How To Remove Old Wallpaper That Has Been Painted Over

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How To Remove Old Wallpaper That Has Been Painted Over – Home improvement projects are a pain, but the results are always worth the effort, especially on older homes. Removing wallpaper is always an issue during renovations and often takes longer than expected. To make the job easier, we’ll show you how to remove old wallpaper from plaster walls.

There’s nothing like moving into an old house and realizing it’s more work than you first thought. This is usually the case if previous owners had terrible taste.

How To Remove Old Wallpaper That Has Been Painted Over

How To Remove Old Wallpaper That Has Been Painted Over

Changing the color of a wall to match your style with a coat of paint is one thing, but what about that old wallpaper? Years ago, wallpaper was very functional, more aesthetic, and was often used to cover plaster walls.

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As both paper and wallpaper age, it becomes harder to distinguish the two. The wallpaper refuses to come off in neat strips, and the old plaster and lath are falling apart as you work.

If it is very difficult to remove the nicotine from the wallpaper or if you have many areas that are peeling, removing it may be the best course of action. Also, you don’t want to deal with soot cleaning the walls.

While it may seem like old wallpaper is the only thing holding the walls together, there are ways to carefully remove the paper to make the job tidier and almost headless.

Simply walking into the room and tearing the paper off the wall is the worst way to remove old wallpaper.

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There are several steps to take before removing the wallpaper from plaster, and preparing ahead of time will make the whole job faster, more efficient and less messy.

The first step to take when you need to remove drywall wallpaper is to determine what type of wallpaper you have on your walls. Try peeling off the edge of the paper and if it peels off easily, it can be removed dry. But if it’s a tear, it’s probably porous or non-porous.

The second step is to check if the wallpaper has more than one layer. Learn how to remove the wallpaper border above another wallpaper layer.

How To Remove Old Wallpaper That Has Been Painted Over

Remove a small section to see what’s behind it. Do you see plaster walls or more paper? The more layers there are, the more difficult the task.

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Once you understand your wallpaper situation, it’s time to find the right materials. When everything is ready, the work goes much faster.

Before you start removing the wallpaper, gather items such as scraper, putty knife, utility knife, bucket, spray bottle, steamer, cleaning solution, and fabric drops.

Clean the edge of the room you want to work in and tape a drop cloth or newspaper to the floor and use painter’s tape to secure it to the baseboards. Cover the outlet with tape to prevent drips until you’re done.

Removing old wallpaper requires scratching and puncturing the paper, as this allows moisture to reach the adhesive, allowing you to remove the paper in strips for a cleaner process.

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Use the punch tool or scoring tool to punch through the porous wallpaper in sections. If you decide to score the paper, be careful not to be too aggressive so as not to damage the plaster underneath.

A simple tool for removing wallpaper glue from plaster walls is hot water. If you have porous or non-porous paper that is dry, non-peelable wallpaper, use a bucket of hot water to loosen the adhesive on the wall.

Mix a solution of five ounces of wallpaper remover per gallon of water or equal parts of liquid fabric softener and water and pour it into a bucket and spray bottle.

How To Remove Old Wallpaper That Has Been Painted Over

Work four-by-ten sections at a time and dampen the paper by spraying or sponge-dampening.

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Use a paint roller or sprayer to reach high areas of the wall. Let the area sit for ten minutes to loosen the adhesive and peel off the paper. Repeat with each section until the paper runs out.

If you find mold under the wallpaper after stripping, it is important to get rid of the mold from the plaster basement walls before painting or adding new wallpaper or you will continue to have the same problem.

Consider using a steamer to loosen the adhesion of the wallpaper to make it easier to remove the old wallpaper. These machines are relatively easy to rent and operate from many home improvement stores.

To remove wallpaper from plaster, pour water into the steam chamber following the manufacturer’s instructions and let it heat for half an hour. Wear rubber gloves to protect your hands from hot water droplets.

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Work in small areas and hold the steamer over the surface of the wallpaper to allow the steam to penetrate and soften the adhesive. Divide the paper into sections as you move along the wall.

After loosening the glue with hot water or steam and scratching the paper, it’s time to start stripping the wallpaper. This is the most complicated part of the job, so make sure you have a drop cloth in place and a trash can nearby.

Start at the corner of the wallpaper and slide a putty knife or scraper under the sheet of paper. As you slide the blade between the wall and the edge of the paper, hold it at an angle and try not to gouge the drywall or plasterboard.

How To Remove Old Wallpaper That Has Been Painted Over

If you hit a stubborn area, spray more solution to loosen the adhesive. Throw the wallpaper away from the wall as you slide the blade.

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After removing the wallpaper glue from the plaster walls, it’s time to do some cleaning before laying the new wallpaper. Use a simple cleaner or do-it-yourself wall cleaning solution to remove dirt and grime from walls.

Pour hot water into a bucket and wet a large sponge. Start at the top corner of the wall and use a sponge to remove the old glue and scraps of paper.

If there are still sticky pieces, use a stripper to remove the wallpaper glue. Climb the wall and repeat in the next section until the wall is clear. Allow the plaster to dry for a day or two before repairing or painting.

After removing the wallpaper from the plaster, there are often areas of damaged plaster. It is important to repair cracked or chipped patches before moving on to further masonry treatments.

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Use joint compound to repair damage from scoring tools or patch gutters. If the damaged area is large, trowel over the entire area with a non-oily coat of compound trowel.

Allow the wall to dry completely and use sandpaper to sand the walls until they are smooth. Use a damp cloth to remove all sandpaper dust and prime the wall with acrylic primer before applying the new wallpaper.

The new wallpapers are fun and exciting, and the options are almost endless when it comes to color and style.

How To Remove Old Wallpaper That Has Been Painted Over

However, removing old wallpaper leaves a lot to be desired, especially if it’s plastering. Fortunately, with the proper tools and a little patience, the job is nearly painless.

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Now that you know how to remove old wallpaper from plaster walls to make your DIY project more manageable, why not share our wallpaper removal tips and techniques with your family and friends on Facebook and Pinterest?

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Before you start the wallpaper removal process, you should cover your floors because you will be spraying water on the walls. Place the plastic tarp down and secure with painter’s tape. You probably have at least one electrical outlet on your wall; So leave the outlet cover open and secure the entire area with painter’s tape. After removing most of the wallpaper you should go back to the outlet and remove the last bits under the outlet cover.

There are many types of wallpaper, from vinyl to bamboo. For most, there will be an outer layer and an adhesive inner layer. Begin your wallpaper removal journey with a large, hard putty knife or scraper. Just find an edge on your wallpaper and use a scraper to peel it off. If you can, peel off the wallpaper or start scraping it off the wall. If your wallpaper comes in sheets, you are one of the lucky ones.

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In order to reactivate the adhesive and allow the paper to fall off the wall, most wallpaper removal projects will require you to apply a hot water solution to the paper to loosen the adhesive backing. Some types of wallpaper are more soluble than others; Vinyl paper, eg.

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