My Facebook Has Been Hacked And Email Changed

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My Facebook Has Been Hacked And Email Changed – Having a hacked Facebook account can be very frustrating and lead to misunderstandings. However, some hackers go ahead and delete the account completely. If this happened 30 days ago, your option is to create a new account.

However, you may have the option to keep your account if the deletion occurs in less than a month. Let’s see what you do.

My Facebook Has Been Hacked And Email Changed

My Facebook Has Been Hacked And Email Changed

Before we tackle the problem, let’s first review the steps you can take before the hacker gets a chance to delete your account.

How To Know If Your Email Is Hacked & What To Do About It

If you are not sure if your Facebook account has been compromised, you should check whether someone is using your Facebook account or not. The best case scenario is to catch the problem early to recover your account.

As a Facebook user, you should keep your contact information, including your email and phone number, up to date. Facebook sends you alerts for new logins and changes to your login information. If someone has taken over your account, the first place you want to go is your email account. Search for communications from Facebook.

When you receive an email from Facebook notifying you of the changes, open the email and click the Secure your account link. This process will direct you to a help page that will help you restore your account.

If you didn’t receive this email in time, that’s okay. Even if a hacker has changed your login credentials, there are other options to help you recover your Facebook account after deletion.

How To Recover Hacked Facebook Account In 2022?

The good thing about deleting an account is that it is not immediately deleted from Facebook. Instead, it keeps the account “live” but not visible to your friends for 30 days. Here is how to recover hacked and deleted account.

It is possible that the hacker forgot to change your login data before deleting the account. If that’s the case, here’s what to do to reactivate and regain access to your account.

If you succeed, you should be able to see all your contacts, photos, posts, etc., if the hacker didn’t delete them.

My Facebook Has Been Hacked And Email Changed

The most common scenario, especially among inexperienced hackers, is that they simply change the password. Even if you cannot reactivate your account with the old password, you can recover your account. Here’s how to do it.

How To Work Out If You’ve Been Hacked And What To Do About It

Let’s say that the hacker is a little more thorough than in the previous case and they disable your access to the email account you use to log in to Facebook. You still have a way to get your account back. First, you need to check if the password is still valid.

If the hacker is thorough and changes the email and password, you can recover your account using your phone number.

Whatever process you use to fix your hacked Facebook/Meta account problem, make sure you create a super-strong password now and in the future. Also, consider changing the associated email and adding 2-factor authentication to make future hacks less likely.

Facebook gives users the option to download and save all their Facebook data on the website. However, if your account is deleted after the 30-day holding period, there is no way to get it back. While Facebook claims that they may store some information, this does not include personal posts, images or anything related to an individual.

Facebook Hacked And Disabled — Handxmade

In fact, if someone hacks and deletes your account, there is no way to get anything back after the first 30 days.

Unfortunately, Facebook does not have a phone number or chat service that puts you in touch with a customer service representative for further assistance. Your only option is to reach out to the Facebook support team. You may not get immediate feedback, but the team will do their best to help you.

Remember, you should be as detailed as possible when filling out forms to minimize the number of interactions you have and how long it takes to resolve your issue.

My Facebook Has Been Hacked And Email Changed

Disclaimer: Some pages on this site may contain an affiliate link. This does not affect our editorial in any way. Through pictures, I will tell you how I regained control of my own Facebook account. (Note: If you can access your mobile number and email, the method below is not for you.)

Instagram Got Hacked & Email Changed

I did this on the laptop I logged into earlier. You can sign up in two ways as indicated by the arrows.

Move to the country where your ID was issued. Upload a clear copy of your valid ID. I used my passport. Then continue.

The next dialog box will ask for your full name and upload a picture of your ID then send.

You probably hate reading the “Sorry” message every time you try to do the steps above and the “Enter your new e-mail” dialog box never appears/ Step 6 from above.

How To Tell If Your Facebook Account Has Been Hacked

For the first 7 days, this was all the response I got every time I tried to restore my account.

I hope this really helps you and that the day I feel like a miracle happens to you too.

Today, I will share my story through this unfortunate journey. Don’t worry, what is written below is not about negativity. I also share some tips and how we can improve from this hacking, spamming and scamming nightmare.

My Facebook Has Been Hacked And Email Changed

But something happened that day. I always log in with my phone and everything with Touch ID, which is definitely one of my ten fingerprints. Like this:

Facebook Account Hacked? Business Manager Hacked? Here’s How To Get Help

And it says, password changed 5 hours ago. Considering what happened 5 hours ago, I slept well this time.

It’s afternoon, I tried all kinds of Facebook account recovery with old mobile number and no e-mail ad with laptop. Looks like I hacked my own account.

Feeling helpless, I tried contacting friends through Instagram. From here, I found out that the hacker sent messages to some of my friends asking them to send money immediately.

Privacy and security are top priorities. I don’t care about how many likes, views and followers I have.

How To Recover Your Google Account Or Gmail In 3 Ways

I walked around the Old City where I am today and marveled at the hundreds of years old heritage houses.

And one of my coaches taught us to listen to calm sounds with 432 hertz from Youtube.

I created another account to inform other friends and ask for help to help me report the hacked account.

My Facebook Has Been Hacked And Email Changed

Many people have offered help in trying to recover the account and I really appreciate it. Thank you very much.

Instagram Hacked? Warning As Russian Cyberattackers Steal Hundreds Of Accounts

But, I don’t understand why facebook locked me with a new account. Maybe some mistakenly reported a new account. (And after I got my old account back, the new account was completely disabled by Facebook.)

Then, just one day, 7 days after the hack, an option to enter a new e-mail appeared.

I replied to the email saying I don’t have access to my account yet. But again I have no answer.

I’m just waiting. I did the same as above but this time, I logged in with a different e-mail, my other e-mail. I submitted the same ID that I used before but I added something.

Uk Army’s Twitter And Youtube Accounts Hacked To Promote Crypto Scams

I don’t seem to have any other way to talk to Facebook support other than the ID I send.

You can check what valid IDs are accepted by Facebook: ID types accepted by Facebook

If I update the email account and mobile number with the Facebook account including turning on the login warnings, the hacked account can be recovered easily.

My Facebook Has Been Hacked And Email Changed

To be more careful about logging in with email and mobile number, change the password from time to time and avoid using public wifi.

How To Tell If Your Email, Computer, Or Facebook Has Been Hacked

Be sure to keep IDs and bank details safe and only give those details to people you trust.

Tips before sending borrowers (whoever they are…friends, relatives etc.) via online messaging:

*Read the person’s status and condition if he is really urgent…or if he is sleeping well.

You will notice a difference in the way he talks to you. I mean if you are best friends, you probably have weird or silly nicknames to call each other.

Facebook Disabled My Account After I Was Hacked

– The person does not understand your common slang words. You don’t even use the dialect you use to communicate.

* Try to reach the person through other types of messages to confirm, whether it is calling by mobile phone, messaging on Instagram, WhatsApp, email and so on.

*It is not gossip or gossip to contact some of your common friends knowing that you have received the same message from the hacker, if this friend really needs it. Please help assess the situation.

My Facebook Has Been Hacked And Email Changed

If a person is really in need, he has immediate family or relatives to ask for or call for help.

What To Do When Your Facebook Ad Account Gets Hacked (like Ours Just Did)

*Never send money to a name you do not know. If you really want to help, ask for a copy of a valid ID. Or don’t send at all.

*Think twice or more times before you send a lot of money

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