How To Keep Synthetic Hair From Tangling

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How To Keep Synthetic Hair From Tangling

How To Keep Synthetic Hair From Tangling

Whether you’re cosplaying on the weekend or wearing a wig in your everyday life, you’re bound to encounter messes. Don’t throw a tangled wig in the trash! With a few cheap products (and a lot of patience), you can restore a tangled wig. Taking some time to prepare, combing your wig and giving it time to dry will make your wig look like new.

Easy Ways To Keep A Synthetic Ponytail From Tangling: 14 Steps

This article was written by Staff. Our trained team of editors and researchers ensure that articles are accurate and comprehensive. The content management team closely monitors the editorial work to ensure that each article is supported by reliable research and meets our high quality standards. This article has been viewed 193,044 times.

If you want to remove the wig, first soak it in warm water for 10-15 minutes before wringing it out and placing it on the wig stand. While the wig is still wet, fill a spray bottle with 3 parts water to 1 part conditioner and spray the ends of the wig until the bottom 3-5 inches are completely saturated. Remove the tips with a wig comb in small sections. Once the base is tangled, continue to spray and comb through the sections and slowly move to the top of the wig. Dry the wig, let it sit for 2-3 hours and brush every 30 minutes to keep it in shape. Read more tips, such as how to dry a wig with a hair dryer. Synthetic hair is a great substitute for natural hair when making wigs. Synthetic locks are cheaper and actually look like natural hair, but there are some nuances to maintaining them that you should know.

One such nuance is that synthetic hair tends to tangle more easily than natural hair!

And if you have one or more wigs and struggle to keep them looking straight and beautiful for longer, you may be wondering how to effectively prevent your synthetic hair wig from tangling at home.

How To Prevent Hair Tangles In Fine, Straight Hair While Sleeping

In this article, we will give you a detailed answer to this question, but this is not all you will learn today!

We’ll also tell you how to keep your synthetic bristles curly (another worrisome issue for all wig owners!) and how to style your wig even though it’s heat resistant!

If you’ve ever had a synthetic wig, you know how good it looks on your head and how hard it can be to keep it both shiny and smooth after you take it off and especially when you’re wearing it!

How To Keep Synthetic Hair From Tangling

Because we wear synthetic clothing and clothing with high collars, as well as scarves and shawls or hats, there are many ways to get our wigs messy.

Caring For A Human Hair Or Blended Hair Wig

And if you don’t take care of it in time, your shiny wig will be a messy mess instead of silky and perfectly smooth hair.

Luckily, we know some simple and handy tricks to keep your wig from tangling.

But first, we will describe to you a simple technique that will allow you to remove the wig quickly and with little effort.


The Secret To Making Synthetic Wigs Look Like New For Up To A Year

Yes, this method also requires water and shampoo. So the very first thing you need to do is add an appropriate amount of wig shampoo or any mild detergent to the cold water.

After the bath is complete, gently submerge the wig in the water and rinse it gently. Also, dip it up and down – this will help the hair extension absorb most of the shampoo or detergent.

You don’t need to scrub or scrub the wig, because if you do, you’ll only make things worse than they already are! Allow the piece to soak in the water and then rinse.

How To Keep Synthetic Hair From Tangling

Dry the wig properly and safely by holding it over the sink. This allows the excess water to drain away. Then place the wig in a special wig mold or styrofoam head and let it sit at room temperature until you can see and feel it is completely dry.

How To Detangle A Wig: Human Hair Wigs & Synthetic Wigs

You can also put towels around your head to collect water droplets. The towel can also be used to gently wipe the wig while it dries. But remember: no rubbing or squeezing!

Comb it by starting by spritzing your synthetic brush with a generous amount of wig shine spray over it. This gloss contains silicone which means your wig hair is easier to comb.

When the wig is ready, comb it with a wide tooth, whether your wig is curly or straight.

Always start from the bottom and work your way up. We recommend that you work slowly to carefully remove any tangles without damaging or tearing the hair.

Ways To Keep Your Synthetic Wig Sleek All The Time

If your wig is curly, you’ll need a wide-toothed comb instead. And again, remember to work in small sections at a time.

This is the main task that will help you keep tangles on a short leash and keep your wig always beautiful and smooth, no matter where and under what conditions you wear it. After all, your wig can get tangled easily even if you wear it in very windy weather!

Alright, so now you know the basic sequence of operations that will help you remove your wig easily.

How To Keep Synthetic Hair From Tangling

But that’s not all you need to know! In addition, we want to give you a few other suggestions that can help you keep your wig looking good.

The Dos And Don’ts Of Wig Maintenance

This is actually a rule of thumb: always wash your wig with a synthetic wig shampoo and conditioner.

Sometimes high-collared jackets or woolen sweaters can contribute significantly to tangles in our synthetic wigs.

To avoid this situation, try wearing a silk or satin scarf over the collar of your jacket or blouse.

Don’t sleep in your wig either! This is the fastest way to get unbearable messes!

Choosing The Right Wig: Synthetic Vs. Human Hair

Yes, there are brushes and combs specifically designed for wigs. Do you know it? Comb your wig properly by wiping it with a leave-in conditioner and combing it carefully.

This spray keeps the wig strands soft and at the same time prevents tangles.

Because the product needs to be left on and does not require washing or rinsing, it is a very easy solution for dealing with tangled wigs.

How To Keep Synthetic Hair From Tangling

This way you can easily avoid annoying tangles appearing on your wig!

How To Keep Your Hair From Tangling At Night? 5 Easy Tricks

Include these recommendations in your daily wig care and you can be sure that your hair extension will always be smooth and silky.

Frizziness is another problem faced by synthetic wig owners around the world. This is because the artificial fibers of the wig stick to your clothes (often synthetic ones too), creating static electricity and therefore fluffiness. Physics, nothing more.

But how to deal with it, you might wonder? First, make sure you use the appropriate wig products.

If you use standard hair styling products on your wig, it can lead to dull strands.

Long Wavy Honey Brown Synthetic Wig With Bangs 26

So don’t pull or rub too hard when brushing your wig! It might be tempting to treat it like your own natural hair, but a wig is nothing like that.

Allow the wig to dry after washing by placing it on a special wig stand or styrofoam head. When the hair extension is not in use, cover it with a satin scarf to prevent it from rubbing against other objects. A satin scarf can also help when wearing wings on a sunny or windy day.

Finally, remember to apply wig spray before and/or after styling. This coats the strands and helps moisturize them, thus reducing friction.

How To Keep Synthetic Hair From Tangling

One of the best things about synthetic wigs is that they are relatively easy to style because they are pre-formed and can be styled with little care. These wigs always return to their original style after washing and air drying.

How To Take Care Of Synthetic Hair Extensions (with Pictures)

Use a styrofoam or fabric wig head to work things out and make small style adjustments to stabilize the wig as you do so.

Straight wigs can be combed and brushed

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