How To Tell Someone Has A Concussion

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How To Tell Someone Has A Concussion – Post-concussion syndrome (PCS) is a condition in which the symptoms of a head injury or concussion persist long after the initial injury.

PCS can last for months or years, but symptoms improve over time, and in most cases, people make a full recovery.

How To Tell Someone Has A Concussion

How To Tell Someone Has A Concussion

In this article, we look at the symptoms of PCS and how long they last. We also cover causes and risk factors, diagnosis, treatment options and possible complications.

Concussion: Causes, Symptoms And Treatment For A Minor Head Injury

Long-term effects of a concussion are uncommon. After exposure, most people recover from initial symptoms within two weeks to a month. However, about 20% of people will experience PCS and have symptoms that last longer than 6 weeks.

According to some sources, concussion symptoms that affect three or more “domains”—which include emotional changes and cognitive impairment—for more than a month or two are indicative of PCS.

PCS can last for months or even years, but symptoms do not worsen. PCS gets better over time, and in most cases people recover from it.

Many of these symptoms are related to other medical conditions, such as post-traumatic stress disorder and chronic pain.

Concussion Facts Infographic: 5 Myths Explained

White matter is the tissue in the brain that contains nerve fibers. Damage to this tissue can affect the pathways between the brain and the rest of the body, which can cause the symptoms that people with PCS experience.

Certain groups are at higher risk for PCS than others, including women, the elderly, and people with a history of:

Athletes and people serving in the military may also be at risk for PCS because they have a higher risk of traumatic brain injury or trauma.

How To Tell Someone Has A Concussion

And Stroke (NINDS), between 1.6 million and 3.8 million sports-related concussions occur in the United States each year. Athletes are also prone to repetitive motions.

What Are Signs Of A Concussion?

NINDS also notes that 20% of deployed military personnel suffered head injuries in the Iraq and Afghanistan wars. Among these people, 83% had a brain injury or mild, uncomplicated traumatic injury.

Multiple concussions can increase the risk of long-term concussion symptoms. It is important that people rest until they are fully recovered after a head injury so that the brain has time to heal properly.

A doctor or team of health care professionals will diagnose PCS by evaluating a person’s symptoms. Diagnosing PCS can be difficult because many symptoms mimic those of other health conditions.

There are established criteria for PCS that require relevant symptoms in three or more categories to be present for a period of one month or more.

How Do You Know If You Have A Concussion?

A doctor may also perform neurological tests to check for balance problems or cognitive changes. They may use a CT scan or MRI scan to check images of the brain and rule out any other possible underlying causes.

Treatment for PCS focuses on providing symptom relief to help the person manage the condition. Rest is one of the most important parts of PCS treatment because it allows the brain to recover and recover from the injury.

Whenever possible, doctors often avoid using drugs to treat PCS symptoms because head injuries can make the brain more sensitive to drug use and possible side effects.

How To Tell Someone Has A Concussion

Doctors may advise people to wait several weeks before starting active treatment, such as an exercise program or other treatment. In addition, short-term knee pain can significantly worsen symptoms and delay recovery.

Concussion: Signs, Symptoms, And Complications

People can try a variety of different treatments that may help them recover from PCS. For all of these treatments, a person will work with a medical professional who will monitor their progress and can adjust the treatment plan as needed.

Vision therapy uses a variety of exercises to help people who have vision problems due to PCS. Exercises can help prevent damage to the visual system or help the brain adapt to changes in communication.

Neuro-optometric rehabilitation also works to treat vision problems that people experience. The treatment plan will incorporate the use of lenses, prisms and filters to stimulate the parts of the brain that are not working normally.

Balance, or vestibular, therapy can help people if they suffer from frequent headaches as a symptom of PCS. Exercises to promote balance and stability can help reduce these uncomfortable symptoms.

Is It Safe To Sleep If You Have A Concussion?

If PCS causes physical pain in the body, physical therapy can help relieve symptoms. This treatment may include massage, gentle exercise, and heat therapy to help the body relax and recover.

Exercise therapy uses gentle aerobic activity to help the body recover. People may use pool or gym equipment, such as a treadmill, which has the lowest risk of head injury.

A medical professional will monitor the patient carefully during this treatment to make sure he is not exercising, which may slow recovery.

How To Tell Someone Has A Concussion

Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) may help people with mood-related PCS symptoms, such as depression, anxiety, or mood swings.

Concussion Test: Assessment Types & How To Interpret Results

CBT helps people become aware of negative thinking patterns and behaviors and provides them with practical tools to overcome these problems.

. If a person has an existing health condition, such as depression or migraines, concussion and PCS can make it worse.

If post-concussion syndrome makes people feel unstable, they may be at greater risk of re-injury. Too much stress can damage the brain, which can cause depression and changes in behavior or personality.

To prevent further head injuries, people should avoid any activity or physical activity that could cause a second stroke and complications. People who play sports should wait until they recover from symptoms before resuming.

What To Do For A Concussion Immediately After Injury

PCS can take a while to go away, but it gets better with time. People may need to change their daily activities or schedules to allow for more rest time.

People can work with a team of health professionals to help manage their symptoms and monitor their progress. The treatment plan will be different for each person, so people may try different methods to see what works best for them.

Medical news today has strict source guidelines and only comes from peer-reviewed studies, academic research institutions, and medical journals and associations. We avoid using third party referrals. We link to primary sources – including studies, scientific references and statistics – in every article and also list them in the sources section at the end of our articles. You can learn more about how we ensure our content is accurate and up-to-date by reading our editorial policy. Concours tests assess your brain function after a head injury. Most concussion tests consist of questionnaires or symptom checklists. Concussion tests test things like alertness, memory, concentration, how fast you think and your ability to solve problems. They also test your balance and coordination. Concussion tests are one of the tools used to diagnose a concussion.

How To Tell Someone Has A Concussion

Health care providers, athletic trainers, and coaches use concussion tests to evaluate brain function before and after a head injury.

Signs That Bump On Your Head Could Be Serious

A concussion is a mild traumatic brain injury resulting from a hit, blow, or blow to the head. The injury disrupts normal brain function. You can also get a concussion after a strong blow to the body causes you to tilt your head forward, back, or to the side.

A common misconception is that a seizure only happens when you lose consciousness. In fact, most people who have a concussion never lose consciousness. It is also possible that you, your child or a loved one may be in pain and not even know it. That’s why it’s important to get checked even if you think a bump on your head is not serious.

Anyone who experiences a blow to the head or a wave-like movement of the head should be checked for a concussion. A concussion test tests your cognition—your brain’s ability to think and process information—after a head injury.

A concussion test is a useful tool to help your healthcare provider diagnose a concussion. Early diagnosis allows early planning and concussion management. A repeat concussion test is also useful to assess how well your brain is recovering after a head injury.

Concussion Symptoms To Watch Out For

There are many concussion tests available. They range from the very simple (usually performed by non-healthcare professionals) to the very detailed (performed by health care professionals). These tests all use a combination of oral, written, or computerized methods to measure various brain functions.

There are several “named” concussion tests. Most concussion tests are a series of questionnaires or symptom lists. Everyone has their own scoring system.

Some concussion tests are administered by athletes, coaches or sports medicine doctors. Other tests are self-report tests that you can complete yourself. However, others are one of the tools used by healthcare providers, such as neurologists.

How To Tell Someone Has A Concussion

Warning: Concussion assessment tools are not a substitute for medical evaluation. No youth athlete (under the age of 18) who has sustained a concussion or suspected concussion should return to sport that day. They should be removed immediately until the doctor feels it is safe for them to resume sports. In all 50 states, it is against state law for an athlete to return

What To Do If You Think You Have A Concussion

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