How To Know If He Is A Narcissistic

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I have a workbook called Self-Care for Breakups: Healing from Toxic, Abusive and Codependent Relationships that was inspired by my last relationship of narcissistic abuse and codependency.

How To Know If He Is A Narcissistic

How To Know If He Is A Narcissistic

Narcissistic abuse has become a hot topic in recent years. It also plays a role in many relationships, especially complex and emotionally abusive ones. I want to touch on this topic because it is so important to be able to recognize these signs so that your personal healing is not compromised.

Narcissist And Codependent Compatibility In Relationships

Narcissism is an excessive need for admiration, contempt for the feelings of others, an inability to handle any criticism, and a sense of entitlement.

And to be honest, after getting out of my toxic relationship, I also had some narcissistic traits.

My last ex had many narcissistic traits. She was struggling with alcohol abuse and I was pulled at the time under the guise of needing to help her / look after her. I ignored that everything was always about her. We never really talked about me. After three years together, he honestly couldn’t remember the name of this website.

Outside. It was not “done now”. Whenever I wanted to talk about my feelings, I shut down. If I confronted her about drinking she would dump me and stop talking to me for a short while. I once again supported her financially for almost the entirety of our relationship. Even when we weren’t together, she made me feel guilty about paying her bills because I would “ruin her life” or threaten her sobriety when I refused.

How To Know If A Narcissist Is Finished With You

The thing about narcissism is that it takes the things that you are and then twists them so that you exist for another person. It’s about paying attention to them, meeting their needs, and never complaining about it because if you do, you don’t have to love them.

They are great storytellers and often empathetic. In their world, if you don’t love them, then you are the enemy. I’ve heard so many stories about how friends and family were so awful to my ex and how they walked out cold on a relationship with her. Later, we would learn that they were tired of being used, cheated, and exploited.

You feel sorry for someone who portrays themselves as the underdog. We have this thing inside of us that says, “I’m going to be different and I’m going to show you that people are good and loving.” and it is used against us in the most heartbreaking way.

How To Know If He Is A Narcissistic

1. They will be sweet and loving and cater to your needs and the instant you do something they don’t like, it’s all taken away from you.

Am I Dating A Narcissist

You’ll be yelled at cold or outright cold, and it’s almost a form of behavior training: you learn what not to say or do because there will be consequences. You remember what it feels like when they are kind and loving, and then you spend all your time trying to be worthy of that behavior again.

2. Gas light makes you disbelieve your reality or make you feel like you are crazy or forgetful. I had to keep screenshots of messages or my ex would deny entire conversations and tell me I was crazy and delusional.

3. Sabotaging your friendships or other relationships. Making it difficult for you to do your job. Get jealous of your successes.

My ex was jealous of one of my friends so she slept with that person while we were together and told me the next day while I was hanging out with them.

Sociopaths Vs. Narcissists: 3 Ways To Tell The Difference

4. Making you the enemy for having feelings and reacting. If they do something that upsets you, it’s your fault. Either you are stupid for being angry or they did the thing that upset you because you deserved it.

Emotional blackmail such as threats to harm themselves, blaming you for things in their life that you have no control over. Telling you, if you don’t do something for them, something bad will happen to them and it will be your fault.

My ex had lied about a lot of things. He lied about going to rehab. She told me she was in love with someone else and then months later refused to admit it ever happened. A lie was to cover anything that did not fit the victim’s narrative.

How To Know If He Is A Narcissistic

6. Never take the blame for any problems in the relationship. Blaming it all on you.

Stop Explaining To The Narcissist! Do This Instead

Punish yourself when they don’t get what they want. Break up with you or threaten you, block you, give you the silent treatment, bully you, accuse you of not taking care of them. To little things that looking back will be ridiculous.

My ex’s reason for everything that happened in our relationship was “because I knew you didn’t really love me”.

7. Having a lack of interest in who you are as a person. At first they treat you so well and seem so caring, but after a while you start to realize it was just to get what they wanted, not out of any real interest in you. It’s about them and then the narcissistic abuse begins.

8. A tremendous sense of entitlement. Exploit or take advantage of you. Asking you to do something and then taking credit for it. Pushing your limits when you said no. Blaming or manipulating you to leave your boundaries.

Signs Someone Has Narcissistic Personality Disorder

At the end of the relationship the cycle repeats itself. They tell everyone that you were the bad guy and they were the victim.

After things ended with my ex and I started dating my (now) wife, my ex would accuse me of cheating on her and refuse to acknowledge that we broke up for months because she broke up with me. A year later she was still texting me about how I had done nothing but lie and break my promise to love her forever.

My narrative is that his alcoholism seriously affected our relationship. He fell in love with someone else until it worked out and those are two of the many reasons we didn’t work out.

How To Know If He Is A Narcissistic

Her telling is that I never loved her. I kept it together for three years and fell in love with someone else because I had never loved her.

How To Tell If You Are A Selfish Narcissist

I was very traumatized by it all and I was falling into some of those narcissistic abuse traits when I first started dating my wife.

In my new relationship, I didn’t want to take responsibility for doing something wrong because I was so used to being wrong all the time. This made me blame my wife for many things I shouldn’t have.

I also made her feel bad for having feelings. I was so emotionally exhausted that I never wanted to deal with negative feelings. If she was hurt by something I did, it made me *angry* and I would have blamed her for it.

I also had a tremendous sense of entitlement. Coming out of a relationship where I had to do 99% of the emotional work really shut me down. I wanted someone to bend over backwards for me, but I wasn’t willing to do the same because I was tired.

Signs You’re Dating A Narcissist

A lot of self awareness. Looking at myself and my relationship and going, “No, that’s not healthy. No, you are toxic right now. So acknowledge it and then try my best to fix it.

Although I have been a victim in the past, I cannot be a victim or I will continue the cycle.

Check out the rest of Self-Care for Breakups: Healing from Toxic, Abusive, and Codependent Relationships for journaling tips, self-care tips, tips, and more.

How To Know If He Is A Narcissistic

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What Does The Bible Say About Narcissism? (16 Signs)

Welcome to the rainbow of self-love! (Formerly Manifesting Blessing!) I created this website as a place to explore the meaning of self-love. We get to the heart of topics on self-love, mental health and personal growth right away. Have you ever had the feeling that some colleagues only care about themselves, not the company or their colleagues?

If so, you may be working with a narcissist, Machiavellian or psychopath, or with someone who behaves in ways that define those personality disorders, according to the Academy of Management

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