Someone Hacked My Facebook And Changed My Recovery Email

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Someone Hacked My Facebook And Changed My Recovery Email – For many people, Facebook is almost their entire online presence. With pictures of your kids and pets, tons of friends, and personal information, you don’t really want anyone else to have access to your account. However, the end is not near if your Facebook account is hacked as there is a pretty decent account recovery procedure. You should get your precious Facebook account back immediately.

Getting your Facebook account back under your control is actually surprisingly simple and a relatively simple process. First, you need to report that your account has been hacked at From there, Facebook will guide you through the process of restoring your account; just click the ‘My account has been compromised’ button below.

Someone Hacked My Facebook And Changed My Recovery Email

Someone Hacked My Facebook And Changed My Recovery Email

You will then be asked to enter your email address, phone number, username or full name associated with your Facebook profile. Facebook will now search for all relevant users, if you don’t see your name in the list, try typing something else in the search box, like your name or phone number.

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Click on your profile and enter the last password you remember associated with your account. Obviously, if your current password works and hasn’t been changed, log into Facebook normally and change your password as soon as you see anything suspicious. If your password has been changed, Facebook will allow you to use your old password to help you regain access.

Then a pop-up window will appear saying that you have entered your old password and now you can click on “Reset Password”. You will now be asked to send an email from Facebook with a link to reset your password. Obviously, if your email associated with your account has been changed, you don’t want to send that email to hackers, so click ‘Can’t access them anymore?’. Similarly, if your email account has been hacked, you’ll want to select this option and you might want to read my guide to recovering a hacked Gmail address.

You can now enter a new email address to send the link to, which will also make this email address your primary login email address for your account. Click ‘Continue’ and wait for your email, and if you don’t see it, please check your spam folder or send it to another email address. Follow the details in your email to reset your password and you should now finally be in control of your Facebook account.

There are many ways you can prevent someone from accessing your account again, so if you don’t want it to happen again, it’s best to follow these steps. First, make sure your password for your Facebook profile is different from any other online account you have. This helps prevent anyone from guessing your password if another account is compromised. You should also increase the security of your email accounts so that you can recover them quickly if you ever lose access. Check out our guide on how to secure your Gmail account.

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There is also Facebook’s version of two-step verification, which gives you an extra layer of security for your account. When you are logged into your account, you will need to go to “Security Settings”, click “Approve Login” and save the changes. From now on, whenever you sign in on a new device, Facebook will send you a text message with a successful sign-in code.

If you’re in the US, you can also use a one-time password to log into your account, which is very useful if you’re using a public computer. If your mobile number is linked to your account, send a text message otp to 32665 to receive a temporary password. Vox Media may earn a commission if you purchase something from a Verge link. See our ethical statement.

Hopefully, the day will never come when you find out that your Facebook account has been hacked or taken over. It’s a terrible feeling, and I feel for you because of the world of hurt you’ll go through in time and possibly money to get your account back under your rightful control.

Someone Hacked My Facebook And Changed My Recovery Email

Let me guide you through recovery. I will also provide you with some proactive safety guidelines that you can follow to prevent this terrifying moment from happening, or at least reduce the likelihood of it happening.

What To Do If Someone Tries To Hack Your Facebook Or Instagram Account

Scenario 1. You let a family member or friend “borrow” your Facebook account on your computer or phone. They continue to consume content, message like you or friends with random people. This happened to a friend of mine who had a grandchild at home for a week. The girl went out of town and left a mess on my friend’s Facebook account. “She didn’t send anything to my account, but I had weird friend requests that I had to clean up. I decided to stop using my account.” This is more annoying than a hack, but still annoying.

Remedy: First, check with Facebook’s security page to see where else your account is already logged in.

This list should also remind you of all the devices you’ve used Facebook on in the past. I took this screenshot after finding (and then getting rid of) an older Windows laptop that I hadn’t used in years on the list. You will also see an entry for my iPhone which is located somewhere in Indiana. I haven’t visited that state in years, so sometimes the location algorithms are a little wonky. Even if your account hasn’t been hacked, it’s a good idea to check this screen regularly to make sure you haven’t accidentally enabled logins.

If you don’t recognize (or use) any of the devices in this list, click the three vertical dots on the right to force those devices to log out of your account. Next, change the password to a unique one. Also, remember to log out of Facebook (and Messenger) before lending your device to someone in the future.

How To Recover Your Facebook Account

Scenario 2. Someone uses your photo and name and creates a new account. They then try to recruit your FB friends to their account.

Remedy: There’s not much you can do about it except tell people it’s still you and ignore the scammer. This should be a warning when you receive a friend request from someone you think you’ve already befriended, or someone you haven’t communicated with in years. Word to the wise: send them an email or text asking if the request is genuine.

Scenario 3. Doomsday scenario. Someone guesses your account password and blocks you from accessing your account. This situation is the worst and how to fix it will depend on what else you have connected to your Facebook account and how determined you are to recover it.

Someone Hacked My Facebook And Changed My Recovery Email

This is what happened to Elizabeth, the author of the books. She ended up working with two different friends who were IT professionals and a lawyer for four months. She had two complicating factors that made it difficult to recover her account.

Urgent Steps To Take When Your Facebook Account Gets Hacked

She first used Facebook ads to promote her books, so she linked her login information to her credit cards. This led to the hacker loading her card with his own ads to try and lure other victims into compromising.

The second complication was that she used her pseudonym and random birthday for her account. During recovery, Facebook will ask you to scan your ID to verify who you are. When she told me, I was worried for myself. For years I prided myself on using January 1st as my Facebook “birthday”. Now she told me I was setting myself up for trouble if someone hacked my account.

She eventually managed to reset her password, but almost immediately the hacker reset and took over her account again. “I tried to get someone to help me on Facebook, but I couldn’t get anyone on the phone,” she told me. Before the pandemic, the company had a dedicated phone hotline for industry insiders, “but that was shut down,” she said. She was able to block more credit card charges by calling her bank. “I’ve been trying to stay one step ahead of the hacker and losing sleep. My whole life was put on hold while I tried to deal with the situation. I haven’t done work in months. I ended up changing my passwords on over 30 different accounts.”

1. Now would be a good time to quit Facebook. The problem is that you have someone impersonating you and they could use your identity in criminal and unpleasant situations. Not to mention, they might try to tap bank accounts that are linked to your account or open credit cards in your name. (More on that in a moment.)

How To Recover My Hacked Facebook Account? [100% Fix]

2. Try to reinstall your account yourself using Facebook’s own obscure and often contradictory steps. So most people I know have tried it. However, you will find out all too quickly that there is no simple way to do this

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