture of mineral oil and other chemicals to suffocate lice was 97.6% effective. Personally, I would not use mineral oil, polysorbate 80 etc., but I would try oils such as coconut or olive.

Lice can hold their breath for up to eight hours, so some recommend covering the affected hair with a shower cap and letting it sit overnight.

How To Get Rid Of Lice Eggs Home Remedy

However, I’m not sure it’s necessary if the steaming step is combined with essential oil application (see precautions below before applying to children!). According to this study, eucalyptus essential oil is twice as effective as permethrin and pyrethrum in killing lice, so adding the oil applied to the hair is believed to speed up their elimination. The nitpicker I spoke to suggested leaving peppermint on for at least 30 minutes before showering. My husband picked up the shower cap to use at this stage so we didn’t accidentally get oil on the counter.

How To Get Rid Of Head Lice Permanently

The lack of air kills active lice, but does not affect nits, so if you rely on it without using the first step, you can repeat the process for several weeks. Lice do not lay eggs until they are 10 days old, so catching them every 7 days will eliminate their ability to reproduce. After the first treatment, two more treatments spaced weekly should do the trick.

Safety precautions: Some oils such as eucalyptus and peppermint contain high levels of 1,8 cineole, which can affect the temperature receptors in children’s lungs and cause breathing problems. For that reason, I only used the safe baby oils recommended by expert natpickers for use on acne – tea tree and lavender.

In one study, an ointment containing 10% tea tree and 1% lavender oil was 97.6% effective at killing lice, while pesticides such as pyrethrins and piperonyl butoxide were only 25% effective. More on how I used it below.

One thing nitpicker mentioned about re-infestation is that lice really hate essential oil hair products, so the days I treated my boys I applied a homemade hair gel with equal parts tea tree and lavender.

Lice In Hair

For my daughter, I added oil to 1/4 cup of vinegar and stirred them together, then added 1/4 cup of water and poured the mixture into a bottle to spray on her hair daily.

If you are wondering how much essential oil to use during the treatment of asthma and what other options should be considered, this section is for you. Below are some natural ingredients that I have used myself and/or recommended by friends.

Some people believe that applying vinegar to the scalp/hair before blow-drying helps loosen the “wax” that holds the fringe in place. I used a glass spray bottle to apply the vinegar to my daughter’s hair and then let it dry on its own before doing step #1 (warm the scalp with a spray bottle.)

How To Get Rid Of Lice Eggs Home Remedy

Some newer products use enzyme-based soaps that help loosen the eggs and possibly even kill some active lice by breaking down their exoskeleton. Some products, like Lice B Gone, are marketed specifically for that reason. Enzyme based soaps would be applied before or after step 1 as described above.

Does Dyeing Your Hair Kill Lice And Nits?

Another option I’ve heard mentioned is diatomaceous earth. But since it dries out the scalp and hair – perhaps to the point of brittleness – I would only use it as a last resort. And even then I would expect to apply it to the scalp and the hair immediately surrounding the scalp instead of the rest of my hair.

Epsom salt mixed with water can dry out and kill lice. To use, apply 2-3 spoons of epsom salt dissolved in 1/4 cup warm water (or more if needed) to head/hair.

Leave the mixture on until the hair is completely dry, then rinse before starting with step 1. There is no official research to support this method, only stories from parents. However, it might be worth a try.

As mentioned above, in this study an ointment containing 10% tea tree and 1% lavender oil was able to eliminate lice by 97.6%, while pesticides such as pyrethrins and piperonyl butoxide were only 25% effective.

Yes Black Girl, You Can Get Head Lice! The Finale

When applying coconut oil to my children, I used 9 drops of essential oil per tablespoon of coconut/olive oil.

Lice do not do well in society when they are separated from us, so preventing reinfestation is easy

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