How To Get Rid Of Tangles In Curly Hair

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How To Get Rid Of Tangles In Curly Hair – We all find it hard to update our hair if we don’t have perfect curls. Curly and still struggling with dryness. I let my hair grow out until day 5 to go through a full renewal treatment that transformed my hair without washing it. Tips on how to minimize damage and brittleness and techniques, and how to get volume at the roots when refreshing.

Some may wonder why not just wash your hair instead of going all out for a refresher. It’s true that this “full refresh” technique takes longer than a quick refresh, but I still save time by deep conditioning my hair without washing my hair. In addition, the hair is not wet at the roots and does not take a long time to dry when refreshed, unlike washing.

How To Get Rid Of Tangles In Curly Hair

How To Get Rid Of Tangles In Curly Hair

If your hair is still damaged and you’re in the middle of a transition, you may need a complete makeover. I could never do that.

What Not To Do To Curly Hair

When I finally completed the transition, one of the biggest improvements in my hair was realizing that my updo routine just got easier. It’s about cutting them. If you put off cutting, your hair will tangle and stick together.

Welcome to my blog, a how-to guide to curly hair, beauty, style and more… I’m a full-time marketer and passionate about beauty every day. Here are easy-to-follow tutorials and tutorials that can help anyone look and feel their best. Also, if you have more texture to your mane, you will likely have a hard time preventing knots. This can make natural hair a magnet for tangles.

Outbreaks can occur so often that a single thread can become tangled. Or, as natural hair folks like to call it, a pixie knot (because only a naughty sprite could create a knot that size).

Magic knots are small, stubborn knots that form on a single strand of hair, most commonly on natural, curly, coiled, and coiled hair.

How To Deal With Matted Hair Once And For All

The technical term for Fairy Knot is Trichodoniasis, but the former is definitely much prettier. It can also be caused by mechanical factors such as

Magic knots are also more likely to occur in curly or coiled hair due to the oval shape of the hair follicle, which contributes to the tangling of one strand of hair. But don’t worry, you can handle a fabulous knot at home. We asked two experts to share their best tips for preventing and treating these stubborn knots.

Prepoo treatment is designed to moisturize your hair before you actually shampoo it. You can make Prepoo at home with essential oils or buy it ready-made at the store.

How To Get Rid Of Tangles In Curly Hair

“I like to add pure oils (shea butter, coconut oil) to my hair before washing to reduce the chance of tangling during washing,” says Powell. , Let the oil act on the hair for at least 30 minutes.”

Curly Girl Techniques

If you need help deciding which type of pre-procedure procedure to perform, check out our how-to guide.

If you find it difficult to manage your hair while washing, working with braids can help. This tactic allows you to shampoo and condition your hair without tangling it in the process. A good place to start is to cut in half and braid about 4 medium braids each side.

In general, braids hold up better when wet than two-strand twists, but you can use the simplest one. Remember to re-braid or twist your hair once it grows back to avoid tangles and knots.

One of the best ways to avoid pixie knots is with protective styles.

Amazing Benefits Tangle Teezers Can Have For Curly Hair

However, if you don’t like a protective style, you can opt for a style that stretches your natural hair instead – tight curls are less likely to tangle. Make sure you stretch the strands evenly and pull them all in the same direction to avoid knots, says Powell.

For heat-free hair straightening options that can help prevent those fabulous knots before they happen, check out this guide to natural hair growth.

Your first instinct might be to brush out the knots, but Leslan says it can get worse. , avoid combing or combing the knot first, as this will only add tension and strengthen the knot.

How To Get Rid Of Tangles In Curly Hair

“Instead, try detangling the hair by pulling it away from each other. To explain this further, use the index finger and thumb of each hand to part the hair in opposite directions to separate one strand of hair.” plucking to make it easier to untangle is an immediate mess, explains Leslan.

How To Care For Thin, Curly Hair: My Products And Rituals

Flip your head over and pluck it hard to strengthen the natural hair. Unfortunately, this movement can lead to knots. Instead, you should extend the stand downward when applying styling products. Once your hair is dry, use an Afro-Pick to add volume if needed.

Another way to get rid of the pixie knot you already have requires a keen eye, a bottle of conditioner, a rattle comb and some diligence. Rub gently until the knot begins to loosen, then use the pointed end of the comb to untie the knot.

This process should remind you of using something like a stick to remove knots from shoelaces. You should avoid strokes with a comb with a rattle, but there is a risk of rubbing along the hair shaft. There is a possibility

As you’ve probably heard before, keep in mind that regular haircuts can prevent the need for more drastic haircuts that you may not want (are incurable). for fairy nodes). The ends of your hair are older and more fragile than the hair growing from the scalp, so they require a significant amount of TLC. “The split ends are at the ends of the hair, but they themselves can cause two strands of different lengths to come together,” explains Reslan. “Did the split ends stick together, or did one of the split ends catch on the cuticle of another hair?”

How To Get Rid Of Fairy Knots In Natural Hair

On average, most people grow their hair about 6 inches per year. If your hair is 12 inches long, the ends are about 2 years old. This means that their ends have undergone all washing and detangling sessions, all heat or chemical processes, and all friction and pull from styling.

“We recommend trimming at least every three to four months,” says Powell. “It really helps prevent fabulous knots.”

The wear and tear that accompanies daily styling can not only damage the ends of your hair, but can travel down to the shaft, causing split ends and tangling in places that aren’t suitable for maintaining length. You can minimize this by using crop. Removing half an inch is a good starting point, but it can be more or less avoided depending on the condition of your hair and your goals for overall length.

How To Get Rid Of Tangles In Curly Hair

“There are many ways to prevent pixie knots, but I find that sleeping on satin pillowcases or silk beanies really helps prevent tangles,” says Powell. I love the Eleyae silk tiara. It is a double lined silk which also helps to distribute the natural hair oils in my hair evenly. I wake up in the morning with a headache and no curls!”

How To Detangle Curly Hair

Silk pillowcases can also help, as they are proven to reduce friction (compared to traditional pillowcases).

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