What Can I Do If My Identity Is Stolen

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What Can I Do If My Identity Is Stolen – This is the answer that often comes up. When we consider who we are—or rather, who we believe we are—many of us cite our origins, beliefs, experiences and interests. But what is our true identity, and what are the building blocks of the person we identify with throughout our lives?

At The Studios, we believe that everything we do — from the choices we make to the decisions we avoid — stems from how we see ourselves in the world and how we choose to engage with our environment. Let’s peel back the layers of our personalities and discover what factors influence our identity.

What Can I Do If My Identity Is Stolen

What Can I Do If My Identity Is Stolen

In order to determine what factors influence the formation of our identity, we must first define what identity is. What does identity mean? According to the dictionary, identity is:

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These four definitions highlight different perspectives. We may have created an identity with ourselves based on our psychological identity. However, identifying the characteristics that shape our identity is equally subjective from other perspectives. We can be defined as confident or trustworthy, while others can label us as arrogant, meek or unreliable.

How is our identity cultivated in the minds of our minds and the minds of others? Psychologists say that we must first discover our personal potential and then choose a purpose for living. Once we have decided how to use our potential, we must look for opportunities to use it in ways that fulfill our purpose. As we age, we continue to construct our identity by reassessing our potential and reordering our sense of purpose.

As we discuss identity, we must consider two types of identity psychology – personal identity and social identity. Our personal identity, or self-identity, is the answer to one of people’s most important questions about life: Who am I? Personal identity is our concept of how we think of ourselves. This includes factors we can control — such as our decisions or interests — and those we cannot — such as our families and race.

Our personal identity is how we see ourselves, but our social identity is how others see us. People know us by our characteristics within our town, school, career or other community context. Society will define each person from these characteristics, then place the individual in a collective group with others who have similar characteristics. Some social identities may be defined by our marital, financial, occupational, religious or behavioral status.

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Social Identity Theory by Henry Tajfel, 1979: This framework in social psychology shows how part of a person’s identity comes from a sense of who they are as a member of a group.

The concept of social identity was created as a way of considering the way one conceptualises oneself based on the social groups one belongs to. Developed by social psychologists Henri Tajfel and John Turner in the 1970s, social identity theory describes the conditions under which social identity develops.

An individual’s personality includes Social Identity. It is a sum of parts that define who we are based on our relationship to the social groups that define our identity. A basic Social Identity Map is created using a combination of three different levels:

What Can I Do If My Identity Is Stolen

Core: Elements of character, behavior and attitudes that make us who we are as an individual e.g. behaviour, values, beliefs etc.

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Choice: Characteristics we can choose to describe our status, characteristics and skills e.g. job, political affiliation, hobbies, place of residence etc.

Provided: Features or conditions over which we have no control e.g. age, gender, place of birth, physical characteristics etc.

What factors influence identity formation? In a sense, every stimulus we experience consciously and unconsciously throughout our lives has an impact on the way we create and label our identity and our society. A variety of internal and external factors such as society, family, loved ones, ethnicity, race, culture, location, opportunities, the media, interests, appearance, self-expression and life experiences affect the formation and evolution of identity.

Does our identity begin to be cultivated from the moment we are born? It is not surprising. Our identity is influenced even before we are conceived. The truth is that our society—no selective practices or culture in it—has begun to shape a person’s identity through years of categorization and labeling based on characteristics and expected behavior. Before we were born, these predetermined groups were created to classify us.

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Many of these broad characteristics are based on appearances such as gender and skin colour. Others include ethnicity, religions, financial and social status. Even aging, a natural part of every man’s and woman’s life, takes a preconceived notion. These preconceived notions within our society can be helpful or harmful, especially in cases where a group is celebrated or discriminated against based on elements of their identity.

Society can act as a positive and negative force on our identity. The concept of collectivism, where we consider ourselves in relation to others in our society, is just as important as individualism. Finding a group that shares aspects of our identity and can help us accept or change how we identify ourselves is useful throughout our lives.

Although all of our relationships in our society are influential, our families and loved ones have a big impact on our identity. Because they are the first we come in contact with, we consciously and unconsciously look to our parents, siblings and family members for the building blocks of our identity. It’s no surprise that this influence is a two-way street — as we learn and develop our identities, the identities of our loved ones change because of our impact on their lives.

What Can I Do If My Identity Is Stolen

In our early years of development, we may incorporate the title of son, daughter, brother or sister. How strongly these labels are defined is influenced by variables such as the size and type of family we belong to and the level of support or conflict we receive from our family. In many cases, the level of support or conflict is influenced by factors in our parents’ lives that contribute to their identity, such as financial status or level of education.

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Besides our family relationships, our platonic and romantic relationships also change who we are. As our relationships become more serious, so does the level and extent of our self-concept. We can acquire and lose characteristics – both positive and negative – that become a sign of our identity. These relationships can also positively and negatively influence important aspects or our self-concept, such as causing us to lose interest in things we enjoy or are not connected to our religious or cultural connections.

One of the most complex and multifaceted factors influencing identity formation is ethnicity, race and culture. These aspects of our lives are constantly evolving, in the way the members of each group define their group and how society chooses to define these groups. Although we have no control over our race and ethnicity, we can choose to immerse ourselves in the cultures, religions and customs we were born into or distance ourselves from them.

All these factors influence our identity from the moment we are born, especially when our families identify strongly with these connections. Along with creating the foundation for our belief system, these factors also influence our behavior and attitudes. Each cultural group can express their feelings, tackle problems or maintain their lives in a way that is very different from other groups.

Many people take great pride in these factors. However, our environment’s response to characteristics such as our skin colour, our heritage or cultural norms can strengthen or weaken our pride in that aspect of our identity. The attitudes and behaviors directed at us influence the way we react, specifically the way we express or suppress this aspect of our identity.

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Location and opportunities are probably two of the least influential on our identity. The country we are born in, the town we live in and the community we are part of affects our sense of self. The current government, the economy and even the times we live in affect how we see ourselves and the world. The geography and culture of our people influence our productivity, creativity and happiness.

Our satisfaction with our identity has a lot to do with the opportunities our location gives us. If we feel isolated, out of place or accepted into the collective identity, we may conflict with our personal identity. Research has found that various variables in our physical environment can change the way we look at our lives. Although it cannot change our personality, it can reinforce our existing thoughts about our identity.

As a society, the media influences how we should – and consequently, how we – view ourselves. The media has a direct impact on our perceived reality. Intentionally and unintentionally, we receive messages through advertisements, television shows, movies, games and music that reinforce or contradict our beliefs about life and whether or not we should be content with who we are. These misrepresentations of reality can damage our self-perception.

What Can I Do If My Identity Is Stolen

The internet provides a wealth of information and communication that we can use as a guide for social comparison and to find others like us.

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