Someone Hacked My Facebook And Changed The Email And Password

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Someone Hacked My Facebook And Changed The Email And Password – My Facebook was hacked 6 days ago and my email, phone number was deleted. I’ve tried everything to get my Facebook back and I really don’t want to do it again.

My page is still active but the email is not the email I use. I’ve tried everything in the Facebook help section and none of them help. Please help me if there is any recovery method as I want to get my Facebook back.

Someone Hacked My Facebook And Changed The Email And Password

Someone Hacked My Facebook And Changed The Email And Password

Step #1 First of all, visit the official website of the hacked Facebook account: and click on the link “My account is hacked”. Then in the next tab, enter your email address or login name or Full name or your personal phone number, but if you can’t find your account on Facebook, then try to write it for personal details. Step #2 The real way to recover your account starts here, here you have to enter your account password, well it’s not correct, because if you knew the Facebook password, then you won’t be here, try enter the old password. Step #3 Now select the “Reset Password” option. Step #4 It is clear that if you have been attacked by someone, then the hacker has changed the password, so now you need to click on the “do not access” button. Step #5 Now in this step enter a new password and confirm it.

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I hope that one day you will never have your Facebook account stolen or hacked. It’s a terrible feeling and I feel for you, because of the world of pain you’re going to face in the time it takes and maybe the money to get your checking account back on track.

Someone Hacked My Facebook And Changed The Email And Password

Let me guide you through the healing process. After that, I will give some safety tips that you can follow to avoid this bad situation or at least reduce the chances of it happening.

Facebook Disabled My Account After I Was Hacked

Example 1. You allow a family member or friend to “borrow” your Facebook account from your computer or phone. They consume your content, send messages like you or friends to people they don’t want. This happened to a friend of mine who had a grandson stay at his house for a week. The girl went out of town and left a mess in my friend’s account. He said, “He didn’t put anything on my account, but I had some amazing friends who asked me to delete it. I decided to stop using my account.” It’s worse than the truth, but it’s still sad.

Solution: First, use the Facebook security page to check and check where your account is already logged in.

This list should also remind you of all the tools you’ve used on Facebook in the past. I took this photo after finding (and then removing) an old Windows laptop that I hadn’t used in years. You’ll also find an entry on my iPhone somewhere in Indiana. I haven’t been to that country in years, so sometimes the geolocation algorithms are difficult. Even if your account hasn’t been locked, it’s a good idea to check this screen regularly to make sure you haven’t logged in by mistake.

If you don’t know (or use) any of the tools on this list, click the three vertical dots on the right and force those machines to log out of your account. Next, change your password to something unique. Also, remember to log out of Facebook (and Messenger) before lending your device to someone next time.

My Facebook Account Was Hacked And Deleted

Example 2. Someone uses your photo and name and creates a new account. Then they try to find your FB friends on their account.

Remedy: There’s not much you can do about it other than pretend it’s you and ignore the person who did it. This should be a warning when you receive a friend request from someone you’re already friends with or someone you haven’t spoken to in years. Word to the wise: send an email or text to see if the request is valid.

Example 3. The time of the hereafter. Someone has learned your account password and locked you out of your account. These things are very dangerous and how you deal with them depends on what else you have connected to your Facebook account and how you decide to respond to them.

Someone Hacked My Facebook And Changed The Email And Password

This happened to Elizabeth, the writer. He worked with two different technical and lawyer friends for four months. He had two problems that made it difficult to recover his account.

Facebook Account Hacked They Changed My Password And Email And The Phone Number On My Account Is My Old One That I Don’t Have Access To. Facebook System Just Leads Me In

At first he used Facebook ads to promote his books, so he linked his logins to credit cards. This prompted the hacker to load their card with their own ads to entice other victims to download.

The second problem was that he was using his username and date of birth on his account. During recovery, Facebook will ask you to scan your ID to verify your identity. After he told me this, I was worried about myself. For years I have been proud to use January 1st as my “birthday”. Then he told me that if someone stole my account, I caused a problem.

She eventually reset her password, but almost immediately the hacker retook her account. “I tried to find someone on Facebook to help me, but I can’t get anyone on the phone,” she told me. Before the outbreak, the company had a special hotline for industrialists, “but that has been closed,” he said. He had many opportunities to cancel his credit card by calling the bank. “I tried to stay one step ahead of the hackers and I lost sleep. When I tried to solve this problem, my whole life was put on hold. I have been unemployed for months. I have changed passwords for over 30 different accounts. »

1. Now would be a good time to quit Facebook. The problem is that you have someone pretending to be you and you can use your identity in bad and unpleasant situations. Not to mention, they may try to use bank accounts linked to your account or open credit cards in your name. (More on that in a moment.)

Hackers Hacked My Fb Account. In Order To Restore My Account I Have To Verify My Email. However My Email Had Been Changed. Is My Account Lost Forever?

2. Try to recover your account yourself, using Facebook itself, which is unclear and often contradictory. This is how many people I know have tried. However, you will soon find that there is no easy way to do this. You have to contact Facebook support using someone else’s account, which seems counterintuitive, so hopefully your spouse or friend is willing to lend a hand. (Do not hesitate to create a second account, as this may result in the suspension of both of your accounts.) Then you must choose one of several options (find illegal posts, accounts using your name and/or photos. ) and go down the rabbit hole. Scroll down to recover your account. .

If you use Facebook as a way to log into other online services, you should block those networks – otherwise a hacker could compromise other accounts. If, like Elizabeth, you have linked your credit card or other financial accounts, you should contact these companies and have the charges removed. Start by trying to use Facebook on a different device than the one you used before: it’s possible that the hacker didn’t log you out right away.

3. Use a third-party recovery service, such as It will cost you $249, but the company will go ahead and give you your money back if they can’t help you. You also get an annual digital protection plan, usually sold separately for $99.

Someone Hacked My Facebook And Changed The Email And Password

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