My Facebook Was Hacked And They Changed My Email

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My Facebook Was Hacked And They Changed My Email – My Facebook was hacked 6 days ago and my email, phone number was deleted. I’ve tried everything to get my Facebook back and I don’t want to create another one.

My website is still there, but the email it has is not the one I use. I have tried every method on Facebook support site and nothing helps. Please help me if there are any recovery methods because I just want to get my Facebook back.

My Facebook Was Hacked And They Changed My Email

My Facebook Was Hacked And They Changed My Email

Step #1 First, visit the official Facebook Hacked News website:, then type “My account has been compromised” option. Then in the next field enter your email or username or full name or phone number. Step #2 The real way to recover your account starts here, here you need to enter your account password, not the real one, because if you knew the Facebook password, so you won’t be here, try to enter your old password. . Step #3 Now select the “Recover My Passwords” option. Step #4 Obviously, if you cut someone, then the hackers have changed the password, so now hit the “you no longer have this access” button. Step #5 Now in this section enter new password and confirm.

Urgent Steps To Take When Your Facebook Account Gets Hacked

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How To Recover Your Facebook Password

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My Facebook account has been hacked Krishnandu – December 24th, 2020 at 9:23 am HelpiOS – December 24th, 2020 at 10:43 am 1 reply. For most people, Facebook is sufficient for their online presence. With pictures of your kids and pets, lots of friends, and your personal information, you don’t want anyone logging into your account. However, the end is not near if your Facebook account has been hacked because there is a good way to recover the account. You need to recover your valuable Facebook account as soon as possible.

Recovering your Facebook account at your fingertips is an incredibly easy and straightforward process. First, you need to report that your account has been hacked by going to From here, Facebook will help you recover your account; just click the “My account has been compromised” button at the bottom.

My Facebook Was Hacked And They Changed My Email

You will be asked to enter your email address, phone number, username or full name associated with your Facebook profile. Facebook will now search for all eligible users, if you don’t see your name listed, try typing something else in the search bar, like your name or phone number.

How Can My Facebook Account Be Misused If Hacked?

Click on your profile and enter the last password you remember associated with your account. Obviously, if your password works and you haven’t changed it, log into Facebook normally and change your password as soon as you see something suspicious. If your password is changed, Facebook will let you use your old password to help you regain access.

You will then receive a message that you have entered your old password and you can click “Reset my password”. You will now be asked to receive an email from Facebook with a link to reset your password. Obviously, if your email address associated with your account has changed, you don’t want to send email to a hacker’s address, so click “Can’t find this anymore?”. Likewise, if your email account has been hacked, you’ll want to select this option, and you might want to read my guide to finding a hacked Gmail address.

Now you can enter a new email address where you want the link to be sent, which will also make your email address your first login email address. Click “Continue” and wait for your email, and if you don’t see it, check your spam folder or forward it to another email address. Follow the instructions in your email to reset your password and you should be in control of your Facebook account.

There are many ways to prevent someone from logging into your account again, so it’s best to follow these steps if you don’t want it to happen again. First, make sure your password for your Facebook account is different from any other online account you have. This helps prevent someone from guessing your password if another account is compromised. You should also make your email accounts highly secure so that if you lose access, you can quickly regain control. Check out our tips on how to secure your Gmail account.

Everything You Need To Know About Facebook’s Data Breach Affecting 50m Users

There is also a version of Facebook’s two-factor authentication that gives you extra security for your account. You need to go to “Security Settings” when you sign in to your account, click on “Login Credentials” and save the changes. From now on, every time you sign in on a new device, Facebook will send you a text message with a successful sign-in code.

If you’re in the US, you can also use a one-time password to sign in to your account, which is useful if you’re using a public computer. If your mobile number is linked to your account, send SMS 32665 with the otp message to get your temporary password. make sure your stolen account is recovered.

In most cases, accounts are “hacked” because someone gets your password. This is especially bad for Facebook because people often use Facebook to access other things – so if someone logs into your Facebook account, they can access a lot of other things as well.

My Facebook Was Hacked And They Changed My Email

Your “hacked” account can take many forms. Maybe someone will message you on your behalf, post as you, or do something amazing.

Facebook Account Hacked? Business Manager Hacked? Here’s How To Get Help

Change your password immediately – this is your first step if you still have the authority to do so. If you can’t log in, request a password reset. If that doesn’t work, someone may have changed the account’s email address. There is a way around this too.

Go to your security settings and see if you recognize everywhere you’ve logged in. If you don’t recognize the location or device, click the three-dot menu and select “not you?”. This will work for you and help you secure your account.

Make sure you identify all apps and sites that have your Facebook account. Same as above; if there is something you don’t know, click “delete”.

In all your preferences, see the email addresses that Facebook has registered for you. If there is something that does not belong to you, get rid of it.

Facebook Hacked And Contact Information Changed [solved]

Change your password one more time since you know hackers (in theory) can’t access your account. Must be a strong password (with letters, numbers and special characters). Do not reuse your password from elsewhere. Ideally, use a password manager to ensure that you can store your passwords in a variety of ways and use high-quality passwords.

Turn on two-factor authentication. This means that even if your password is somehow stolen, they won’t be able to log in without regaining access to your phone or authentication app.

Finally, if something strange happens with your security and/or social network, change your password. It’s bad enough that you lose access to your social accounts, but your email is the holy grail of hackers, so changing your password regularly (every 1-3 months) and changing it every time something unusual happens is very good idea.

My Facebook Was Hacked And They Changed My Email

The most common way to compromise a Facebook account is to trick them into giving out their passwords. You might get a Messenger message from a Facebook friend that says something like “Oh my god, did you see who died?” and a link. You click on a link, it looks like Facebook, but suddenly it asks you to log in again. You don’t think about anything, but you enter your email and password… Ah-ah-ah. Problem: The site you just entered a password for isn’t Facebook, and there it is

Small Business Owners’ Facebook Pages Hacked, Then Locked Out Of Accounts

The best way to avoid this is to follow the steps above and turn on two-factor authentication.

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