What's The Best Way To Brush Your Teeth

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What's The Best Way To Brush Your Teeth – Good morning, I’m drinking! I hope you’ve had a chance to get out and enjoy the lovely weather we’ve been blessed with this week! Today I will discuss with you a question that we often come across here at the tea shop. It turns out; “What is the best way to store my tea?”.

We get this question routinely for a number of reasons. First, you’re spending money here, and you obviously want to make sure your tee lasts as long as possible. We understand that. Secondly, we have customers who have come to us and expressed concern about their favorite tea losing its flavor over long periods of time. We don’t really want it, and often it’s because it’s been stored improperly or poorly. In this blog I will cover all the best ways to store your tea and how you can do it to maximize the life of your tea!

What's The Best Way To Brush Your Teeth

What's The Best Way To Brush Your Teeth

Let’s start with where exactly the tea is stored. All teas work best in a completely airtight container. This ensures that the aromas and flavors are locked in and maximizes their shelf life. What is the best news about this recommendation? All our teas come to you in a completely airtight (and, in my opinion, lovely) ziplock bag. We have these in all our sizes, so it doesn’t matter how much tea you order. They are also available in different colors depending on the type of tea you order. We chose these bags for you especially because of their ease of zippering and their ability to keep our products airtight. (See reference below)

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If you’re thinking, “Eh, I’d like something a little sturdier on my counter,” or something similar, don’t worry. We have you here too. We have a few options for you. Many of our long term customers remember that before COVID we sold our tea in jars and we sold these bags. These jars are still available and we can fill them with any tea! They are great hinges (so you never lose the top!) and I love them because they stack and fit well in a closet. These cans also come in a number of colours, so you’re sure to find one to match any interior.

If you’re looking for something with a bit of a ‘pop’ factor in the design, our small tea container might be a better fit. These cute, round jars hold about 3 ounces of tea each. They come in several different designs, each with a different floral design, and have been very popular! Again, these containers are airtight, keeping the flavors of your tea locked in, and we love keeping them on the counter for their beauty!

Our Washi jar proves another option for storing tea that we keep in stock. These stunning teapots are all handmade and covered with Washi paper made from the bark of small trees in Japan. It is then printed and layered to create beautiful patterns around the capsule. These hold a bit more, almost 6 ounces of tea (depending on the type of tea), and will keep your tea fresh and ready to enjoy all summer long! Again, we have quite a variety of designs for these lovely tea stands, so be sure to check out the product page here!

Finally, with Father’s Day just around the corner, I made sure to include one more jar of tea that we love here. This beautifully crafted more masculine wooden tin measures 4.75 inches and holds approximately 4 ounces of tea. It is handmade and an absolutely fantastic way to store your tea. I even bought one of these for my own dad who loves it! He likes his personal favorite, Roasted Yerba Mate! Grab one for your dad today!

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Here are our top recommendations for ways to keep your tea fresh for the longest time! They are all great options. Choose the one that best suits your preferences and then let us know how you get on! I hope you all have a super productive week and are ready for all the fun Memorial Day plans! Happy sipping! – Kaytea 🙂

P.S. Try to store your tea in dry, cool and shady places to increase freshness! 🙂 Digital File ONLY “They say good things take time! That’s why I’m always late!” A funny quote for someone who is always late and loves to get things done and get in. Or they can be a little sarcastic and funny. Put it in a tote bag, mug, shirt and more!

This is JUST a cut file, not a physical object. Use this saying to make bags, cards, shirts, stationery and more!!

What's The Best Way To Brush Your Teeth

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What's The Best Way To Brush Your Teeth

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What's The Best Way To Brush Your Teeth

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