What To Do When Your Purse Has Been Stolen

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What To Do When Your Purse Has Been Stolen

What To Do When Your Purse Has Been Stolen

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The Truth About Counterfeit Luxury Handbags

What’s in your bag says a lot about where you are in life and what you value. In middle school, I always kept my phone, wallet, keys, and ID with me wherever I went.

After graduation, I added work-related items such as an ID badge, laptop, notebook, and pen to my purse. Now that you’ve adopted a dog, it’s mostly filled with dog accessories like treats, collapsible food and water bowls, a leash, and doggles.

Through it all, I’ve tried to distinguish between carrying around a few essentials and 15 pounds of “just in case” items that never really come in handy.

And for that, I’ve found that the keys to knowing what to keep in your purse are items that fall under the essential, compact, and multi-use categories.

Queen Elizabeth’s Purse: See Her Handbags Over 70 Years [photos]

To help you prepare for life’s surprises without overfilling your bag (and overloading your shoulders), here are 12 things you should always put in your purse before you go:

According to the American Academy of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology, only about 8% of adults in the United States have to deal with the joy of hay fever.

But even if you’re not allergic, a small packet of tissues can come in handy after a spill, during an unexpected cold, or when your child decides to eat jelly with their hands.

What To Do When Your Purse Has Been Stolen

Personal stylist and founder of V-Style, Vanessa Valiente, says you can get so many uses for it. Vaseline can act as a lip balm, blister remover, makeup remover, and moisturizer, all in a small container that fits in most bags.

A Mini Emergency Kit For Your Purse

Just think of all the germs you might come into contact with in the course of a day, whether they’re hiding on public transport handrails, the bathroom doorknob or the TV screen – your phone. Hand sanitizer shouldn’t replace hand washing, but it’s good to have when you can’t get to a sink right away.

In the event of bad weather, a wardrobe malfunction, or an unexpected trip to the gym, hair ties can be a lifesaver in the blink of an eye. However, if you have short hair, a few bobby pins or hair clips might also be worth throwing in your everyday bag.

According to clinical nutritionist Jennie Miremadi, these are the essentials that will keep you from becoming dehydrated or having unhealthy breath. Miremadi recommended keeping something high in protein, like packets of almond butter or beef jerky, in your purse.

You never know who you’ll meet on any given day, so business cards are on stylist Valiente’s must-have list. “I’ve been that person looking for a business card many times because I’ve been out,” she said.

Lost Or Stolen Wallet? Here’s What To Do

Because you never know who you’ll meet, especially after treating yourself to a meal of garlic pasta.

These obviously depend on your situation, but it’s always a good idea to have some over-the-counter anti-inflammatories or pain relievers in your bag for emergencies.

Whether you use them for listening to music or as a social signal that you’re not in the mood to chat with a stranger, they’re non-negotiable.

What To Do When Your Purse Has Been Stolen

New shoes? Prone to accidents? Or just a strong belief in Murphy’s Law? Prepare for the worst by sticking some bandages in your purse.

What Happens When Leather Gets Wet & How To Fix It

If you’re on your period, it’s always good to have an extra tampon in case the hormones run out. It’s also nice to be the only person who can always say “yes” when someone asks if someone has a tampon. Can you ever find anything in your purse? These tips will help you organize your purse and defeat purse chaos once and for all!

We’ve all been guilty of carrying too much. And if you’re here, you’re ready to organize your purse and lighten your load.

The thing is, as busy women, we feel we should always be prepared – for work, for our kids, and for all of life’s surprises and emergencies. We want to look our best, feel our best, and be ready to fix any problem…but when we start wearing

Not to mention that carrying all that extra weight around is not good for our health. That overly heavy purse could cause back and neck pain, poor posture, and a myriad of problems (hello, pinched nerves). Who needs THAT extra hassle?

Someone Drove 10 Miles To Deliver My Purse Home 2 Days After I Lost It. They Didn’t Take Any Of The Money From It, And Didn’t Leave A Name So I Can ‘t

If your “extra baggage” is weighing you down, it’s time for a change. Let’s get out our purses and go through these ten steps to clean and organize our bags once and for all!

You’ll need to stock up on paper towels, a lint roller or a hand-held vacuum, and maybe some alcohol-free baby wipes or cleaning solution.

Completely empty your wallet. Place the contents on a few paper towels. As you empty your purse, group items together: pens with pens, makeup with makeup, etc. Create small groups of all the items you carry in your bag.

What To Do When Your Purse Has Been Stolen

You can also open your wallet and empty all of its contents. Again, group items together: change, cards, cash, receipts. When you’re done, you should have an empty wallet and an empty purse.

Zanafi Hand Bag With Leather Straps

When your purse and wallet are both removed, remove any other pockets or compartments. Keep your bags above the trash can and shake them well. If possible, turn the coat inside out to really shake off crumbs and lint.

Use a lint roller or the soft brush attachment of your vacuum cleaner to thoroughly clean up any residue. Lint rollers are great because they are soft and won’t damage the coat or damage your purse.

Use alcohol-free baby wipes to clean any smudges or stains inside and outside your purse. Always test the cleaner in an inconspicuous area in case it leaves a mark. For canvas handbags, a rubber eraser gently removes stains. For ink stains, an alcohol prep pad will remove them, but be careful as alcohol dries out the skin and damages some tissue.

Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for cleaning your bag. Never wash a handbag in the washing machine unless it is specifically marked “machine washable”. Clean the area with alcohol-free baby wipes. For deep cleaning, you may need a professional.

Purse Definition And Meaning

Once you’ve cleaned up your wallet, it’s time to organize the content you plan to keep there. This is the time to ruthlessly purge any excess items you carry.

Clear each object as you solve it. You don’t want to put something sticky or dirty on the outside back in your bag.

After listing the items you want to keep in your bag, there are also some items you should probably remove.

What To Do When Your Purse Has Been Stolen

Unfortunately, when we carry too many of these items, we inadvertently set ourselves up for disaster. A checkbook contains your bank account information, copies of your signature, and can easily be stolen or tampered with. If you plan to write a check, just write it at home and take the check with you to your destination.

Why The Box Bag Is Your Must Have Accessory For Fall

Passports and social security cards can also be stolen from your wallet and used for identity theft. Gift cards are another easy-to-carry and use item (no ID required), so only take what you plan to use on your specific trip.

I know many of us love and live with our Living Well Planner®. A great option is to store your planner in your suitcase or laptop bag that you take to work. If you go out for coffee, at night, or to run errands, leave your planner safely at home on your desk or next to/in your family control center where it won’t add extra weight to your bag. The same goes for your full-size notebooks, extra pens and markers.

Now that you’ve ruthlessly cleaned your bag of all those extras, get ready to restock your purse with just the essentials. A great way to make sure each item has a home and goes back to your purse in an organized way is to prepare small bags for each item.

Using bags and pouches to organize your handbag is a great tip because changing handbags becomes child’s play!

How To Properly Take Care Of Your Handbag, According To Designers

Just grab the few bags you need for the occasion and slip them into your new bag. Simple!

Your portines should weigh no more than 10 pounds and hopefully weigh a lot less now! If you only pack the essentials, your handbag should be very light.

If you’re not sure how much your handbag weighs, step back on the scale! Weigh yourself with and without your purse to determine if it is too full.

What To Do When Your Purse Has Been Stolen

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