How To Read Another Iphone's Text Messages

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How To Read Another Iphone's Text Messages – IOS users may notice that by default, iMessage displays a timestamp to the sender when the recipient reads their message. This feature can be useful sometimes, but can be a distraction for some people. If you’re looking for ways to turn off read notifications in the iMessage app, you’ve come to the right place.

Fortunately, doing this is a relatively simple task. In this article, we will discuss how to turn off read receipts for all contacts or individually on Mac, iPad and iPhone.

How To Read Another Iphone's Text Messages

How To Read Another Iphone's Text Messages

The newer macOS X Messages app has the iMessage protocol. Enabling and disabling read receipts is relatively simple and takes a few easy steps. You can turn these settings off for all or a few contacts, just like on the iPhone. We’ve used macOS Sierra in the screenshots below, but the instructions are similar for newer versions.

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Note: If you are using the iMessage app on more than one device (iPhone and Mac, ) you need to turn off read receipts on each device.

To turn off read receipts for everyone on your iPhone or iPad, you need to use the Settings app. Here are the detailed steps:

Note: Whether the box next to Send Read Receipts is checked depends on the overall Read Receipts configuration (check “Disable iMessage Read Receipts for Everyone” above).

When sending messages to people after turning off read receipts, they will see a Forwarded status to let you know that their message has reached you. If your data connection is turned off, they will see the sent status next to the message as usual. However, they will have no way of knowing whether you actually read the message or not.

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Note that there are potential disadvantages to enabling public read receipts while disabling individual chats. When you add a new contact to your mobile device, read receipts are enabled by default if the contact is an iPhone user.

To avoid this situation, it may be best to toggle the General Read Receipts button in the Settings app. This will prevent anyone, even new people, from receiving such notifications. Then you can re-enable the settings individually for the contacts you want.

Below are answers to some frequently asked questions about read receipts in the iMessage app.

How To Read Another Iphone's Text Messages

The default settings of the iMessage app send a read receipt to the sender for every message read by the recipient. If you turn off iMessage read receipts, the sender can no longer tell if you opened their message. Instead of showing read receipts, it will now say delivered next to these messages.

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There are no notifications or signs indicating that your contact has disabled this setting. Instead, you should understand how they respond to your messages. You just have to look through your chat history and find the last missed message you sent to your interlocutor. If you don’t see a read receipt at the bottom of the message and the two checkmarks at the bottom of the message are still greyed out, it’s likely that the person has disabled this setting.

Also, if the last message you sent was delivered and you receive a new message from that person without indicating that the previous message was read, this is another sign that you have disabled proof of reading.

There are several reasons why someone might turn off read receipts in iMessage or any other messaging platform for that matter:

There may be times when you read a message but don’t feel like you’re responding at the moment. The recipient will still see a Read status next to their message, which may cause them to think it was intentionally ignored. Hiding read receipts can help make it look like you haven’t read their messages.

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Sometimes when you read a message you have to think about it, analyze all the content and only then are you finally ready to respond. Many text messages are often not that important and may not require much thought. But by hiding the redaction, you can’t make it clear that you spent this much time giving the exact correct answer.

Wherever we go, we continue to obsess about timeliness. Maybe you don’t want to give yourself a break and keep track of how long it takes someone to reply to your messages. Read receipts can even be a cause for concern for some people, especially when they see that their message has been read but not immediately replied to. Disabling these notifications can make your (and the sender’s) life a little less stressful.

Disabling read receipts takes the pressure off of replying directly to messages and you get some of your privacy back. On the other hand, if you prefer these settings to be on most of the time, you can always disable them temporarily or just for individual contacts.

How To Read Another Iphone's Text Messages

Whether you’re an iPhone, Mac or iPad user, you now have full control over your read receipt settings in the messaging app. Don’t forget to apply them to every device you use iMessage on.

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Would you rather turn off iMessage read receipts for everyone or just individual contacts? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

Disclaimer: Some pages on this site may contain an affiliate link. This does not affect our article in any way. Refreshes to key parts of the interface, screen, and cameras mark a shift for Apple. Photo: Samuel Gibbs/The Guardian

Apple’s latest flagship smartphone model, the iPhone 14 Pro, has upgraded cameras, a new always-on display, and some cool animations around the new, smaller, floating notch design. It also has a significant price increase due to exchange rate changes.

Weak exchange rates against the dollar mean the new phone is £150 (A$400) more expensive than the previous model and comes in at £1,099 ($1,749) despite costing the same $999 in the US.

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The 14 Pro has the same 6.1-inch OLED display as its predecessors and a premium stainless steel and glass design, but the large notch at the top of the screen where the cameras for Face ID has been replaced with a 31% smaller pill-shaped design. Apple calls it a “dynamic island”.

The pill is animated, expanding and contracting to accommodate system alerts and ongoing notifications like charge status, album art, and a small waveform or countdown timer while music is playing. Tapping and holding the notch lets you see more of the notification, like music playback controls, and just one tap opens the app.

Up to two things can be viewed at the same time, so if you’re playing Spotify and a timer is running, both will appear at the top. Photo: Samuel Gibbs/The Guardian

How To Read Another Iphone's Text Messages

Except for one minor annoyance, it’s surprisingly useful for at-a-glance information. When the notch widens, the 3/4/5G indicator is hidden, making it hard to tell you’re in a data black hole.

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The pill serves as a focal point for other animations, such as the Face ID logo that appears when verifying purchases. Being the broad theme of iOS 16 software running on 14 Pro and all other iPhones as old as iPhone 8, the whole experience feels fun and lively.

Another important improvement is that the screen stays on all the time, even in standby mode. Android devices have always had screens for years, but Apple’s approach is a little different. It shows a faded version of the lock screen, including full color notifications and widgets, instead of a simple clock or similar.

It can be difficult to tell when the phone is on or off, as the always-on display – as pictured – stays full color and can achieve brightness levels similar to laptops. It shuts off when in a pocket or purse and at night, or it can be closed completely to conserve the battery. Photo: Samuel Gibbs/The Guardian

The 6.1 inch screen is the best on the market. Rich, clear, smooth and incredibly bright with a peak brightness of 2,000 nits (the standard measure of screen brightness), it outstripped the previous record holder, the Samsung S22 Ultra. The brighter the screen, the easier it will be to see in direct sunlight, and you will certainly have no problem viewing this screen in any conditions.

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The phone fully charges in approximately 94 minutes and reaches 80% in 49 minutes using a 20W or greater USB-C power adapter (not included). It also supports 15W wireless charging. Photo: Samuel Gibbs/The Guardian

The 14 Pro features Apple’s latest A16 Bionic chip, making it the fastest iPhone available at around 10% over previous A15 chips. It can easily handle anything you want to do with a smartphone and will continue to be fast for years to come.

Battery life is solid, but more variable than other iPhones. Leaving the 14 Pro on the desk for most of the day, the battery lasts for approximately 39 hours with 5.5 hours of active use. Keep the phone in a pocket that covers the screen and it takes about 45 hours in between.

How To Read Another Iphone's Text Messages

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