How Was The Book Of Mormon Written

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How Was The Book Of Mormon Written – Skeptics have advanced many theories that do not require belief in the Book of Mormon’s angel-given and miraculously transfigured golden plates. These range from Spawling’s formal ideas to inspiration from obscure German fairy tales

, collaborated with Oliver Cowdery or Sidney Rigdon. But the simplest and most popular theory is that Joseph himself was the first author.

How Was The Book Of Mormon Written

How Was The Book Of Mormon Written

Against this interpretation, believers often argue that Joseph Smith could not have invented such a story—and therefore the Book of Mormon must have come from God. As Joseph’s first wife, Emma Hale, told her son in an interview with the RLDS Church Journal,

Plagiarism In Book Of Mormon?

Stop ordering books like the Book of Mormon that Joseph Smith couldn’t write or dictate a consistent and well-written letter.


Unfortunately, although Emma was an eyewitness to many details and was Joseph’s scribe, such words must not be taken at face value. Historians look at factors such as:

These points do not disprove Emma’s veracity, but they cast doubt on her credibility as a witness and suggest that we should look to other evidence to support what she said.

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Emma benefited from Joseph’s several years of formal education. Joseph himself wrote that he was “deprived of the benefits of learning.” Suffice it to say that I was only given reading and writing instruction and the basic rules of mathematics. “.

In the 21st century, it is theology that one learns in school and theology that one learns in school. But in the 19th century, non-formal teaching methods and the way we think of schools today became more common.

Joseph had many opportunities to teach in this way. Joseph’s father worked as a teacher for a while. Emma and Emma. Joseph’s distant cousin Oliver Cowdery was also Joseph’s scribe for most of the Book of Mormon.

How Was The Book Of Mormon Written

Even if we consider Joseph’s formal schooling to be his only educational experience, lack of education is not an unreasonable obstacle for a talented writer. Mark Twain dropped out of school at the age of twelve. Abraham Lincoln’s formal education may have been twelve months. These two contemporaries of Joseph Smith wrote difficult and divisive books like the Book of Mormon.

Mormons) The Book Of Mormon An Account Written By The Hand

Even if we forbid the comparison of religion, the scriptures written or revealed in spite of bad education:

(Interestingly, in addition to bringing the original books, these people have one thing in common with Joseph: they all express that it was God’s will for his prophet to be polygamous).

The fact that Joseph had no formal education tells us little about his ability to write something like the Book of Mormon. His writings tell us a lot.

Joseph’s first letters survive the contradiction of Emma’s statement that “Joseph Smith could not write or dictate a coherent and well-written letter.” An example of this comes from Oliver Cowdery, who was about to publish The Book of Mormon in October 1829:

Guess Who’s In The Book Of Mormon Written By Molly Mcnamara Carter And Illustrated By Katie Payne

Sir, I inform you that I am home on the morning of the 4th. After launching the newspaper, you’ll find that everyone is friendly with except for a few people who seem to be against bad things unless there’s something wrong with them. Be theirs, two of our biggest followers are currently following. If they are worse than all the business of the Golden Book, it is mentioned in the trial of the Church for sins. We are not satisfied with the sufferings of our enemies, but we rejoice to see the truth triumph, and there will be a great demand for our books in this country, and the public will be greatly pleased to find that correct copies are found, and that there are actually books to be printed…

At first glance, this may seem difficult, but it was actually common in 19th-century correspondence: typefaces were created (and governed by regional phrases), symbols were chosen, and drawings were rare. This will read better when updated:

Dear Sir, I want to inform you that I arrived home on Sunday morning the 4th after a pleasant journey and found all well. All but a few are friendly to us—they are hostile to everything unless there is something like themselves. Our two greatest victims are now condemned, and mentioned in a church trial, if not worse than the whole business of the Golden Book. We do not rejoice in the suffering of our enemies, but we rejoice in the triumph of truth. There is a great demand for our books in this country. People’s minds are very happy when they know that they have rights and actually have books to publish.

How Was The Book Of Mormon Written

It is important to note that the same type of cleansing used here is also done in the Book of Mormon itself. Most of the Book of Mormon manuscripts were irreparably damaged by water after they were placed on the foundation stone of the Nauvoo Temple, but about 30% survived. The beginning of 1 Nephi 3 by Oliver Cowdery:

A Written Record Critical To Book Of Mormon Geography?

Nephi returned and talked with the Lord in my father’s tent, and he said to me, “Behold, I have seen a dream in which the Lord commanded me and you. The brothers will return to Jerusalem, because there are some Jews of Laban, who are the descendants of our ancestors and they are written on the bronze tablets, therefore the Lord commanded me that you and your brothers go to the house of Laban and seek the Lord. . Count & bring them down in the desert & see now your brethren complain that it was a good thing they asked of me, but now I did not ask of them, but it is the commandment of the Lord, so go. My son and you will find favor with the Lord because you did not complain and he is a nephi. He said to my father, “I will go and do what the Lord commands, knowing that the Lord has not commanded the Lord.” He made a way for the children of Israel to do what he commanded them

Compare the finished article here. Printer E.B. Grainne took a manuscript like Joseph’s Epistle and turned it into a readable book with a few tweaks.

David Whitmer, one of the three witnesses of the Book of Mormon, accused Joseph Smith of changing God’s word. The transformation Whitmer describes here is not what we would say today

; Comment without changing the description. Instead, Whitmer accused Joseph of changing the meaning of the early revelations so that Joseph would have more personal power.

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Joseph did not need formal training in writing and composition for the story-telling culture he grew up in, and he was able to produce the Book of Mormon. In fact, a closer reading reveals that the Book of Mormon is more amenable to this kind of oral fiction than to the years of careful dissemination by Mormon prophet-writers.

In many places the writer seems to have forgotten what he wrote a few lines earlier and is forced to speak instead. If Joseph composed the book according to his instructions, this would be explained by the prescribed rest or delay at night. Whether or not it was actually invented by the Mormons is difficult to calculate. (Thanks to Dan Weiss for pointing out these examples.)

Apple 1 refers to an antichrist named Nechor who teaches false doctrine, kills a war hero named Gideon, and refuses to believe before being killed for murder. In the next chapter, the writer seems to forget Nehor’s name for a while and introduces a new character, Amlici, who “ordered him to kill Gideon with the sword.”

How Was The Book Of Mormon Written

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