How To Tell If Shoes Are Fake

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How To Tell If Shoes Are Fake

How To Tell If Shoes Are Fake

Sean: My name is Sean Conway. I’m the sneaker and streetwear expert for TheRealReal. I started collecting sneakers when I was about 15 because I love skateboarding and basketball. Here at the company, I verify and value all high quality items that come through our luxury inventory office. We get knockoffs every day. Often the customers or the shippers don’t know exactly what they have because they are buying from third party sellers or from websites that don’t verify their goods.

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Caroline: We’re here with all the sneakers. We have real and fake and I’ll try to separate them. He said the first step is the box.

Sean: Yeah, well, when I first get a pair of sneakers, the first thing I do is look at the box and see if the box is damaged or if it’s still intact, and some marks you can see on the sticker and Things. Things. The only difference in these two boxes is if we turn them over you will see the WP stamp in this case which should not be in this coupon. I mean, that surprises me.

Caroline: So these are the Yeezys. This one is definitely worn. There are some signs of wear on the inside which leads me to believe it is genuine. The fabric feels soft, nice. I think this is a real pair and this is a fake pair.

Sen: Yes, yes, you are right. The most fake shoe is the Yeezy Adidas. It’s not that heavy because it’s just a compound, like a Boost sole. They’ve replicated Boost technology pretty well, so there are some pretty good knockoffs out there. We use weight testing, we use dark light testing, so there are many different ways to tell if it’s fake. If you are looking for a fake, you should look for glue spots around the midsole. When you look at a fake pair, you’re going to see all these different spots that shouldn’t be there. Inside the shoe where the size tag is, you will see some numbers, and the last number at the bottom of the tag on the right and left shoe, the last four digits of these numbers should be different. And if you’re looking at the wrong pair, tell me what you see there.

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Sean: And this is 0749, so they’re the same, so you don’t want to see that.

Caroline: I think that’s harder to tell apart than Yeezy’s. This one has more of a clear tip. Ooh, that relief, that heel. I do not know. Okay, I’ll say I thought this was real, but now I think this is real. And my final answer will be this.

Caroline: Oh, well, I should have followed my instincts. ok wait why Because this one has a pillow.

How To Tell If Shoes Are Fake

Sean: Honestly, the first thing I would look at is the overall construction and the quality of the materials. This is a suede upper. It should rather be a smooth nubuck leather.

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Sean: And you can also see the difference in the two colors, like the red is a bit darker on this pair. If you look at the back of these two shoes, check out the finish on the heel tab. Caroline: This is where you got sloppy. Sean: Right, it wouldn’t pass quality control to Nike’s standards. Caroline: Wow. Sean: If you look at the two insoles side-by-side, you’ll see that a lot of the font and material on this pair is much different and larger than the man-made pair, and technically that’s a large size. , so technically this should be a larger font, and if you’re looking at that, the size tag should be on the bottom of the insole.

Sean: So that’s always going to be there, and you see, that’s a bit of a focus. Just like the total weight is correct, because it is very heavy and stiff, it is very small. The real pair should say “World Champion Athletes” and the fake pair will show you missed that. It just says “champion athletes,” and they’re in short supply “around the world.”

Sen: Oh sure. I mean it’s reminiscent of the Converse Chuck Taylor which is like a classic style that will remain timeless through our generation but obviously Gucci and other companies are trying to make the same style.

Caroline: When I hear that, it has soft skin. I have a feeling it will be comfortable on foot. It looks like it probably won’t move with your foot, but this one is a little stiff. Yes, and I don’t think it will be comfortable, and I feel like this label is a little polished. Maybe it should be Gucci but I think it would be an unpolished brand. So I’ll go with these ones are real and these ones are fake.

How To Spot Fake Gucci Ace Embroidered Sneakers

Sen: Yes, yes, you have that right. Of course, as I said, what I have to do when I take these is to look at the materials. You’ll see that this just feels a little wrong. If you get up close, you’ll see this little wire sewn all the way around the edge of the patch.

Sean: And you never see that in real couples. Apparently the rubber they used to make this midsole was just low quality rubber, so over time it started to oxidize and the color started to change, again showing low quality. If you look within you will see the inconsistency.

Sean: You’ll see the GG monogram on the inside of this shoe, and you won’t see anything on a fake shoe, and the stitching is dirty too. Caroline: Oh, it’s dirty. It’s like glue.

How To Tell If Shoes Are Fake

Sean: They re-glue it, so they usually don’t glue it. Gucci does not glue their insoles. So if you have glue stains or if it’s like a surplus, the red flag is high too, yes.

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Sean: I would say that the high-end models, like Christian Louboutin, even Louis Vuitton, Gucci, are the most difficult to pull off because of their material quality and craftsmanship. You will find that the fakes are simply inferior in quality.

Caroline: So your name is going through something right now, Gucci is going through a controversy. Does that make the shoe fall?

Sean: Yes, of course. You will see that the senders start delivering things when the designer faces some controversy. We saw it at Dolce & Gabbana when Stefano Gabbana did crazy things on Instagram. And with Gucci, you’ll see that again because of their recent controversy, yes. The price tends to go down a bit, but honestly not really because there are customers all over the world who buy the product all the time.

Sean: These shoes originally came out for $160. Now they can range from $1,000 to $1,600 depending on their condition.” Caroline: Wow, so this is the best collection you can have. Sean: Yeah, they’re great, yeah. They were designed by Virgil Abloh, Louis Vuitton’s creative designer.

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Caroline: This one is pretty tight and this one is just more flexible. Nike usually makes very good soles, so I wear Nikes. So you have good flexibility. I feel like this is the real hallmark of this shoe. This one just feels a little like gargling.

Caroline: As you can imagine, I do. I think that’s true and that’s false.

Sen: Yes, again. So on this pair you can see that ‘SPEED’ is very high and gummed and this time it’s a clear finish and it’s printed on it. On the bottom of the shoes you will see two small rubber heads. Right here, at the bottom of the A and R, and “AIR” on the outsole, and if you’re looking at the wrong pair, you won’t see the two heads. You will see one, but they didn’t find it

How To Tell If Shoes Are Fake

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