How To Know If You Have A Soul Mate

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How To Know If You Have A Soul Mate – For anyone who follows me on Facebook, they may have seen this week that I found an amazing quote about ‘Soul Place’ on Pinterest and reposted it to my Facebook page (because I love it so much!). It has been like this:

Pretty cool, huh? I have to admit, I hadn’t heard of ‘Soul Place’ when I found this, but thought and researched…and here we are! I don’t really consider myself a particularly spiritual person, but as I go through life, I think more and more that I probably am. I’m definitely not religious, not because I don’t believe (because I really do), but more because I haven’t found a religion that works for me. However, I believe myself more and more in the path of spiritual enlightenment and find the whole thing quite interesting. In fact, I seem to use the word ‘spirit’ more often these days, usually when I’m referring to something particularly passionate, and often in the context of creativity. I believe without a doubt that a beautiful piece of design connects with our souls, often on a level we can’t really put into words.

How To Know If You Have A Soul Mate

How To Know If You Have A Soul Mate

I guess looking back at my life so far, there have been many moments where I’ve felt really connected to my soul, I probably didn’t realize it at the time. When I was young, I was ostracized in school, which resulted in a very poor upbringing. Every night after school, I would lock myself in my room, put music on my Mp3 player and draw and paint. I draw my favorite places, favorite people, and my heart’s desire to be real, or real. It is pure escapism. I think this part of my life helped me really connect my soul with my creativity and maybe it was a necessary part of my creative growth.

Honey For The Soul — Abiding Faith Lutheran Church

I’ve always tried to make creative work based on emotions and feelings, because those things are very important to me, and I think that’s even more true in my jewelry work.

Jewelery is about emotions, feelings and personality. I think a beautiful piece of jewelry should really speak to your soul, and that’s why the concept of a ‘Soul Place’ really spoke to me. If I think about it, almost all my jewelery work is inspired by my ‘Soul Place’ (I definitely have more than one!) and my future collections which are still floating around my head, are all based on ‘Soul Maga’. place too! So this idea was a real moment of enlightenment for me!

A ‘soul place’ is a place or space to which you feel particularly drawn and which makes you feel ‘at home’. It is your soul’s true home in nature, a place where you feel a part of it, as it feels you. It’s a place that you think is completely peaceful, it could be a forest, an ocean, a ruined castle or even a city…but wherever you are, you’ll get an amazing feeling of being there when you’re there.

I’m guessing right now, you’re immediately wondering where your ‘soul place’ is, and I wish you were there right now…or you’re thinking “I don’t know where my ‘soul place’ is, how did I find it, I have it? “…and it’s okay, I think I can help:

What Does It Mean To Have A Beautiful Soul?

1) You feel motivated. This is a big deal for me, as it has happened many times in my ‘soul place’.

When you are in your ‘Soul Place’, you should be inspired to be creative. You may suddenly remember a song, or a poem, or lines from a book, and you may feel the need to be creative in order to express and process overwhelming emotions in this area.

2) It feels like a familiar place, even if you’ve never been there. There is nothing that strains your soul, you know everyone and everything feels completely like home. You are familiar with all the sights, sounds and textures and you are completely comfortable with it. You are home.

How To Know If You Have A Soul Mate

3) You feel complete peace. You don’t feel the need to talk, or even move around. It is a place where you will be completely satisfied. It saves you from all your worries and stress and the space allows you to feel refreshed and see your problems from a different perspective when you return. It’s a place where you know you can relax.

Soil Of My Soul

4) You feel overwhelmed with emotion. It may be because you don’t want to leave the place, or you just feel the same way where you are, but something about your ‘soul place’ evokes emotions in you. You feel connected to something, part of a bigger picture, but at the same time you realize how small your problems are in the grand scheme of things.

5) You feel weird about the place. Even if you’ve never been here, there’s a sense of nostalgia that tells you you have. You are very familiar with everything here, and when you leave you know with 100% certainty that you will return,

So…where is my ‘soul place’? Well, I have a few, but I’ll narrow it down to two for you.

The first, on the Cornish coast, at Treberwith Strand. It is the most beautiful beach full of sea creatures, rock pools and caves, I could explore there forever. If you ever go there, there is a lovely pub at the top of the cove overlooking the sea. This is fine. I love the sea, and most of my work is inspired by the sea, and how I feel when I’m there. You can check it here

June Book Pick: “journey Of Souls” By Michael Newton

The second is Rome. My husband proposed to me in Rome the second time we went there, but I felt a connection to the place the first time we went. Maybe that’s where he decided to propose. I love everything about that city, the sights, the noise, the food, the culture, the history…I feel completely relaxed and at ease there…even though I don’t speak a word of Italian!

P.S, if you want to see my ‘space of the soul’ inspired work, you can find it here

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How To Know If You Have A Soul Mate

Life has many ups and downs, like waves in the ocean. Sometimes it’s hard to see some big waves, but being by the ocean and seeing their enormity makes us realize how lucky we are to be here.

What Is A Soul Mate Relationship?

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Sometimes these people know what you are going to say before you say anything. Mateo and I called these experiences “the connection of stylish minds” as we often thought and said

Proverbs 24:14 Know Therefore That Wisdom Is Sweet To Your Soul. If You Find It, There Is A Future For You, And Your Hope Will Never Be Cut Off

These people we connect with on a deep heart level can be considered our “soul family” or “soul group”.

I’m going to share with you how to meet your own Soul Family members and what lessons they can help you learn.

The soul family consists of a group of people who emotionally reflect your soul on emotional, mental, physical and spiritual levels.

How To Know If You Have A Soul Mate

These people are members of the same “soul family” as you and they share an intense bond that transcends time and space.

Trust That Your Soul Has A Plan, And Even If You Can’t See It Completely, Know That Everything Will Unfold As It Is Meant To.

Intuitively, most people describe this connection as sharing the same “frequency” or “vibration” because of the deep similarity felt.

Such a deep and harmonious connection is more than a surface-based personality sharing the same tastes, hobbies and opinions: it is an intense magnetic and spiritual bond that cannot be explained by the mind.

Therefore, your soul family is often described as consisting of souls cut from the same “energetic cloth” as you.

Generally, a soul connection occurs when two people of the same vibrational frequency overlap energetically and share similar thoughts, feelings, values ​​and dreams.

How Do We Know If The Soul Exist ?

Even though you may come from different cultures, races or contrasting backgrounds, you will immediately feel one

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