My Facebook Has Been Hacked And Deleted

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My Facebook Has Been Hacked And Deleted – Eyes bleary, I reached for my glasses and pulled up my account on my phone. Heath Ledger’s Joker stared at me like my profile picture. The cover photo featured a smoking man with a swastika symbol in the lower left corner.

My name was replaced by a string of Arabic words. First up was a message in Arabic that roughly translates to: “I’m not flashy or arrogant, I only know how to set boundaries for those who don’t know them.”

My Facebook Has Been Hacked And Deleted

My Facebook Has Been Hacked And Deleted

I yelled to my friend in the living room that my account had been hacked and he replied, “I know.” We immediately went to work to regain access. I didn’t panic and actually felt stupid for letting it go. I even laughed that my boyfriend is now in a relationship with the Joker.

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On Monday morning, a message from Facebook to the hacker “Jasmine” came to my email address that someone was trying to access the account, asking me to answer some questions and change the password.

I went to Facebook’s help center and tried the “Breached Accounts” topic and went through the following:

I was asked to enter an email or phone number. A picture of the Joker appeared and I chose it as my account. The code was sent to a Yahoo address and my current email address.

Nothing came to my personal email address so I put my work address as a secondary email and started getting reset codes. None of the codes worked.

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Finally the codes were entered too many times and I was told to try again later. Turns out the hacker/bot got to the codes before I could.

I thought I would call customer support and get a real person. Except Facebook doesn’t have a phone number, email, or live chat for customer support. The help center is the only option.

I tried visiting to report that my account had been hacked and was redirected to the site to receive reset codes. I tried “Forgot Account?” on Facebook’s homepage and was redirected to a page asking for a secondary email address.

My Facebook Has Been Hacked And Deleted

First I entered my work email. On the next page I was asked for my name, phone number and a photo of my driver’s license. After sending, there was a message that will arrive on Facebook before long.

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I refreshed my email account and checked my spam and social media folders over and over again. Without an answer. I was crazy. I started filling out a form about every 20 minutes, switching between work and personal email, and later created a new Gmail account.

I tweeted on Facebook. I even replied to one of the original Facebook posts. Nothing. I only got two messages all day, each telling Jasmine that her problem was solved.

Soon the hacker’s email address changed and my work email disappeared from the account. I was completely out of it.

I tried going through the whole process again and kept getting the message that without access to the current email, Facebook can’t authenticate me as the account owner.

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It dawned on me how much I used Facebook on a daily basis, aside from contacting and keeping in touch with friends and family. As an entertainment reporter, I use Facebook to connect with sources, get updates on soon-to-open restaurants, bars, and breweries, search for news articles, find interesting events, and manage two newsgroup pages.

My friend and I scoured Facebook help boards, Reddit threads, articles, and videos to find information. Several users have asked about similar situations on Facebook Help. In response, someone posted a link to the “Hacked Accounts” page, and many people commented that it didn’t work. But no one took any further action.

I found an article from CNBC written in December 2017 about two people who had a very similar experience, “What happens when a stranger hijacks your Facebook page.” The article noted that there are videos on the Internet in both English and Arabic that show how to hack Facebook accounts.

My Facebook Has Been Hacked And Deleted

One user lost full access to their account, and the site is still down months later. Someone else’s personal and business sites have been hacked. Eventually, Facebook pulled her, but not before she lost her business followers.

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By evening I began to lose hope. I was tired of filling out the same forms over and over again and going round and round.

I thought about how my profile contains 14 years of photos, messages and memories that a stranger or a robot can now access. My private Messenger conversations are vulnerable. I started sobbing, it felt like a door had opened into my personal life and I had no idea how to close it.

I have sent friends and family to report my website on Facebook. Many of them also experienced a cycle, only with a trip to the “Hacked Accounts” page. I was impressed with how helpful the Facebook Help Center is in dealing with hacked accounts.

I assumed the process would be similar to any other personal security matter: hang up on a lost phone or send a new credit card after suspicious charges appear. Maybe I’m naive because Facebook is a free and voluntary service, but I was hoping that the world’s largest social network would have better security protocols.

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I should have protected my account better. I wish I could use two-factor authentication on my account. I wish I’d run Facebook’s “Trusted Contacts” feature, which lets you choose three to five friends to join if there’s a problem with your account. I honestly didn’t even know about those options until now and it’s my fault. I thought a decent password was good enough and was guilty of using the same password more than once.

But I’m not giving up. If I don’t get my Facebook account back, I’ll probably have to start over with a new one. Regardless, I will definitely secure my account with all available protections. I encourage everyone to do the same. Having a hacked Facebook account is very frustrating and can lead to misunderstandings. However, some hackers go further and delete the account completely. If this happened more than 30 days ago, the only option is to create a new account.

However, if the deletion occurred less than a month ago, you may still have a chance to save your account. Let’s see what you need to do.

My Facebook Has Been Hacked And Deleted

Before we dive into solving the problem, let’s first explore the actions you can take before the hacker gets the chance to delete your account.

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If you are not sure whether your Facebook account has been compromised, you should check whether someone is using your Facebook account or not. Catching the problem early is the best scenario for recovering your account.

As a Facebook user, you must keep your contact information up to date, including your email and phone number. Facebook will send you notifications about new logins and changes to your login details. If someone has taken over your account, the first place you want to go is your email account. Search for communications from Facebook.

If you received an email from Facebook notifying you of the changes, open the email and click the Secure your account link. This process will redirect you to a help page to help you restore your account.

Let’s assume you didn’t receive this email in time, that’s okay. There are still other options to help you recover your Facebook account after deletion, even if a hacker has changed your login information.

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The good thing about deleting an account is that Facebook doesn’t delete it right away. Instead, it keeps the account “live” but makes it invisible to your friends for 30 days. Here is how to recover hacked and deleted account.

There is a small chance that the hacker forgot to change your login information before deleting the account. If so, here’s how to reactivate and access your account.

If you succeeded, you should see all your contacts, photos, messages, etc., provided the hacker didn’t delete them.

My Facebook Has Been Hacked And Deleted

The most common scenario, especially for inexperienced hackers, is that they only change the password. Even if you cannot reactivate your account with your old password, you can still get your account back. Here’s how to do it.

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Let’s say the hacker was a bit more thorough than the previous case and denied you access to the email account you use to log into Facebook. You still have the option to get your account back. First you need to check if the password is still valid.

If the hacker was thorough and changed both the email and password, you may be able to recover your account using your phone number.

No matter what process you used to solve your hacked Facebook/Meta account problem, make sure you create a super strong password now and in the future. Also consider changing the associated email and adding two-factor authentication to make future hacks even less likely.

Facebook gives users the ability to download and save all their data from Facebook to the website. However, if your account is deleted after the 30-day period, there is no way to recover it. While

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