What To Do If You Ve Been Hacked

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Most internet users are familiar with hackers and the damage they can do to unsuspecting targets. But did you know that the router, the main component of your home Wi-Fi connection, is also vulnerable to hackers trying to monetize your internet connection?

What To Do If You Ve Been Hacked

What To Do If You Ve Been Hacked

Here are some common symptoms to look out for and simple solutions on how to fix a hacked router that can help if your network is compromised.

You’ve Been Hacked! What Now?

Your router is responsible for managing the connection between your home Wi-Fi and Internet-connected devices. Once your router is successfully hacked, a third party can perform a variety of malicious activities including identity theft, malware attacks, and website redirects.

Depending on the hacker behind your router hack, you could see any indication that your network is compromised. If a hacker just wants to access a free Wi-Fi connection, your only clue might be an external IP address listed on your network and slower-than-normal speeds.

If the hacker’s intent is more malicious, you may see obvious signs such as unwanted software installations and inaccessible router settings. These types of symptoms require immediate action to protect your sensitive information before it’s too late. Here are some tips on how to fix a hacked router and permanently remove the threats.

Resetting your router can help break any malware running on your network and help you identify other infected devices. When the VPNFilter malware became a major threat in 2018, the FBI’s first recommendation was to reboot the router. To get started, press your router’s reset button until it turns off. If it’s back up and working, you’ll need to reconfigure all your network settings.

So I Got Hacked 🙁 Here’s Exactly What I Did

Most router models won’t update the firmware on their own the way the computer software does, so you should make sure you handle this yourself. Upgrade to the latest firmware version available every 90 days or whenever an update is available.

Installing “remote control” on your router gives users the ability to access your computer and Internet connection from another location. It can be a great feature for personal use and a real problem if hackers gain access. If you’ve ever heard of someone watching their mouse move or a program installing itself, the bad news is that someone is hacking your computer in real time.

Enable the “guest network” option for your router. This service is designed for guests visiting your home and keeping your device on a different network than theirs. This isolation can help you protect not only your network connection, but also the smart home devices that use the connection.

What To Do If You Ve Been Hacked

Your router is the key to your home Wi-Fi connection. Don’t leave your network and smart home devices unprotected and vulnerable to threats.

My Calendar Has Been Hacked

With today’s news of government hacking, it seems no one is safe. If companies like Microsoft can be hacked, what’s to stop small hackers from getting your information? You can take steps to fend off hackers and make sure you’re safe with your smart home devices.

As long as we’re stuck on our phones and computers, we’re vulnerable to hackers, but you can take steps to protect yourself in a world of constant online conflict.

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You take a deep breath as a feeling of dread rises in your stomach. “I haven’t woken up yet!” he told the cat.

Your entire life and your family are in that machine. Your bank information, your magazine, your children’s wedding photos…. Oh my gosh, do I have to get a new card and bank account and what about outright identity theft? My credit is good. I worked hard for that, you think.

You are calling. The hearing expert answered “blah blah blah Microsoft blah blah how can I help you?”.

What To Do If You Ve Been Hacked

They tell you not to worry. This happens all the time. And they tell you that you have been a victim of cybercrime. Your computer has been hacked.

How To Check If Your Gmail Account Has Been Hacked (with Pictures)

Then they tell you they can easily fix it. They will just need you to allow them to access your computer remotely. It’s easy, fast, secure, and you don’t have to go to the nearest tech store. And they will accompany you every step of the way. You’re not alone.

You hear a key press on the other end of the line and think, Phew! I’m so glad they caught this. I will lose everything!

They tell you they can remove the virus, they just need your credit card details to pay for their services. He happily complied. You need this nasty virus.

Remember when they told you not to worry. When they tell you this happens all the time and have you ever been a victim?

What To Do If Your Instagram Account Has Been Hacked?

By exploiting your fear, they have full access to all the files on your computer. They have access to your saved passwords, documents, and photos. And to make matters worse, they often install a virus that records every keystroke you type, giving them access to usernames, passwords, contacts and accounts your bank account so they can…continue…steal.

You can’t see what they did behind the scenes. You have no idea. What is a normal person? You, like most people, just want to check the news. Your email. Check the checkbook and maybe scroll through Facebook and see what the Arizona cousin is like…

It’s disgusting. Who would do such a thing? Then you think, “How stupid am I? What was I thinking?”

What To Do If You Ve Been Hacked

According to the Better Business Bureau, in the first nine months of 2017 alone, the Federal Trade Commission and the FBI received more than 41,000 complaints about technology resulting in more than $21 million in damages. And those are the only ones reported! How many people didn’t do it because they didn’t know how or they felt too embarrassed? The FTC says less than 10 percent of scam victims actually report it.

Watch This Hacker Gain Access To All Our Files

As you can see, if you get hacked, you are certainly not alone. These are some of the more complex tricks we deal with.

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What To Do If You Ve Been Hacked

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