How To Make A Giant Lava Lamp

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How To Make A Giant Lava Lamp – It’s amazingly easy to make a DIY lava lamp! This quick and easy science demonstration uses some common objects to study density and voltage.

Experimenting with water and oil is always fun, but by adding one extra ingredient, my little scientists were totally excited. For more fun experiments, check out our 30 science experiments (with a prep journal to record the results) in our store!

How To Make A Giant Lava Lamp

How To Make A Giant Lava Lamp

You can make your own lava lamp in two different ways: using salt or antacid tablets. We had all the ingredients on hand, so we tried both ways to see the differences.

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We started by making a lava lamp that uses salt. I had my kids fill a tall glass about 2/3 with water and 1/3 with vegetable oil, leaving a few inches at the top. Although we did some experiments with oil and water, my kids still loved pouring the oil in slowly and watching it separate from the water.

“Why don’t water and oil mix?” I asked my children as they watched the oil balls float on the water.

I explained that oil and water do not mix for two reasons: because they are of different densities and of different polarities.

A few drops of food coloring were then added to the oil. We watched the drops of food coloring slowly sink into the oil. They smiled in anticipation as each tiny drop reached the water and then spilled out in colorful ribbons.

How To Make A Real Lava Lamp

Note: The color you choose may make it difficult to see the oil. Colors such as orange and pale pink did not provide enough contrast with the oil to clearly see the bubbles. Whatever color you choose, make sure you only add a few drops of food coloring or the water will be too dark to see the oil bubbles.

Then it was time to add the magic ingredient: salt. I gave the kids a bowl of salt and gave them small spoonfuls of salt in the oil. They watched as the salt fell into the oil and settled at the bottom of the glass. When the salt fell, it dragged some of the oil to the bottom. As the salt dissolved, the oil returned to the surface.

When the bubbles stopped, the children simply added more salt to maintain the lava lamp effect. My kids went through the entire glass of salt and patiently watched the salt slowly dissolve.

How To Make A Giant Lava Lamp

When the water became too saturated with salt, we tried to make a lava lamp with an antacid tablet. This time, the children filled the jar 1/3 with water and 2/3 with oil, leaving a few centimeters at the top of the jar. They added a few drops of blue food coloring and then added an antacid tablet. Our DIY lava lamps were really coming together now!

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As the tablet dropped into the water, it began to crackle and produce tons of tiny gas bubbles. The balloons were immediately raised and the blue colored water was brought to the surface. When the bubbles reached the surface, the water fell back to the bottom.

We tried adding different sized pills to see what effect it had on the bubbles. Even small pieces of antacid formed huge bubbles that quickly rose and fell.

After about six pills, the oil became so cloudy with little blue water bubbles that we couldn’t really see the lava lamp effect anymore. So, even though my kids begged me to add another pill, I put a lid on the jar and let it sit with a tiny lava lamp until the water and oil separated again.

Oil is less dense and water is denser. This means that water has a greater mass (weight) than oil for the same volume. Because oil is less dense, it floats on water.

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Another reason oil and water don’t mix is ​​polarity. Polarity means that a molecule has a positive charge at one end and a negative charge at the other. Water is a polar molecule.

Only other polar molecules can dissolve in water because polar molecules dissolve only in polar solvents and non-polar molecules only in non-polar solvents. So non-polar oil will not dissolve and mix in polar water.

When salt is added to oil, it is heavier than oil and water and sinks to the bottom of both layers. When passing through the oil layer, the oil sticks to the crystals and is transferred to the bottom of the glass in the form of a varnish with the water layer. When the water dissolves the crystalline salt, the oil is released and, less dense than the water, floats back, creating a lava lamp effect.

How To Make A Giant Lava Lamp

In another lava lamp, a heavy antacid tablet sinks to the bottom, where it reacts with water to produce carbon dioxide gas. These gas bubbles rise up and take some colored water along for the ride. The gas escapes as it reaches the top and the colored water falls back.

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Antacids bubble because they contain citric acid and sodium bicarbonate (baking soda). Both reactions with water produce sodium citrate and bubbles of carbon dioxide gas.

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How To Make A Giant Lava Lamp

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How To Make A Giant Lava Lamp

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