What To Do If Your Identity Has Been Compromised

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What To Do If Your Identity Has Been Compromised – Identity theft and fraud are serious problems in Canada, and the bad guys are getting smarter and more creative every day. Protecting your identity is more important than ever.

If you suspect that your identity has been stolen or used for fraud, you should act quickly and report it to help protect your finances. Find out what you can do here!

What To Do If Your Identity Has Been Compromised

What To Do If Your Identity Has Been Compromised

Signs that your identity has been stolen or is at risk of being stolen may include:

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But if you think your identity is being stolen, the first step is simple: don’t worry. Something needs to be done.

If you suspect that your identity has been stolen, it is important to find out if the thief has tried to obtain any loans using your identity.

You can do this by contacting the two Canadian credit bureaus, Equifax and TransUnion. You have a credit file with both bureaus, so you should check both.

After contacting the credit bureau, tell them you suspect you are a victim of identity theft. Review your credit history to make sure all information is correct and there are no fraudulent entries. Look for things like loans you don’t recognize or other irregular information.

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Credit bureaus can help you with any additional steps that may follow. Currently, Canadians can’t freeze their credit bureaus (although that’s in the future), but Equifax and TransUnion both offer comprehensive credit monitoring (for a fee) to allow you to monitor your credit files and see if something goes wrong.

Especially if you lose your wallet, or if you notice strange charges on your credit card, it’s important to contact your credit card company immediately.

If your wallet or credit card is lost, you should cancel the card and request a new card as soon as possible. This makes a lost card useless and helps keep your credit safe.

What To Do If Your Identity Has Been Compromised

If you see charges you don’t recognize on your monthly credit card statement, you’ll want to contact your credit card company to get those charges reversed — or you’ll be charged. In this case, you should also cancel the card and request a new card.

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You may have to prove that these charges are indeed fraudulent. This process can take many forms and exists to help credit card companies protect themselves from fraudulent chargeback claims.

Once you’ve contacted your credit card company, do your best to cooperate and provide the information they request to confirm that fraud has indeed occurred. This process can take a long time, so it’s important to notify your credit card company as soon as possible after noticing fraudulent charges.

Today, our identities are linked to profiles on multiple platforms online. Forgot your online banking password? Answer a few security questions and they’ll send a renewal link to your email.

But this system is easy to use. If the bad guys steal your identity through a data breach, they can access all the information they need to hack your other accounts, including the name of the street you grew up on, your mother’s maiden name, everything. From those classic security question topics.

What To Do If Your Identity Has Been Stolen

If you suspect that your identity has been stolen, you should change passwords and security question answers for all accounts that contain sensitive information, such as your address or credit card information.

The lame (but true) part: Your passwords should all be different and contain a variety of uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers, and symbols. Is it boring trying to remember them? Yes. But are they better at protecting against hackers? Yes!

Pro tip: Use a password management service like LastPass to keep track of your strong passwords, and always use two-factor authentication when possible. That way, if someone tries to access your email or online banking, you’ll get a notification on your phone.

What To Do If Your Identity Has Been Compromised

After you’ve called and notified your credit card company and the credit bureaus, you should also notify other relevant parties.

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To get started, report the theft to the Canadian Anti-Fraud Center (CAFC); They can monitor theft incidents and provide advice and assistance to victims. Call 1-888-495-8501 or visit www.antifraudcentre-centreantifraude.ca. They can provide you with more support and advice when you lock down your confidential information after a theft.

You should also call any other party that thieves can use. For example, you should call your bank. In case of lost wallet, request to freeze your debit card and issue a new card. Your bank may also provide you with additional tools to monitor your accounts in the coming months.

Protect your identity with Mogo If you have a Mogo Visa* Platinum prepaid card, you already have free identity fraud protection tools at your disposal.

After all, it’s safe to assume that your data is already vulnerable; We can’t stop identity theft, but we can help you stop criminals and prevent identity fraud.

How To Protect Yourself From Identity Theft

Identity fraud occurs when bad people use your information (usually stolen in identity theft schemes!) to get a loan or credit in your name. This can leave you behind on bills, hurt your credit score, and cause a lot of stress.

Mogo can help fight these bad guys. In addition to our identity fraud protection, we also offer free credit score monitoring so you can track any sudden drops or changes in your credit score that could be early signs of identity fraud. We monitor your credit file at Equifax for any hard inquiries that fraudsters may launch in an attempt to obtain credit on your behalf.

If we find any problematic questions, we will notify you immediately and take steps to block your identity and prevent fraud.

What To Do If Your Identity Has Been Compromised

Identity theft and any subsequent identity fraud is serious business, but we’re here to help. Free credit score monitoring and free MogoProtect for 90 days when you sign up for a free MogoAccount or continue receiving these services by ordering and using your free MogoCard.

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* Trademark of Visa International Service Association and used under license from Peoples Trust Company. The Mogo Visa Platinum Prepaid Card is issued by Peoples Trust Company under license from Visa Int. and subject to terms and conditions, visit mogo.ca for full details. Your MogoCard balance is not insured by the Canadian Deposit Insurance Corporation (CDIC). MogoCard means Mogo Visa* Platinum prepaid card.

1-No one can prevent all identity fraud and Mogo does not monitor all transactions in all businesses. Mogo currently handles complex credit bureau inquiries from Equifax® Canada Co. monitors and provides press and/or email alerts within 24 hours of reporting the request. For more information, see the MogoAccount Terms and Conditions at https://www.mogo.ca/terms-and-conditions.

2-A free credit score is provided by Equifax and is only available to MogoAccount holders who have passed an identity check. The Equifax credit score is based on Equifax’s proprietary model and may not be the same as the score used by third parties to evaluate your creditworthiness. This score is for your educational use only. When evaluating your creditworthiness, third parties consider information other than your credit score. Equifax® is a registered trademark of Equifax Canada Co. is used here under license.

3-MogoProtect identity fraud protection and credit score monitoring is available to all eligible Mogo members free of charge for 90 days from initial MogoAccount registration. MogoCard holders are eligible for MogoProtect identity fraud protection and credit score monitoring as long as they remain an active MogoCard holder. If you don’t fund your card within 60 days of order or make a transaction on your MogoCard for more than 90 days, you will not be considered “active” and will not be on MogoProtect and your credit score. Subscribe to our list and get regular insights and tips on how to stay cyber safe.

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Identity theft is big business for cybercriminals, but a devastating experience for victims. It’s out of control and worse than you think.

Millions of Americans and people around the world are affected, causing billions of dollars in damages each year.

What To Do If Your Identity Has Been Compromised

Fraud is everywhere. Almost every day, we see news reports about new techniques scammers are using to steal your personal information, as well as warnings about big data breaches exposing your hacked data to hackers on the dark web.

Identity Theft: What To Do If Your Identity Has Been Stolen

According to a 2021 Debt.com study, four out of ten people have been victims of identity theft. While many believe it will never happen to them, the rise of stolen identities is a cause for concern.

A report by the Federal Trade Commission in February 2021 showed that Americans

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