How To Know If Someone Is Checking Your Facebook Profile

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How To Know If Someone Is Checking Your Facebook Profile – WhatsApp and WhatsApp Web are user favorites when it comes to instant messaging. WhatsApp is now different from what it was a while ago. We have seen a lot of changes in the app, especially after Facebook bought WhatsApp. WhatsApp now allows you to hide your last seen; It introduces a new feature that now allows you to call your WhatsApp friends regardless of whether the recipient has read your message or not, and makes other changes that improve the overall WhatsApp experience.

We recently published an article on WhatsApp that covers more than 15 tips to improve your WhatsApp experience. In the same article, we were asked if there is a way to know who is viewing our WhatsApp profile. Are you curious to know who checked your WhatsApp profile, who can secretly see your profile picture or WhatsApp status, who opened your WhatsApp profile, this is a quick guide for you.

How To Know If Someone Is Checking Your Facebook Profile

How To Know If Someone Is Checking Your Facebook Profile

Note that this is not an official feature. The main WhatsApp app doesn’t support it, and as far as I can tell from the WhatsApp forums and support, the team has no intention of adding this feature anytime soon as it violates users’ privacy. But this should not upset you because some developers still think that this is the most needed feature in WhatsApp, that’s why we have this WhatsApp app – Who Seen Me that hears a lot of people and wants to meet someone. Who is spying on them and if so?

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This app is not available in the Google Play Store. It used to be there, but it was demolished. However, it is possible

Works on Android 2.3 and up. It has an easy to use interface. Just download and install it, open the app and click the SCAN button, let it run for a few seconds and in no time it will display the users who have scanned your WhatsApp profile in the last 24 hours.

A quick tip: a person who checks your profile a lot might just be spying on you and doesn’t like you! How to find out who visited my WhatsApp profile?

1. Just download it from the link above. You may need to install 1Mobile App Market on your device. Now, if you don’t have a chance to pass, do so. However, you can remove it later.

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2. Before installing this app, you can enable the installation of Android apps from unknown sources. So go to Settings -> Security -> Under “Device Management” tick “Unknown sources”.

Wait a few seconds while it scans all your contacts to see who viewed your WhatsApp profile today. After checking all your contacts, it will show you a complete list of all the users who visited your WhatsApp profile that day. In my case it shows only one name. It hit me hard, oh! I don’t think anyone.

This application is completely free to use, however, please do not use it for illegal purposes. It currently does not have a premium version, so we cannot guarantee how long this app will be available. At the moment, all Android 2.3+ smartphones support pre-installed WhatsApp and an active internet connection.

How To Know If Someone Is Checking Your Facebook Profile

Update 1: The app has lost a lot of profiles. After a minute I tried to find out who was viewing my WhatsApp profile. I deliberately visited my profile from 4 phones, but unfortunately the program could not find even one of them. It shows me one name, but it always shows one name (and I guess it’s random) because that name isn’t one of the four phones I checked my WhatsApp profile on. So maybe the app is not working, it takes some time to update the result or the app is fake. I will post another update soon.

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Update 2: Well, a year later, the program is still working as it did before. However, it is fake and it does not show the names of people who have recently checked your WhatsApp profile, instead it shows random names. So avoid using this app to avoid misunderstandings. I will update this post when I have a better way to find out who is stalking you/me.

Update 3: The developer has removed the app from 1mobile. In our recent tests, we had no problem finding a duplicate app because it wasn’t working properly and was probably a fake.

Update 4: This is fake. Confirmed. Those looking for an alternative to this supplement are advised not to do so. I don’t think WhatsApp will implement this in their app, and since WhatsApp’s security/privacy mechanism is strong and no one has been able to break it yet, the chances of a third-party developer creating such an app are very high. I advise you to give it up. I’m sorry. However, if you have an iPad or iPhone, you can try WRevealer.

Unfortunately, we could not find a similar application for other platforms (iOS, Windows or BlackBerry). There was news about an app available for jailbroken iOS devices, but when we tried to test it, it didn’t work for us. We will update this post as soon as we find an app that works on devices other than Android to help you find out who is spying on you on WhatsApp. In the meantime, you can probably check out the WhatsApp tricks we shared a while back. Here are some tips to help you do more with WhatsApp and thus improve your overall experience.

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WRevealer is another app that lets you find out who is stalking you on WhatsApp. Unlike most apps first available on Android, this app is only available on iOS devices and unfortunately, there is no Android version.

WRevealer is a Cydia tweak for iOS 8, 9+ devices that allows you to see your profile visitors. It works on both iPad and iPhone, but requires jailbreaking the device. If so, you can quickly check who visited your WhatsApp profile. This is a paid mod, but they offer a one-day trial that you can use to see if it really works. If you are not satisfied, you will cancel the subscription.

Processing takes some time and produces a report in the following format: phone number|date|time

How To Know If Someone Is Checking Your Facebook Profile

It also allows you to save the list for future reference. Now, I’m not sure why you want to do this, but if you do, this app will help you.

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The only downside to using this app is the price you have to pay after the first free day. There are three plans – monthly, semi-annual and annual, which cost $10, $51 and $84 respectively. If you share or tweet about it, you’ll get an extra day free. Many third-party apps claim to offer this feature. And many say it’s all a lie (I’m one of them).

Today I tried 4 of these apps to see if any of them worked. You can see my not-so-surprising findings below.

Unfortunately, you cannot see who viewed your WhatsApp profile. WhatsApp doesn’t have the ability to see who viewed your profile, but you can manage that

To change your WhatsApp privacy settings, go to Advanced Settings > Settings > Account > Privacy. Here you can change the viewing options of WhatsApp as per your wish.

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If you’re worried about someone stalking your profile, you can set these options to “Anyone” or “My Contacts”. Hopefully, there are no searchers in your contacts.

Note: If you set Last Visited to None, you won’t be able to see anyone’s last time!

If you came to this article looking for a way to check if your ex is checking your WhatsApp profile, unfortunately that is not an option.

How To Know If Someone Is Checking Your Facebook Profile

But still don’t give up! There is still a way to know if someone is stalking you on WhatsApp.

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I am sure you know that WhatsApp has a status feature similar to Instagram and Facebook page. WhatsApp has an entire tab dedicated to WhatsApp statuses.

If you are not familiar with it, you can see who has viewed your WhatsApp status. What is the best way to find out if someone is stalking you on WhatsApp (read more in the article).

Before I show you the apps that can help you see WhatsApp profile users, you need to understand this.

In my experience, these apps are completely fake. Some will give you random names from your contacts. The only way a third-party app can find out if someone has seen your WhatsApp is by hacking into the WhatsApp database, which can get you banned from the WhatsApp service, which is still not an easy task!

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Although we know that there is no real way to know who has viewed your WhatsApp profile, the apps mentioned below can use this as a trick.

With that out of the way, let’s talk about 3 Android apps that claim to help you see who has seen them

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