Movies That Dwayne Johnson Has Been In

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Movies That Dwayne Johnson Has Been In – The action hero is dominating the box office, with his new film Skyscraper near the top. From his apolitical stance to his everyman heritage, we explore the magic behind the muscle

On June 24, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson posted this to his 109 million Instagram followers: “Starting My Sat reviewing the new TV spots for SKYSCRAPER. Notebook and pen at the ready and joining my pre-workout breakfast with egg whites and steak.aka dead cow cream bowl mixed with pineapple and papaya.

Movies That Dwayne Johnson Has Been In

Movies That Dwayne Johnson Has Been In

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Dwayne Johnson Reflects On His Record Breaking Year

He was accompanied by a video of the trailer for his new film playing on a laptop on a dining room table, notebook on one side, breakfast in front of him, children’s toys visible in another room beyond.

This post alone already tells you a lot about how Johnson became the biggest movie star on the planet. Even on a Saturday morning, he works harder than you, promoting his films, and then goes to maintain his great physique before you even get out of bed. #HardestWorkingDudeInShowbiz.

At the same time, he tells you that Johnson is a normal family guy, related to. An earlier Instagram photo showed him kneeling down and eating his wife’s pasta while she breastfed their daughter: “So much respect for her and all the moms out there who keep it down and run things.” (He has two daughters, ages two and two months, with his second wife, Lauren Hashian, as well as a 16-year-old daughter from his first marriage.)

Even Johnson’s breakfast covers all the bases: steak for breakfast = red-blooded alpha bro! Whole fruits and grains = healthy and responsible! And in classic Johnson style, he showered with fresh-pressed self-deprecation, in case anyone hates him for being such a #PerfectHusband/Dad/Star.

This Forgettable Dwayne Johnson Flick Has Been Trending On Netflix

But nobody hates Dwayne Johnson, right? Is such a thing possible? You suspect that if there was one person on the planet who expressed a dislike for him, Johnson would go home and make them a stack of pancakes or simply send gifs of him raising his world-famous right eyebrow until they succumb .

Every era has had its dominant movie stars, and Johnson is undoubtedly ours. He stands at the cash registers like a colossus carved from flesh. He topped the Forbes list of highest-paid actors in 2016 (earning £48.7 million) and will likely do so again in 2018, considering he’s on his third blockbuster this year and we’ve just hit summer. (Mark Wahlberg is 2017’s top earner, but he only has 9.4 million Instagram followers.) Johnson’s Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle, released last December, has grossed nearly a billion dollars worldwide. His monster movie Rampage, released in April, took in over £320 million. There are some theoretical scenarios where his new action thriller Skyscraper could fail, but at this stage in Johnson’s career, you can’t see that happening. It’s just too popular.

However, Johnson’s rise comes at a time when the concept of movie stars is under serious renegotiation. Modern Hollywood franchises are dominated by blockbusters, not actors. You can, for example, play one of the many young dudes in Spider-Man, and people will still flock to see it because it’s a Spider-Man movie. Likewise, any other comic book movie, Star Wars movie, Jurassic Park movie, whatever. Johnson also benefited from his relationship with the Fast and Furious crew, and during his four appearances, he achieved heroics such as taking down a drone while driving an ambulance in it and deflecting a torpedo with his hands.

Movies That Dwayne Johnson Has Been In

But how many movie stars can find success without a franchise? Tom Cruise? The Mission: Impossible movies are always great, but when it tries to launch something new, like last year’s The Mummy reboot, it succeeds. As are many other star-studded efforts like Jennifer Lawrence’s Red Sparrow, Scarlett Johansson’s Ghost in the Shell, or anything Robert Downey Jr. does that isn’t Iron Man. Not to mention the former Fast and Furious lead Vin Diesel, whose only notable contribution to the culture was arguably Am Groot.

Best Dwayne Johnson Movies: The Rock’s 15 Greatest Films Of All Time

But Johnson is different. Johnson can open a great movie by himself. Rampage was a case in point: a mediocre movie based on an old video game, it lacked brand recognition or a star-studded cast. All he had and all he needed was Johnson. So the skyscraper: there is only his name above the title. Now everything Johnson does looks like the start of a franchise (well, maybe not Baywatch).

“People want to see it now,” says Stephen Gaydos, executive editor of Variety and a veteran of Hollywood. “I’m glad Johnson is doing well because it’s proof that people still go to the movies to see someone they identify with, someone they like, admire, find interesting, funny, heroic, attractive. Apparently this guy has. You can’t fake that.”

The ready comparison, Gaydos suggests, is Arnold Schwarzenegger. Like Schwarzenegger, Johnson’s ticket to the film was his physique, which had already brought him fame on the wrestling circuit and whose swagger testified to a certain self-discipline. But also Schwarzenegger, Johnson surprised the world as soon as he got on the screen.

“He intelligently understood that being labeled as this big action guy who punches people and runs through burning buildings and stuff is no way to make a career,” says Gaydos. “And his comedies are great, just like and the Arnold. It’s like he said, “You think I’m the top of the wrestling world and I’m going to prove you wrong. And every time I prove you wrong, my stock goes up.”

The Rock Movies: A List Of Upcoming Films Starring Dwayne Johnson

Johnson also shares common ground with another latter-day box office king: Will Smith. In the early 90s, Smith sat down with his manager and worked out what kind of movies he needed to make to become the biggest star in the world. They came up with a very basic formula: special effects, animals, a love story. And it worked. You could imagine Johnson’s team doing a similar set of calculations. After an inauspicious debut as an evil CGI monster in Mommy Returns, he tried several avenues: sword-and-sandal fantasy (The Scorpion King, Hercules), family films (Race to Witch Mountain, Tooth Fairy), piece edgy (Southland Tales). , Be cool). He learned from his mistakes and continued to work and improve his unique personality. If you had to break it down, Johnson’s “formula” would include: special effects, family to protect, superhuman physical feats to perform, heavy machinery to operate, calm in a crisis. About her Instagram persona.

Social media is one of the ways Johnson’s celebrity differs from that of his action hero predecessors. Another, so obvious as to be barely noticed, is the fact that Johnson is not white. Nor is it clearly black. Few people know or care what it actually is. Technically, Johnson’s father is black Canadian and his mother is of Samoan descent, which puts him in a category that makes up less than 0.1% of Americans. He was born in California, raised in Hawaii. But Johnson could easily pass for anything from Latino Native American, Mediterranean and Pacific Islander to just a very atheistic white guy. It is a multicultural everyman. In today’s global film market, this is a huge advantage.

“A lot of his success is because he’s a really good, friendly, genuine guy, but that character resonates with people because we can all relate to him,” said Myra Washington, an associate professor at the University of New Mexico. “Everybody’s like, ‘The Rock is like us.’ or “She’s like my cousin” or whatever. That just increases the buy-in.”

Movies That Dwayne Johnson Has Been In

Washington’s specialty is racially mixed people and cultures, especially “Blasians” (as in Black + Asian) like Johnson. He notes how he plays up different aspects of his heritage to appeal to different audiences. He talks about his tribal ‘pe’a’ tattoos on his chest and arms, citing his Samoan origins and his ‘warrior spirit’. He often uses Hawaiian “mahalo” to greet people on social media. For the benefit of black fans, he will Instagram old photos of his father (who was also a professional wrestler – part of a duo called Soul Patrol) or himself as a boy, when he had a more prominent afro. Johnson is also very American and patriotic. He has family in the military and has organized concerts to raise money for the troops.

Highest Grossing Dwayne Johnson Movies

“I don’t know if it ends with race. maybe an arms race?’ Washington said. He says, “Here’s everything I’m going to do to force you to redefine what cloud looks like or what it means to a Pacific Islander. Here are all the things that I am and so for you to love me, you must at least recognize them, even if it is on a surface level.”

Johnson (second left)

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