If Wife Filed For Divorce Can She Get Alimony

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If Wife Filed For Divorce Can She Get Alimony – There are two main ways that you and your spouse will be financially affected as a direct result of the divorce: First, in relation to how your marital property is divided. And second, the court can order you or your spouse to pay any child support.

There are several issues to consider that can have a significant impact on the two identified ways in which you may be financially affected by divorce. This article briefly explains the financial issues to think about before filing for divorce.

If Wife Filed For Divorce Can She Get Alimony

If Wife Filed For Divorce Can She Get Alimony

After the court enters the divorce decree, the court will also decide to divide the marital property between the parties. The following assets are considered marital property and can be divided by the courts after a divorce:

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Any property acquired by you or your spouse before marriage and normally used or enjoyed while living together for housing, transportation, shelter, education, recreation, social or aesthetic purposes; His wife or children are placed.

Any property acquired by you or your spouse before the marriage and significantly improved during the marriage by the other party or by you and your spouse. and any other property of any nature acquired by you or your spouse during the marriage.

Marital property does not include property that you or your spouse acquired through gifts or inheritance and that was not substantially improved during the marriage by the other party or by you and your spouse other than the marital home.

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You and your spouse can decide between you how to divide the marital property through a pre-trial conference. Alternatively, you can let the court decide how to divide the marital property.

If you and your spouse decide to let the courts decide how to divide the property, the courts must make a fair and just decision considering several factors, including direct and indirect contributions, such as:

However, in a long-term marriage, indirect contributions can go a long way in determining the division of assets.

If Wife Filed For Divorce Can She Get Alimony

For example, even if the husband contributes more financially than the wife, if the wife’s indirect contribution is much higher than the husband’s, the wife is likely to get a larger share of the marital assets.

Process For Getting Divorced In Singapore (with Diagram)

After the court enters the divorce decree, the court may, at its discretion, order one party to pay alimony to the other party, either in a lump sum or periodically.

It should be noted that in Singapore, in general, only women and children are entitled to alimony. The husband is entitled to alimony only if she is unable to earn a living due to physical or mental disability or illness during the marriage and is unable to pay alimony.

In deciding to pay alimony, the court looks at the circumstances of the case, which include:

In general, the court tries to put both parties in a financial position where they would have been if the contract had not been broken and each party had properly fulfilled its financial obligations and responsibilities to the other. In addition, the court will be guided to do what is best for the parties and the children of the marriage.

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Filing for divorce in Singapore is a delicate matter and may be too technical for you to understand on your own. We understand that going through such an event in your life is difficult and emotional. Don’t worry, at Lions Chambers LLC, we have experienced divorce attorneys who are well versed in family law procedures in Singapore. We can guide you through the process and explain each step of your divorce or separation.

Lions Chambers LLC is a law firm established in Singapore. Our team of lawyers has experience in various fields of law and can help you. Our consultation is free, call +65 8777 3677 +65 or click here for our WhatsApp. In Singapore, divorce is a 2-step process for both contested and uncontested divorces. The first stage is called the dissolution of the marriage, where the court decides whether the marriage is irretrievably broken. If there is, the court will issue a temporary decree for the official dissolution of the marriage.

The second stage of divorce is called the secondary issues stage, where the court decides how to deal with the parties’ issues. These issues include spousal support and child custody.

If Wife Filed For Divorce Can She Get Alimony

The parties can apply for finalization only 3 months after receiving the interim order or after resolution of all sub-issues, whichever is later. The parties will then receive the final certificate. This ends all divorce proceedings.

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In this article, “plaintiff” refers to a couple filing for divorce and “defendant” refers to another couple defending against divorce.

To obtain a divorce in Singapore, you or your spouse must meet the following conditions under Sections 93 and 94 of the Women’s Charter:

If you are married under Islamic law, the above conditions may not apply to you. Instead, find out how to get a Muslim divorce here.

Next, you must prove that the marriage has irretrievably broken down. This is the only legal basis for divorce in Singapore.

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There are several signs that your marriage is hopelessly broken. These forms are found in Section 95(3) of the Women’s Charter:

If you and your spouse have at least one child under the age of 21 and cannot agree on the legal grounds for divorce and all other issues, you will both need to participate in a mandatory parenting program.

This program is run by counselors from a specialized divorce support agency and is intended to help divorcing parents make informed decisions that put the needs and well-being of their children first. You can learn more about the Forced Parenting Program in our other article.

If Wife Filed For Divorce Can She Get Alimony

Below is a step-by-step infographic outlining the requirements for divorce and the divorce process in Singapore. You can click on it to download it in a new tab.

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This infographic explains the divorce process in Singapore, starting with the requirements for divorce in Singapore, followed by the 2 stages of divorce (i.e. dissolution of marriage and ancillary matters).

The party intending to file for divorce must first file certain documents with the family court in order for the divorce proceedings to begin. The corresponding filing fees must also be paid. These documents are:

A statement containing information such as the details of the parties, how long they have been married, what children they have, and the reason for the irreparable breakdown of the marriage (such as adultery, unreasonable behavior, desertion, or separation).

The statement of claim also sets forth the plaintiff’s claims for ancillary relief, e.g. that the actor requests custody of the children or the division of the marital home.

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A statement detailing the reason for the irreparable breakdown of the marriage (as stated in the statement of claim), among other information.

For example, if the plaintiff alleges that the parties have been separated for 3 years, the statement of facts must include information such as:

Complainant’s proposal on how to raise children under 21 years of age of the parties after the divorce.

If Wife Filed For Divorce Can She Get Alimony

Actor’s proposal about what happens to the HDB flat after the divorce. If both parties can agree to this, an agreed marital property plan will be filed instead.

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You may want to use a divorce attorney who can help you prepare the documents.

After registering the divorce and all accompanying documents in court, the defendant must be communicated.

The defendant then has 8 days to decide whether he files for divorce and/or cross issues.

If the defendant decides to challenge the divorce, he must present a writ of appearance and defense. He may also request a settlement conference with a Family Settlement Chambers judge or a counseling session with a court counselor to reach an amicable agreement with his partner through divorce mediation.

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If both parties cannot agree on the grounds for divorce on their own, the case goes to court for a judge to determine whether the marriage has irretrievably broken down. The defendant must appear in court and notify the plaintiff:

In total, the defendant has 22 days to prepare and present both an appearance memorandum and a defense.

Alternatively, if the defendant wishes to establish his cause of action for divorce and/or other claims on ancillary issues, the defendant must file a defense and counterclaim within the above time limits in lieu of a defense.

If Wife Filed For Divorce Can She Get Alimony

If the respondent decides not to contest the divorce, but wants to be heard

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