I Forgot My Apple Id Activation Lock

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I Forgot My Apple Id Activation Lock – If you buy a second-hand iPhone and have iCloud Activation Lock, and the seller doesn’t, you can still get rid of the iPhone. Here’s how to remove iCloud activation lock without password.

Sometimes, when you get a used or refurbished iPhone, you may run into a problem that enables iCloud Activation Lock on the device. Designed for security, Activation Lock is part of Find My, helping device owners lock down their iPhone or iPad and prevent others from accessing it, or re-using the device once found.

I Forgot My Apple Id Activation Lock

I Forgot My Apple Id Activation Lock

However, there are situations where the iPhone is in the hands of its legal owner but is still blocked and needs to be removed from the iCloud activation lock.

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For example, the owner may have left it on and completely forgotten their Apple ID or passcode, and all attempts to recover their account have failed.

A more likely scenario is that the iPhone or iPad was sold, and the lock was activated, but the original owner could not be contacted to remove the iCloud activation lock. It is often recommended for hardware vendors to completely clean the hardware and separate their accounts, but sometimes this does not happen.

To solve the situation, you can use a tool like PassFab Activation Unlocker to bypass iCloud Activation Lock.

PassFab Activation Unlocker is a tool used to bypass iPhone activation lock. When used, it can allow the user to customize the iPhone by working around the lock.

Remove Icloud Activation Lock] How To Remove Icloud Activation Lock Without Password On Iphone

It can also perform an iPad activation lock removal, as only this system can protect iPads using iPadOS.

Activation Lock is not the only way to use iPhone bypass software, as it can be used for other activation error problems. For example, activating an iPhone with a very old iOS version or if the device is locked to another carrier.

In such cases, there are other things you can do, such as contacting the carrier, checking the SIM card correctly, or simply resetting the device. But, if all these fail to solve the problem, you need a tool like this.

I Forgot My Apple Id Activation Lock

Since PassFab Activation Unlocker is available for Windows and Mac, there are detailed procedures for both operating systems. Instructions for using the iCloud Activation Lock tool are available through the PassFab website.

Unlock Apple Id Without Passcode] How To Unlock Apple Id Without Passcode On Iphone And Ipad

First, download and install PassFab Activation Unlocker. Once installed, open it and select Remove iCloud Activation Lock, then restart.

Accept the end user license agreement by checking the check box that confirms that you have read the agreement, and click next.

Connect your iPhone to your Mac. PassFab Activation Unlocker will detect the connected device and download the jailbreak tool for the process.

Once downloaded, you’ll be prompted to follow the on-screen instructions, keep your iPhone or iPad connected to your Mac via USB cable throughout, and make sure it’s fully charged before starting. To start the process, click Start Jailbreak.

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The jailbreak process is more involved in Windows, as it requires creating a USB flash drive that you can then plug in and perform the jailbreak.

By connecting the iPhone, PassFab Activation Unlocker will detect it and download the jailbreak tool. Then it will ask to insert the USB flash drive, which will erase the device and make it a bootable drive.

Select the USB drive and click Start. Click Confirm, and erase the USB drive.

I Forgot My Apple Id Activation Lock

Once it’s installed on the USB drive, you’ll be prompted to reboot and enter the computer’s BIOS. You also have to set up the USB drive as a bootable device, and you are also given a command line to choose from in the jailbreak tool after successfully booting the computer from the USB drive.

Solved] How To Bypass Activation Lock On Ipad/ipad Mini 2023

After completing the jailbreak, you must set the computer to boot from the original system disk and then boot from the original application to continue.

After the jailbreak is complete, you will be prompted to verify the information related to the iPhone or iPad device. To continue, click Start for the iPhone Activation Lock removal process to begin.

The last confirmation will suggest the steps to remove the iCloud account from the iPhone activation is complete. Click Done to finish.

Now, you can start setting up your iPhone or iPad, using your Apple ID to sign in to the device.

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If you can access the Apple ID that causes Activation Lock, you can disable the lock using iCloud.

If you know your Apple ID, but not your password, there are a few options for saving your account. If it’s the only Apple device you own, the easiest way to do this is to borrow someone else’s Apple device, and use the Apple Support app.

In the Apple Support app, select Passwords and Security under the topic. Select Reset Apple ID password, tap Start, and select “Different Apple ID.”

I Forgot My Apple Id Activation Lock

Enter the Apple ID you want to reset the password for, then follow the on-screen steps to change the password.

Bypass Icloud Activation Lock For Free: Ultimate Guide[2021]

You can also reset your password using the Apple ID account page at appleid.apple.com in your browser.

Click “Forgot Apple ID or password?” Under the login screen to get started. Then, enter your Apple ID and click Continue.

If you have a security question or phone number associated with your account, this information will be requested for security verification.

You may also be given the option to receive an email to your primary or saved email address, for the password reset process.

Icloud Forgot Password

If you have two-factor authentication, you will be asked for a recovery key for your Apple ID, which you must enter. If you have completely lost your recovery key, you will not be able to recover your password.

PassFab Activation Unlocker is an easy tool to remove iCloud account from iPhone activation in these special situations. If you are tired of all other troubleshooting methods, this is an easy tool to unlock iCloud activation lock on your device.

Users are always advised to keep a backup of the data stored on their Apple device, especially in cases where the device needs to be erased like this. While this is not a big deal when it comes to getting refurbished iPhones, it is still a best practice in such situations.

I Forgot My Apple Id Activation Lock

PassFab Activation Unlocker on Windows costs $29.95 for a one-month license, $39.95 for a year, and $49.95 for a lifetime license, which affects one computer and one device. 5. On macOS, a one-month license is $39.95, a one-year license is $59.95, and a lifetime license is $69.95.

Old Apple Id Stuck On Activation Screen

A 30% discount is available for PassFab Activation Unlocker customers, using coupon code REVIE for one-month and one-year Windows licenses.

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I Forgot My Apple Id Activation Lock

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Activation Lock On Iphone

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