Someone Hacked My Facebook And Changed Email

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Someone Hacked My Facebook And Changed Email – My Facebook was hacked 6 days ago and my email, phone number were blocked I have tried everything to get my Facebook back and I really don’t want to do another one

My page is still there but the email with it is not the email I use I have tried every option in the Facebook help center and none of them help. If there is any other way to recover it please help me because I just want my facebook back.

Someone Hacked My Facebook And Changed Email

Someone Hacked My Facebook And Changed Email

Step # 1 First visit the official website of hacked facebook account: then click on “My account has been compromised” option. Then in the next tab enter your email address or login name or full name or your specific phone number, but if you still can’t find your Facebook account, then enter something more specific. Step #2 The actual process to recover your account starts here, here you need to enter your account password, not the real one, because if you know your Facebook password, so you won’t be here, try entering your old password. . Step #3 Now select the “Reset my password button” option. Step #4 Of course, if you get hacked by someone, the hacker has changed your password, so now you need to click the No More Access button. Step #5 Now enter the new password in this step and confirm it

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Facebook recovery without phone number or email

My Facebook account has been hacked Krishnanu – December 24, 2020 at 9:23 am HelpiOS – December 24, 2020 at 10:43 am 1 Reply Through pictures, I will show you how to regain control over my Facebook account. (Note: If you have access to your mobile number and email, the method below is not for you.)

I did this on the laptop I logged in earlier You can log in either way where the arrows point

Someone Hacked My Facebook And Changed Email

Change the country where your ID was issued Upload a clear copy of your valid ID I used my passport Then continue

Facebook Help Center Isn’t So Helpful When Your Account Is Hacked

The next dialog box will ask for your full name and upload an image of your ID and then SEND

Maybe you hate to keep reading the “SUBMIT ME” message every time you try to do the step above and the “ENTER NEW EMAIL” dialog box never appeared / Step 6 from above.

For the first 7 days, this was all the response I got whenever I tried to recover my account

I hope this really helps you and that the day I felt like a miracle will happen to you too

Facebook Hacked? What You Need To Do Now!

Now, I am going to share my story through a really unpleasant journey Don’t worry, the article below is not only about the negativity I have also shared some tips and how we can increase the motivation of this nightmare of hacking, spamming and fraud.

But something was wrong that day I usually log into everything using my phone and Touch ID which is obviously one of my ten fingerprints. Thus:

And it says password changed 5 hours ago Then I slept well, thinking about what happened a few hours ago

Someone Hacked My Facebook And Changed Email

It was noon, I sat down with my laptop and tried to recover my Facebook account without adding my old mobile number and email. I felt like I was hacking my account

Alexander: Waiting For The Return Of Your Hacked Facebook Account

Feeling frustrated, I tried to contact my friends through Instagram From here, I learned that the hacker sent messages to some of my friends asking them to send money immediately

Privacy and security are top priorities I don’t care how many likes, views and followers I have anymore

I walked through the old town of my current location and was mesmerized by the centuries-old heritage houses.

And listening to smooth sounds from YouTube at 432 hertz as one of my coaches taught us

Urgent Steps To Take When Your Facebook Account Gets Hacked

I created another account to inform other friends and help me report hacked accounts

Many offered to help in trying to recover the account and I really appreciate it Thank you very much.

But I don’t understand why facebook blocked me from using a new account Maybe someone reported the new account by mistake (And after I recovered my old account, the new account was completely disabled by Facebook.)

Someone Hacked My Facebook And Changed Email

Then one day, 7 days after the hack, the option to enter new e-mails just appeared.

Ways To Recover A Hacked Facebook Account

I replied to the e-mail that I still don’t have access to my account But I never got a reply

What I have done is stop waiting I did the same process as above but this time I logged in using a different email, my other email. I submitted the same ID I used before, but I added something

I felt there was no other way to talk to Facebook support other than the ID I would send

You may also want to check what are the valid IDs that Facebook accepts: Types of IDs that Facebook accepts.

How To Get Your Hacked Facebook Account Back. « Digiwonk :: Gadget Hacks

If I had just updated the email account and mobile number with the Facebook account, it would have been easier to recover the hacked account by activating the login alert.

Be extremely careful using email and mobile numbers, change passwords periodically and avoid using public WiFi.

Make sure you keep your identity and bank details secure and only give those details to people you trust

Someone Hacked My Facebook And Changed Email

Tips before sending money to (anyone…friends, relatives, etc.) who are borrowing through online messaging:

A Hacker Stole Money From Me, But You Can Protect Yourself

* Assess the person’s situation and position if they really need it… or if they sleep well

You notice a difference in the way he addresses you I mean if you are close friends you have your own unique or maybe crazy nicknames to call each other.

– The person does not understand the words you usually use Or you do not use the dialect used to communicate

* Try to contact the person through other forms of messaging to make sure it can be a mobile phone call, Instagram message, WhatsApp, email etc.

What I Learned When A Hacker Stole My Identity And Took Over My Facebook Account

* If you really need this friend then consult some of your mutual friends not gossip or rumour, who knows you may have received the same message from the hacker. Please help assess the situation

If a person is truly in need, make sure they have family or close relatives to ask or call for help.

* Never send money to someone you don’t know If you really want to help, ask for a copy of valid ID Or don’t send at all

Someone Hacked My Facebook And Changed Email

* Think twice or many times before sending money on consignment or any other transaction without proper identification.

Maine Business Owner Frustrated With Facebook After Account Hacked

And if you ever suspect your friend’s Facebook account is being hacked, please help report A report is a big help

So I asked my friends to report my account I sent them my Facebook account link and these screenshots as a guide

My heartfelt thanks to those who helped me report the account until I was able to recover it

And to all the friends who got the message and felt pressured to send money right away, thank you for responding and finally asking,

What To Do If Your Facebook Account Is Hacked

And those who were offended by the message you received and guilty of not giving me money, your instinct saved us both.

A dream follower…Luila is an OFW based in the United Arab Emirates…a little girl from Sarangani province or city…a nurse by profession who injects herself a lot. You can easily find it online For many people, Facebook is the entirety of their online presence With pictures of your kids and pets, thousands of friends and personal data, you really don’t want anyone else to access your account. If your Facebook account has been hacked, there is no way to avoid it, although there is a good account recovery process. You should get your precious Facebook account back in no time

Getting your Facebook account back under your control is actually surprisingly simple and a relatively simple process First, you need to report that your account has been hacked by going to From here, Facebook will help you guide you through the process of recovering your account; Just click

Someone Hacked My Facebook And Changed Email

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